How to book multi city flights on Alaska Airlines?

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Find And Book Alaska Airlines Multi-City

Suppose you are looking to book a flight ticket for multiple destinations for your next vacation and search for the best airline, then you must opt for Alaska Airlines multi-city flights. Travelers can take a seat and unwind when a multiple-city flight booking option is now available. Alaska Airlines offers convenient multi-city flights Whether traveling to multiple cities in a short period of time such as on business or for vacation. The content below includes information on how to book multi-city flights on Alaska Airlines using a variety of techniques. There are numerous ways to book a multi-city including online/ over the phone/ through a call centre/ through online chat.

How To Book Multiple-City Flights On Alaska Airlines?

You must complete the steps outlined below when you’re planning to book a multi-city flight for the first time. Use the following procedures to book different-city flights on their official website:

Book Multi-City Flights Online

  • Go to the official website Alaska Airlines at
  • Select the Flight option from the drop-down menu by going to the Alaska Airlines multi-city reservations option.
  • Choose the multi-city option under the flight type drop-down menu.
  • There can be four multi-city flights on Alaska Airlines.
  • Enter the travel dates, class, number of passengers, and destinations and arrivals.
  • You would then have the choice of booking flights as a result.
  • Select your preferred flights now, then click the continue button.
  • Make the required money to secure your reservation.
  • Finally, the airline will send you a confirmation email on your registered email.

Book Multi-City Flights Through Customer Service

It is the alternative option when you do not wish to use online technology to Alaska Airlines book multi-city tickets. Follow the steps listed below to complete it on a call with help from a customer service representative.

  • Visit the Alaska Airlines website to make a call to make a reservation.
  • Choose the Help Centre option when you get to the customer support section by scrolling down.
  • You’ll be taken to the Contact Us page; scroll back up to the contact choices.
  • Go to the third option on the list which is Call Us.
  • Call the 24-hour and toll-free number at 1-800-252-7522 (1-800-ALASKAAIR).
  • The IVR had to be followed after connecting, as explained below.
  • Press 1 to carry on the English-language chat.
  • If you wish to change the language, press 2.
  • To purchase one-way tickets, press 3.
  • To go round trips, press 4.
  • To reserve multi-city flights, press 5.
  • To cancel your reservations, press 6.
  • To make modifications to your reservation, press 9.
  • To speak with a customer service team executive, press * to connect.
  • To see additional possibilities, press #.
  • Enter as needed and decide what kind of help you need.

Book Multi-City Flights Through Mobile Application

Use the Alaska Airlines app multi-city to book flights for several destinations in one go by following the instructions below:

  • Visit the mobile website of Alaska Airlines at to download the app.
  • Enter your login information into a registered account.
  • Go to the section where you can book flights right away.
  • Select the “Multi-City Booking” option, then fill out all the fields.
  • The booking’s fare breakdown will then be displayed.
  • Verify the fare details before selecting Confirm and Proceed.
  • Go to the payment gateway now and complete the transaction.
  • Your phone number and email address will both receive an OTP.
  • To confirm your payment, enter the same.
  • You will receive an SMS and email with information about the confirmation of your multi-city flights after making the payment and verifying the validity of your ticket.

What Benefits Of Booking Multiple Stops With Alaska Airlines?

If you’re trying to find out what benefits come with Alaska Airlines multi-city booking, you must take note of the following advantages:

  • On each one-way flight ticket or round-trip ticket, the airlines permit a stopover.
  • You must fly with Alaska and one partner airline, just like with any other Alaska Airlines ticket.
  • Regardless of whether you have a stopover, you can switch partner airlines for your round-trip flight.
  • On their journey to their vacation destination, many Alaska Airlines customers stop at one of the airline’s hub cities.
  • The cost of a multiple-city flight is typically less than purchasing individual tickets for each destination.
  • There are occasions when flights with several destinations can be just as expensive as those with multiple one-way tickets to well-known locations.
  • Travelers on multi-city flights can add more legroom when traveling to more than one destination just like with regular ticket purchases.

How Far In Advance May I Reserve Flights For Alaska Airlines Multi-City?

Suppose you wish to book your Alaska Airlines multi-city trip at affordable rates. You should try to book your tickets as early as possible. The booking process starts up to 360 days prior to the planned departure of the flight. So, it is advisable to complete the reservation procedure up to 4-5 months in advance to obtain the best available deals and discounts.


Hopefully, the above-provided information will help you in booking your Alaska Airlines multi-city flights hassle-free. Besides, if you find any trouble while using the above steps, you can get in touch with the airline 24/7 and acquire the desired assistance through our experts.

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