Can you choose seats on Philippine Airlines?

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Guidance On Philippine Airlines Seat Selection Policy & Fee For 2023

Travelling with Philippine Airlines is a wonderful strategy to combine enjoyment and comfort. Choosing your desired seat can make your travel more comfortable. Learn the Philippine Airlines seat selection process to select your seat on the plane and make your journey more comfortable in the article below. Similarly, you can select your seat through many ways offered by the airline. You must check out the various terms and conditions of the seat selection policy before choosing your seat on Philippine Airlines.

An Overview Of Philippine Airlines Seat Selection Policy

Passengers can select their desired seat at the time of booking/ at a later time. The following are general recommendations to select a seat on Philippine Airlines:

  • You may have the option to choose your seat while booking with Philippine Airlines. Usually, the airline’s website or the booking engine of your choice will provide this information.
  • Accessible while making a reservation or when a seat is changed prior to Philippine Airlines check-in.
  • The kind of fare, the route, and the preferred seat location all affect the cost.
  • Seat selection may not be available for pre-booking on some fares, like Economy Late.
  • Exit rows and seats with more legroom are popular seats and normally cost more.
  • Besides, Philippine Airlines charges a fee for the seat assignment process like other airlines. Paying the fee is applicable for the Premium or additional legroom seat. 
  • On the other hand, the seating configuration may fluctuate as the airline operates various aircraft. You must be aware of the Philippine Airlines seat map of the certain aircraft serving your destination. 

Types of Seats Offered by Philippine Airlines

Philippine Airlines’ seat selection policy offers different types of seats as per the requirements of the passengers. Similarly, different seat arrangements and types are available based on the type of aircraft and the class of service. Look at the description of the seating type in the below section:

Economy Class

Standard Economy seats are the basic seats available in the Economy cabin. It usually provides the standard amount of facilities and legroom. The extra legroom seats are also situated at the front of the Economy class cabin. It also offers extra legroom and too much space to scratch the legs. Besides, the bulkhead seats are available at the front of the Economy class cabin and provide additional legroom. 

Premium Economy Class

The Premium Economy class provides better comfort and amenities than the normal economy. Additionally, it provides extra legroom meal service and many more things. Moreover, these types of seats offer more legroom, wider seats, and a deeper recliner than Standard Economy class seats. 

Business Class Seats

These types of seats are made to provide enhanced comfort and amazing features. Similarly, passengers with Business class seats can enjoy Premium meal service with extra legroom. Lie-flat seats and priority amenities. These seats enable you to sleep comfortably while traveling for long-haul flights. It also offers a personal in-flight entertainment system, ample legroom, and a Premium meal service. 

First Class Seats

First-class seats provide a luxurious travel experience to its passengers. These seats provide roomy chairs, sliding doors for privacy, personal displays for entertainment, and meal facilities. In addition to this, the first class offers the highest level of luxury and amenities. The seats of the first class may include gourmet dining, flat beds, exclusive lounges, and other services. 

How to Select Seats on Philippine Airlines?

Philippine Airlines allows passengers to select their seats as per their requirements. We have already discussed the multiple options to choose the seats on a plane based on your preference and the flexibility of your ticket. Further, we will learn how to choose the Philippine seats. 

Seat Selection During Booking

  • Visit the official website of Philippine Airlines.
  • Enter the required information regarding your travel including the date of travel/ number of passengers/ origin/ and destination. 
  • Click on the Search tab to get the various flight options. 
  • You must choose a flight option that suits your budget and itinerary. 
  • One must make their Philippine Airlines seat selection to reserve a desired seat. 
  • You will see a seat map where you can see the blank seats. 
  • They must follow the on-screen instructions to complete a booking such as the details of the passengers. 
  • Complete the payment to confirm your seats and the airline will send you a confirmation email. 

Seat Selection While Check-in

Passengers can also select their desired seats as per the Philippine Airlines online check-in seat selection rules. Follow the below instructions to do the same. 

  • Head to the main website of Philippine Airlines.
  • Log in to your account using your credentials in the given field. 
  • Click on the Manage Booking tab on your screen. 
  • You will get your booking details. 
  • Again, enter the required details to get your booking page, which includes the booking number, the last name of the passenger, or the ticket number. 
  • Here, locate the Seat Selection tab and pick your preferred seat on the plane using the seat map. 
  • Verify your seat chosen by you and save your changes. 
  • You need to print your updated itinerary with your new seat information. 

Seat Selection Via Call

  • First, go to the official webpage of Philippine Airlines. 
  • Click on the Contact Us or Helpline number. 
  • You will acquire the Philippine Airlines contact number to call the airline. 
  • Use the number and follow the IVR instructions to connect with a live person. 
  • One needs to make a request to the agent to make your flight booking.
  • You must provide the required information to the agent on the call related to your preferred flight. 
  • Then, you need to share your preference regarding the seat and the cabin on the plane. 
  • Pay the applicable payment amount online to confirm your flight. 
  • Ensure to review all the given information before making the payment. 
  • Moreover, you can choose your preferred payment option. 
  • At last, you will acquire the e-ticket on your given email address. 

What is the cost of Philippine Airlines seat selection?

Philippine Airlines allows passengers to select their preferred seats while booking their tickets as we learned above. You can also modify your seat after your booking confirmation through the Manage My Booking tab. Moreover, Philippine Airlines seat selection fee starts from $10 and $30. The fee cost is not fixed and it is based on the various types of fares by the airline. You can go to the official website of the airline/ connect with the customer service to get additional information. 

Benefits Of Philippine Airlines Seat Assignment

Passengers must learn about the amazing benefits of making Philippine Airlines seat selection. The airline assigns you a seat as per your choice while you make the flight reservation. Moreover, you can change your seats later if you wish. Some of the benefits of selecting a seat on Philippine Airlines are mentioned below: 

  • Passengers do not need to pay the additional cost to select a seat. 
  • Sometimes, you will get your preferred seats coincidentally by the airline for free. 
  • With this, you can avoid the long process of seat assignment to choose your seat. 
  • You can select a desired seat while you are traveling with your family or friends. It will make your journey more enjoyable and comfortable. 
  • Passengers with special needs can enjoy the multiple benefits of choosing a seat that is suitable for their needs and requirements.
  • You must choose your seat when you are traveling for a long trip to have comfort while flying.

When can I choose my seats on Philippine Airlines?

You can select a seat in the Philippines within 24-hour of the reservation without paying anything when you have the confirmed flight tickets. However, you may need to pay the seat cost, and you can do it by using the Manage My Booking option. You can make your Philippine Airlines seat selection process up to four hours before the flight departure. Besides, you must select your seat from the airport counter when the time is less than four hours. Korean Air Seat Selection


Hopefully, the mentioned information will be helpful to you and assist you in selecting your seat with ease. You are now familiar with the Philippine Airlines seat selection policy, process, and more. You must follow the guidelines of the policy as mentioned above when selecting your seats. You can get assistance from a live person under the customer service team when you have one. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it worth paying for Philippine Airlines Seat Selection?

Yes. It is with paying for the Philippine Airlines seat assignment when you wish to enjoy your travel with comfort. Moreover, the fee is not high as the airline understands the needs & requirements of the passengers.

Can I choose my seat on Philippine Airlines?

Check in online and select your preferred seating before arriving at the airport. Philippine Airlines allows you to make the seat assignment process before departure. 

What happens when passengers do not select seats while making the reservations?

The airline will assign you a random seat at the time check-in starts. It will be done when you do not make your seat selection during the booking.

How do I choose my seat after booking a flight?

There are various options available to select your seat after the booking. You can select your desired seat through the Manage Reservation after you have bought your tickets or during the check-in. 

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