Does Turkish Airlines have a WhatsApp?

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Can You Call Turkish Airlines on WhatsApp?

Yes, you can call Turkish Airlines on WhatsApp to solve your queries. To access details of Turkish Airlines WhatsApp, you must visit the official website of the airline. You can use the given link on the site to contact the Turkish Airlines travel assistant through WhatsApp for your queries regarding your trip.

Moreover, Turkish Airlines Chatbot’s Boti is now live on the WhatsApp with a private number. It includes multiple features such as flight status, availability search, check-in assistance, airport maps, boarding pass, etc. The Turkish Airlines WhatsApp option can be found on the terminal page of the airline. When you connect with the WhatsApp chat option, you can raise your queries to get real-time support.

Does Turkish Airlines Have WhatsApp?

Yes, Turkish Airlines offers a WhatsApp option in which you can connect with the airline through Turkish Airlines WhatsApp. Passengers must click on the Discover button to use Boti’s on WhatsApp as the chatbot of the Turkish Airlines Boti is now live on the Turkish WhatsApp with a private number to answer all of your queries.

Can I Live Chat With Turkish Airlines On WhatsApp?

Yes, you can use a live chat facility with Turkish Airlines on WhatsApp, which can be used for multiple purposes: online boarding passes, check-in support, getting the latest updates on Flight status, and more.

Further, The airline labeled the name “Boti” to online chat, which is available on Turkish Airlines customer service WhatsApp +908503330849 to connect with Boti. Using this, passengers can easily connect with customer service representatives to clear their doubts and queries.

How Do I Live Chat With Turkish Airlines?

To use Turkish Airlines WhatsApp names as Boti to resolve your queries related to your travel, below are the steps to use the live chat on Turkish Airlines.

  • First of all, you need to add the WhatsApp number +908503330849 to your phone.
  • Then, it will show on your WhatsApp contact list.
  • Now, you can start chatting and discussing your queries with Turkish Airlines WhatsApp.
  • Besides, you can log in to the airlines’ terminal and move to the “Discover” tab to learn more about the Boti.

How Do I Contact Turkish Airlines Via WhatsApp?

If you want to connect to Turkish Airlines WhatsApp, you can simply follow the below steps:

Steps to contact Turkish Airlines representatives Via Wturkish airlines whatsapphatsApp

  • First, go to the official website of the Turkish Airlines.
  • Then, find the assistance on the “Boti” page.
  • After that, click on the “Discover” tab which will redirect you to the Turkish Airlines customer service WhatsApp page.
  • Now, select the “Continue to Chat” option.
  • Moreover, you can scan the QR code from your phone when you do not have WhatsApp.
  • Next, choose the “Continue to Chat” option, and then a WhatsApp window will open on your screen.
  • Further, you can type your message in the given message box and send the best solutions for your queries.
  • On the other hand, you can add a WhatsApp number to your phone to connect with the airline.

Therefore, you can get solutions for your queries or issues related to flight reservations, cancellations, refunds, flight status, ticketing, and more. In addition, you can also connect with the airline using another contact number on its contact us page.

How Long Does The Turkish Airlines Take To Respond?

When you connect with Turkish Airlines customer service WhatsApp, the airline representatives try to give a response as early as possible. Besides, it depends on the traffic on the app the airline is facing at the moment. Additionally, when you connect with the Turkish Airlines agent through WhatsApp, the airline usually takes 1 to 20 minutes to connect with you.

Alternate Options to Contact Turkish Airlines Representative

Via Phone Call

Passengers can also connect with the airline through Turkish Airlines’ phone number. Moreover, it is one of the most convenient and fastest options to get in touch with the airline other than Turkish Airlines WhatsApp. Similarly, the airline provides various phone numbers based on the region. So, you need to pick a number according to your region to talk to a live person in Turkish. Once you dial the number, you need to follow the IVR, and you will be able to speak to someone at Turkish Airlines.

Email Service

You can also use an email service offered by the airline to raise your queries and complaints against the airline. If you need assistance, you can send an email to the airline instead of using the WhatsApp option. To do this, you need to compose an email in which you can share your queries or ask for help from the Turkish representatives and then send it to the airlines’ official email. Once you send your email, it may take 24 to 48 hours to respond to your email.

Social Media

Including Turkish Airlines WhatsApp, the airline also provides various social media platforms with which passengers can easily connect with the airline. In addition, the airline is available on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and youtube. Besides, you can use the following social media links to connect with the airline. After that, you will get a response in around 1 to 2 hours.

What Services Can You Access Through The Turkish Chat Option?

When you add “Boti,” the Turkish Airlines WhatsApp number, to your mobile’s contact list, you can solve the following issues:

  • Check-in-related queries.
  • To get a copy of your boarding pass for your flight.
  • To know about the scheduled flight status.
  • For queries to learn the reporting time of the flight.
  • Other queries associated with your flight.

So, by using the above information, you can use Turkish Airlines WhatsApp to connect with customer service representatives. Also, you can use the WhatsApp service of the airline worldwide 24/7. If you need more guidance on the same, you can get in touch with us through this website.

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