How Do I Redeem my American Airlines miles?

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Are you a frequent flyer with American Airlines? If yes, then you must be wondering about American airlines redeem miles and how to redeem them. American Airlines offers a number of different ways to use your miles for buying future travel tickets. The passengers can even use them for upgrading the seats.

One of the most crucial carriers in the US, American Airlines, has been serving passengers since the year 1930 with the latest technologies and features. One among them is the American airline’s advantage (AAdvantage). With this, you can go to have the advantage of booking flights at cheaper rates using the miles.

So, if you are someone who has collected enough miles with your frequent traveling with American Airlines, it’s time to redeem them for your upcoming flight. In this blog, you can learn all the related details about redeeming miles with American Airlines.

What are American Airlines miles?

If you are a member of the AAdvantage program with American Airlines, you will gain miles on flying with American flights. Also, the passengers can redeem American airline miles for purchasing tickets with other travel partners of American Airlines.

How to utilize American Airlines miles?

If you are wondering about how to redeem American airline miles, then you do not need to worry anymore. There are different options in front pof the passengers with American Airlines miles. We have mentioned all of them in the following section.

Use American Airlines Miles For Award Flights:

The best to use your miles with American Airlines is to buy award flights. There are three types of award seat or award travel that the airline offer. They are:

  • MileSAAver Awards: these are the flight journeys with American Airlines that are cheap, so much so that they can be bought with 7,500 miles. However, they might not be available for all the routes at a given point in time. But, they are available for all the classes. Usually, the passengers are unable to find these seats because most flights do not offer such seats.
  • AAnytimes Awards: These are available on all flights. However, they are higher in price. In fact, you might find them costlier than the MileSAAver Awards sometimes.
  • Web Special Awards: the seats are available for selected dates and for selected routes also. With this, the seat fare can be really pocket friendly. You can buy these flight seats even in 5.000 miles.

So book an American Airlines flight with these award seat options. The underlying section talks about the process of redeeming the miles for flights.

Steps to Redeem American Airlines miles for a flight

Below mentioned are the steps following which you can redeem American Airlines miles:

  • Go to the official site of the airline.
  • Then, enter your credentials for logging in to your AAdvantage account.
  • After that, enter your travel details, such as your destination, departure city, and travel dates as well.
  • Now, hit on the “redeem miles” option. This will allow you to know the cost of the flight.
  • Furthermore, you have to choose the flight from the options that appear on your screen.
  • Now, you have to give the details of the customer, including the phone number and the email id.
  • If applicable, you need to select your seat.
  • Finally, you will have to go through each and every minute detail before you head toward the payment method.
  • In the end, hit on the ‘pay now option to complete the flight purchasing process using the miles.

As usual, do not forget to receive a confirmation from American Airlines for your booking on your registered phone number or the mail id.

Fly with American Airlines partners Using Your Miles

It might be a relief to know that they can use their miles not only with American Airlines but with other partners. Here are the details on the use of miles on other carriers:

  • The passengers can use the travel miles for buying tickets with Oneworld airlines.
  • Also, they can purchase flight tickets with other airlines such as Japan Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and JetBlue airlines.
  • No matter with which class you are traveling, use your American Airlines miles.
    Usually, it is seen that the flight costs are the same on the partner airlines as in the carrier itself. But,
  • sometimes surcharges and fees might be imposed.
  • For example, British Airways is known for imposing very high surcharges.

Therefore, these were some points regarding redeeming miles on other carriers. Let us look into the step-by-step process of how to book flights on other airlines.

Steps to buy flights on other airlines using Miles:

  • First, enter your credentials to login into your AAdvantage account.
  • Then, choose to Redeem and select the option.
  • Now, you will be taken to the next page. Here, you have to choose the airline you wish to travel with.
  • Then, fill in the travel details, such as your travel date, departure, and destination city.
  • Furthermore, follow the on-screen guidelines to complete the whole process.

If you face any issues while redeeming the miles for buying tickets on other airlines, you can call the customer service team of American airlines.

Use Miles to Upgrade Your Seat

You can upgrade your tickets on flights run by American Airlines, American Eagle, British Airways, or Iberia using your AAdvantage miles as well. Depending on where you’re going and whatever cabin you’re upgrading from or to, you’ll use a certain number of miles. It can be between 5,000 and 25,000 miles, with extra costs ranging from $0 to $550.

While generally not the best use of your miles, this can be advantageous in some circumstances, particularly for those with elite rank.

Redeem American Airlines Miles for Merchandise

If you’re not interested in using your miles to book a flight, you can also redeem American Airlines miles in other ways. Purchase Admirals Club Membership with the use of your miles. Apart from this you can also redeem your Amerian Airlines or dealing with a few more travel expenses such as vacation packages, hotel rooms, or car rentals. Also, via, the passengers can also buy gift cards, magazines and newspapers

No matter what you wish or how you want to use your AAdvantage miles, just dial the American Airlines phone number, 800-433-7300 to follow the correct process.

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