Delta Airlines Missed Flight Policy

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A Detailed Overview of Delta Airlines Missed Flight Policy

Have you recently missed your flight on Delta Airlines? If so, this blog is for you. As per Delta Airlines Missed Flight Policy, you can rebook an alternate flight when you eagerly want to arrive at your destination on the same day. However, all additional reservations will cancel on a similar itinerary when you do not inform the airline regarding your missed trip.

In the blog below, you will be able to understand the missed flight policy rules, rebooking process, fees, and more. So, move ahead to the below information to get complete information.

How to Rebook a Flight If I Missed My Flight?

First of all, Delta has a flexible missed flight policy. The airline doesn’t cancel flights when the passenger doesn’t show up. If you miss your Delta flight, the airline will rearrange your itinerary on the upcoming available flight to reach your destination. Moreover, there are various ways you can rebook your missed flight.

Through Official Website

  • First, you must visit the main web page of Delta Airlines.
  • Click the login button and enter your credentials in the given space.
  • Here, you must select a flight that suits you and book it again.
  • Now, you have to pay the charges if required by the airline.
  • Ultimately, you will acquire a confirmation email or text from the airline regarding your new flight tickets.

Through Customer Service

If the calling process is unsuitable for you, you can directly communicate with the airline agents who will assist you in rebooking your missed flight. This option is quite easy and fast.

  • Find the Delta missed flight phone number, dial: (800-221-1212) /+1-860-498-9674, and contact us immediately.
  • To speak with a representative about a new or existing reservation, call 800-221-1212. If you are a Medallion® Member, check the Contact Us.
  • Then, dial the number from your phone.
  • After that, you will connect to a live agent of the airline.
  • Request him to rebook you on the next available flight and explain your reason for your missed flight.
  • Now, he will ask you to provide details regarding your missed flight.
  • Further, you must pay the applicable charges, and then you will get your new flight tickets from the agent.

Note:- Passengers may need to pay a service and a rebooking fee, if applicable, when they rearrange their flight through airline representatives.

Visit the Nearest Airport

Suppose you missed your flight when you were on the way or just arrived at the airport. In this case, rebooking your flight only at the airport is suggested. Further, you need to meet the Delta representative at the help desk instantly.

Ask him about your missed flight and request to reschedule your flight, along with sharing the details. After that, he will start the process and provide you with a new flight ticket per your requirements. Now, you may pay the applicable charges to him if needed.

Use Email Service

One can also email the airline when they miss their flight to ask for help to rearrange their reservation. Sending an email to the airline is a good way to make connections with the airline. You need to create an email to mention your issue and then send it to [email protected]. Additionally, the airline will do its best to provide you with the next alternate flight when they get your email.

Understand the Terms & Conditions of Delta Missed Flight Policy

Learning all of Delta missed booking policy guidelines is very important. It helps you avoid loss and get a new flight for the same destination. Further, read all the points carefully:

  • According to the rules, passengers can rebook an alternate flight if they are willing to arrive at their destination on the Same day.
  • Besides, the standby flights are completely based on flight availability. So, you may or may not acquire a seat on the flight toward the same destination.
  • Therefore, passengers must instantly look for the airline representative to get assistance for the new flight.
  • In addition, missed flights are refundable only when the passenger purchases a refundable ticket.
  • Moreover, if a passenger misses their flight due to the cancellation or delay by the airline, he/she will get compensation for their flight value.
  • Further, passengers will rebook to alternate flights when the airline is responsible for the delay.
  • Also, passengers can board their new flight when they skip it within two hours after the departure under Delta’s 2-hour policy.
  • Passengers will be assigned for free if they get a new flight within two hours of your flight departure.
  • The airline will rebook you on the next day’s flight at no additional cost when you fail to board the alternate flights on the same day.
  • Passengers, conversely, can acquire a refund for their Delta missed flight in some specified conditions, such as with a refundable flight ticket/ missed flight due to the airline fault/ sudden death of the passenger/ or any family member/ natural calamities/ and strikes.
  • You can obtain missed flight compensation of USD 700 when the passenger belongs to/from the United States.

Note:- You can directly communicate with the airline agents to collect more information about the policy.

What to do If I Miss my Flight with Delta?

Are you looking for a solution that can be done when you miss your flight on Delta Airlines? Here are some possible ways that will help you in such circumstances.

  • First, immediately inform the airline when you fail to board your flight. They will assist you regarding your issue.
  • Moreover, if you missed your flight, go to the Delta representative and ask for a new ticket on the consecutive Delta flight.
  • Besides you can also connect to the Delta customer service representative by dialing Delta’s phone number. With this, you will get 24/7 constant assistance.
  • Similarly, you will be compensated for missing your flight by the airline. You can also enjoy the VIP lounge at the airport and get various facilities.

Note:- Some facts can occur when you miss your flight, so keep all the above points in your mind.

Delta Airlines No-Show Policy

If you wish to know about Delta Missed Connection, below are the important facts about the no-show policy.

  • Passengers have to pay a Delta no-show fee when they do not reach the airport within two hours of the planned departure time under the no-show policy of Delta.
  • The charges for the no-show range from USD 150 to USD 200.
  • Besides, Delta will automatically cancel your flight when you do not show up at the airport.

Note:- You can speak to a live Delta representative to gather more information about Delta Airlines’ no-show policy.

Delta Airlines Missed Flight Fee Policy

  • Most airlines, including Delta, always work to lower the cost of travel.
  • By keeping this in mind, the airline imposes a low fee to reschedule a flight.
  • Similarly, the accurate fee amount can be determined through the travel location, type of ticket, and other specified factors.
  • Additionally, the missed flight fee is up to USD 150 to USD 200, charged by the airline when you skip your flight.
  • Apart from this, the airline also asks to pay a fee on same-day standby.

Does Delta Airlines offer Missed Flight Refund?

Usually, the airline does not offer any missed flight refunds when you miss your flight for personal reasons. If you miss your flight, your complete itinerary, including the return trip, will cancel per our Contract of Carriage. However, passengers sometimes miss their flights due to critical issues. In this case, they can apply for a refund for their Delta Airlines missed flight.

For example, you will receive a refund when you miss your flight due to a delay. It will only be acceptable when the carrier delays their flight for unavoidable issues. Furthermore, you can reschedule your flight by connecting with the airline agents. They will help you join the standby list, and you will get your new flight instantly. It will be subject to seat availability.

What happens if you miss your connecting flight delta?

The missed connecting flight policy indicated when passengers missed their connecting flight with Delta. It can be irritating, but you must inform the airline first. It saves you from paying the no-show charges. Below are some key points that assist you regarding this policy.

  • The airline allows you to travel to your destination when a Delta missed connecting flight for a delay.
  • Moreover, when you notify the airline about your missed flight, the airline will rebook you on the next free flight.
  • However, passengers can enjoy the perks of the policy when they have reserved the complete trip on an individual reservation.
  • Similarly, you can opt for the “Rebook Delta missed flight” way at the particular airport.

What is Delta Airlines Same Day Change Policy?

This policy allows passengers to rebook their flight on the same day of departure when they missed their flight. You need to inform the airline before the departure of your missing. Then only the airline enables you to rearrange your flight for the same destination.

What Happens When I Miss My Flight Delta Due To Delay?

If you missed your flight due to a delay, do not worry. The airline provides ways to reach your destination.

  • One can immediately rebook a flight when the airline delays the flight for more than 30 minutes.
  • The airline permits you to book a flight for the same route without trouble.
  • The airline will automatically reroute bags as per the flight chosen for travel.
  • Similarly, passengers can rebook their flight as often as they wish until they are on the way under Delta Airlines’ missed flight policy.
  • Passengers can also claim a refund when their flight will delay for above three hours. The airline will also provide the refund in the original form of payment.
  • The airline will only provide a refund when the reason for the flight delay is unavoidable.

What are Delta Airlines Standby Flights?

The standby policy of the airline is associated with the situation when you do not have your confirmed seat on the plane. You will assign a standby flight when you miss your flight for any reason. However, Assigning a standby flight does not mean you will acquire a confirmed seat in the upcoming flight. Moreover, the airline will assign it to you when it is available and you have reached the gate. Likewise, it is assigned at the airport most of the time. Delta Airlines Whatsapp


Delta always works to provide the best and most flexible services to its passengers that make their travel smooth. Delta Airlines missed flight policy is one of them. You can contact the airline representatives to get further information regarding the policy.

People Asked Questions

Q. Do airlines cover missed flights?

The airline is responsible for providing an alternate flight for the same destination when you miss your connecting flight due to a delay. They will also have to rebook you on the soonest possible flight available.

Q. How much is a rebooking fee?

Every U.S. airline charges a penalty fee to cancel or change an economy flight. The rebooking fee may differ as low as $75 for domestic and $400 for international flights.

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