Spirit Airlines seat selection

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Guidance on Spirit Airlines Seat Selection 2023

Selecting the right seat on the plane can make your travel experience memorable. If you are going to book your flight tickets with Spirit Airlines and are looking for information on seat selection, you are at the right place. Spirit Airlines is known for its budget-friendly approach to seat assignment policy. It allows passengers to select desired seats as per Spirit Airlines’ seating policy. In this blog, you will be able to learn the category of seats available on Spirit, the process of selecting a seat, and the rules for seat allocation.

An Overview of The Spirit Airlines Seat Selection Policy

Before choosing a seat on Spirit, you must learn the guidelines of Spirit seat selection. For this, you need to read the below points carefully:

  • Spirit Airlines allows the passengers to pick their favourite seat at the time of booking, after booking, or at the time of check-in.
  • However, it is necessary to select a seat before the scheduled time of departure.
  • Moreover, you can select any seat as per your requirements.
  • However, you may pay additional charges for some seats, such as aisle or window seats.
  • Suppose passengers do not select a seat; the airline will automatically assign a random seat at the time of check-in for free.
  • Besides, for Preferred Seats, Big Front Seats, and Exit Row Seats by paying an additional fee.
  • Additionally, Spirit Silver members will get the complimentary seat assignment for free when check-in starts and can also go to the exit row seat for free prior to the departure.

Note: You can visit the official site or connect with the Spirit customer service team to get additional information on seat assignments.

Can I Pick My Seat on Spirit Airlines?

Yes, you can select your seat on Spirit Airlines as per your choice under the Spirit Airlines seat selection rules. Similarly, you need to buy a seat assignment and select the desired seat you wish to book. Besides, the seat allocation ranges from $5 and may fluctuate depending on the location and the distance of the travel.

How Do I Select Seats on Spirit Airlines?

Passengers can select their seats on Spirit Airlines online through the official site. Follow the below steps to pick your desired seat.

Steps to select a seat on Spirit Airlines Online:

  • Visit the Spirit Airlines official website www.spirit.com.
  • Head to the My Trip option on the home page.
  • Enter the required details in the provided space.
  • Here, choose the booking for which you want to select a seat.
  • Pick a seat as per your requirements from the seat map.
  • At last, pay the seat assignment fee to confirm your seat.

Moreover, you need to select the Add or Modify seat option and complete the specified form when you are changing your flight more than 24 hours prior to the departure. You should buy a Spirit Airlines seat assignment through check-in online when you wish to modify your flight within 24 hours before the departure.

Make A Seat Selection Through Customer Service:

Suppose you are unable to select a seat through an online process, or you are confused; do not worry! In this case, you can instantly dial Spirit Airlines seat assignment phone number 1 (855) 728-3555 and request the agent to book your desired seat as per your choice.

Types of Seats on Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines understands the needs & requirements of its passengers, so it provides multiple types of seats on the aircraft. To know more in detail, look out the below points carefully:

  • Standard Seats: These are considered the basic seats that are available for Spirit Airlines seat selection for all passengers. However, this seat does not provide you with additional legroom or amenities; it provides a comfortable seat to sit on during your flight.
  • Big Front Seat: Spirit Airlines offers the Big Front Seats for those who are looking for more comfort and space while traveling. Moreover, these are the wider seats placed at the front of the aircraft, offering a luxurious travel experience with extra legroom. Similarly, passengers can enjoy special benefits, including complimentary snacks, priority boarding, and beverages.
  • Exit Row Seats: These seats offered an additional legroom space. Besides, passengers with Spirit Airlines exit row seats have to meet some eligibility criteria set by the airline, such as being physically fit and able to help in an emergency situation.
  • Preferred Seats: The preferred seats on Spirit Airlines flights offer extra legroom space than the standard seats, and they are located in front of the economy seats.
    Passengers who wish to acquire a little extra comfort without purchasing Big Front seats must choose the preferred seats.

Spirit Airlines Seat Selection Fees

As an ultra-low-cost carrier, the rule of thumb on Spirit is that seat selection isn’t free, and customers can expect to pay for seats on each leg of their trip. Spirit Airlines charges a fee for selecting specific seats. The Spirit Airlines seat selection charges may vary depending on some factors. Besides, the airline imposed the price for the standard seats ranging from $5 to $200 depending on the circumstances.

Moreover, The cost to select a Big front seat which ranges from $14 to $750 each route and will be more expensive than the standard seats when it comes to having an additional space. Spirit advertises a price range of $12 to $250 to select a Big Front Seat. Purchase Spirit Airlines seat selection starting from $5, and have a comfortable flight. Visit the Spirit site now to book your seats quickly.

Note: The airline will randomly allocate you a seat automatically at the time of check-in for free, but the airline can’t guarantee that you’ll get a seat with your friends or family. For more information, you can connect with the customer service team of the airline.

How to Select The Best Seat on Spirit Airlines?

If you are looking for tips to choose the right Spirit Airlines seat for your travel, check out the below points carefully:

  • Seat Map: You must review the seat map while booking your flight tickets. It will enable you to see the availability of the seats, and you can book your seats easily.
  • Consider Your Preference: You must think about your travel needs and requirements so that you can select the best seat. You must choose the Big Front Seats and preferred seats when you want to have comfort and additional legroom during your travel.
  • Learn The Fee Criteria: You must be familiar with the Spirit Airlines seat selection cost to avoid any hassle during the reservation process. It will help you to make a fast seat assignment.
  • Book In Advance: Suppose you have a certain seat in your mind; the best time to book your flight in advance is to reserve your preferred seat before it is booked by another passenger.
Why Does Spirit Airlines Charge For Seats?

Most of the passengers wish to sit on their preferred seat and enjoy the comfort during their travel. Similarly, the airline provides multiple ways to choose a seat so that the passengers can sit on their favourite seats with their friends or family.

Can You Pick Your Seats on Spirit For Free?

Yes, you can select your seat for free when you skip the Spirit Airlines seat selection process at the time of check-in. Additionally, the airline will assign a random seat to the passengers, but it will be guaranteed that you will get the seat with your friends or family.

How Can I Avoid Paying For Seats on Spirit?

Suppose you wish to travel at the reasonable rates and avoid paying the Spirit Airlines seat selection fees; the airline allows you to make it in for free without paying additional charges. Similarly, the chances are high to acquire a middle seat.


Making a Spirit Airlines seat selection is an easy process, providing the passengers an opportunity to sit on their desired seats for their travel. Whether you select the lowest seat or the most expensive seat, such as the Big Front Seat, the airline ensures a seamless journey for the passengers. For any additional help, you can get in touch with a live person at Spirit to get instant assistance. spirit airlines group travel

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will Spirit sit families together?

No, Spirit Airlines automatically assigns a seat to the passengers when they do not make their seat assignment at the time of booking. However, the airline can’t guarantee that you will sit with your friends or friends.

What are the best seats to book on Spirit?

The best seats on Spirit Airlines are the big front seats. The airline offers this seat along with the Airbus A320 and offers additional legroom and width compared to standard seats. This seat is located in rows 1 and 2.

What happens if you skip seat selection?

Sometimes, passengers do not wish to spend their money on seat assignment and skip the seat selection. In this case, the airline will automatically assign random seats on the plane. You might get stuck in the middle seat for free.

How to get free seats on Spirit Airlines?

“Passengers with free silver status can enjoy the complimentary seat selection at check-in. They can even move to the exit row seat for free before departure. Similarly, passengers who have Spirit gold member status can enjoy the complimentary seat selection while making a reservation.


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