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Have you made mistakes in your name spelling on the Alaska Airlines tickets? If yes, you can request an Alaska Airlines change name on a ticket and correct the error without paying extra fees.

Alaska Airlines have eliminated flight change fees on Main and First class fares to make your travel more flexible. Moreover, to modify your flight ticket, either go through the online process or directly call the customer service team.

What is the Name Change Policy of Alaska Airlines?

Making a spelling mistake on the tickets is a common problem. Moreover, most airlines don’t accept the name change request of the passengers and ask them to make a new flight booking.

Alaska Airlines lets customers make name changes up to a few characters with or without an extra fee. Additionally, you can make online changes on the airline’s official site or call the team for any assistance.

Let’s look at the guidelines on the name change policy of Alaska Airlines.

  • As per the Alaska Airlines name change policy, make changes to extend the first names or letters in your name.
  • The airline also allows you to invert names on the tickets.
  • Most importantly, you cannot fully transfer your name to another person. You can reschedule your booking if you cannot catch the scheduled flight on the departure day. Otherwise, cancel your flight reservation and claim a refund before the travel date.
  • The policy will help you make modifications to the name spelling or letters.
  • In addition, corrections of no more than three letters are applicable.
  • You can only make changes to your middle name for some legal reasons.
  • Suppose you have booked your flight tickets through a travel agency or an agent. You must contact them directly to make ticket upgrades before departure.

Can I transfer my Flight Ticket to someone else on Alaska Airlines?

Generally, Alaska Airlines do not approve your flight transfer request. Moreover, you can change your tickets or correct the name spelling. But you cannot transfer the ticket to someone else and let the other person complete the trip on your behalf.

In addition, the airline will impose an additional fee of $125 for name transfer plus fare difference. If you are a Gold member, the airline will waive the transfer fee to another flyer who will be flying.

Does Alaska Airlines allow Free Flight Changes?

Alaska Airlines follows a 24-hour policy allowing passengers to make free flight changes on the name spelling. Moreover, you can change your name spelling by selecting the “Manage Travel” option on the airline’s official site.

The service will let you make a change in a single letter on the tickets. If you make any changes outside the 24-hours policy, the airline will ask you to pay $125. Most importantly, the airline will only approve name change requests if there is a typo error.

Do I have to give a middle Name on an Alaska Airlines Flight Ticket?

No, providing a middle name while making an Alaska Airlines flight reservation is not important. A middle name is required to secure flight data, but you can skip the field and only put your first and last name. Moreover, you don’t have to print your middle name on the tickets.

Rules and Regulations on Alaska Airlines Name Change Policy

The policy allows passengers to make name changes on the tickets for free. But there are certain regulations which you need to keep in mind when making name changes on the tickets.

  • You need to seek permission to change your last name on the tickets booked due to divorce or marriage.
  • Moreover, the airline will approve name changes if you wish to extend your first name.
  • Under the name change rules, you may invert your names.
  • Flyers can change the letters in your name.
  • Most importantly, complete name changes are not accepted by the airline. But you can transfer your full name to another person as per the guidelines of the name change policy.
  • If you have given the wrong name, you can book a new flight ticket with the correct name.

Can I Change my Name on Alaska Airlines Due to Legal Reasons?

On Alaska Airlines, you can request name changes on a flight reservation due to legal reasons, including marriage or divorce.

  • Passengers have to provide the legal documents when requesting Alaska Airlines name change on tickets due to marriage or divorce.
  • Moreover, the airline will allow you to change only the surname.
  • The team will formally change your ticket details if you wish to change names because of divorce.
  • In addition, paperwork will be required by the operator to officially change the names on the tickets. The name change will be approved in the event of divorce and marriage. Here is the following documentation needed for a name change.
  1. Orders of the court
  2. Certificate of marriage
  3. Existing proof of identity
  4. Paperwork for a piece of legal change in the information
  5. Previous evidence of identification

Are There Any Limitations on the Alaska Airlines Name Change Policy?

In some situations, Alaska Airlines do not approve name changes on the tickets. Therefore, you must confirm the things before applying for the changes with the flight representative.

Here are the following limitations on the airline’s name change policy. Have a look.

  • The major limitation to changing the name on ticket Alaska Airlines is that your booking may be canceled if booked with the wrong details.
  • In addition, the identity and the passenger’s name should match each other. Otherwise, you may face trouble during flight boarding.
  • Suppose your name is incorrect on the passport; you first need to correct the errors. Only then will the airline accept your name change request.

Different ways to Request Alaska Airlines Change Name on Ticket

Alaska Airlines facilitates passenger name change requests on the tickets through online and offline methods.

  • You can request a name change online via the airline’s official site.
  • Contact the team at +1 (800) 252-7522 and tell your flight details to the executive, and request name changes.
  • In addition, reach out to the nearby airport at the self-service kiosk centers.

Method 1: How Can I Change my Name on an Alaska Ticket?

Suppose you made a spelling error on plane tickets and are willing to make changes before departure. In that case, opt for the online method and complete the process to change the name on the Alaska Airlines ticket.

  • First, launch the airline’s official site and log into your account.
  • Second, head to the “Manage My Booking” section.
  • Now, fill in your flight details like the passenger’s name and a booking number.
  • Now, choose the change ticket name option.
  • Click on the Change name on the flight ticket. You can correct the name spelling and complete the name change process.
  • After that, receive a message on the name change on your smartphone in the end.

Flyers can apply for a change of name on ticket Alaska Airlines by calling the airline’s helpline number +1 (800) 252-7522.

Note: The online flight change option will only allow you to make minor changes or correct simple spelling mistakes. But you cannot change more than three characters in your name through the same method.

Terms and Conditions on the Online Name Change on Alaska Airlines

Passengers have to meet certain guidelines to change names online on the tickets without any inconvenience. Have a look at the following points.

  • You must have booked flight tickets online via the airline’s official site and not through a travel agency.
  • In addition, your flight booking must include any kind of discount fares, government fares, and any special saver fares.
  • Make sure to not make a flight reservation under group travel, and it should not include more than seven members.
  • The flight segment should not exceed eight arrangements.
  • Moreover, your flight booking should not compromise any kind of special service like pets.
  • The airline will only accept online changes in the name of general flight reservations.

Method 2: Contact Alaska Airlines to Change the Names on the Tickets

When you are unable to request an Alaska Airlines name change on a ticket online via the site, opt for the phone call option. Moreover, the service will help you seek expert hand-to-hand assistance and help you make name changes.

Here are the following steps to follow to make name changes on an Alaska Airlines ticket via the phone call option.

  • First, open the airline’s official site and choose the phone call option under the “Help Center” section.
  • Second, dial the area-wise airline’s helpline number and wait for the executive to pick up the call.
  • Now, choose your desired language.
  • You will hear instructions from an automated machine.
  • Next, choose the flight change option since you want to modify your name spelling on the ticket.
  • Wait for a few seconds till the call is transferred to a team member.
  • Finally, share your details like your last name and flight reference code and ask them to change your name spelling.

Note: Alaska Airlines will only accept the name change request if you are eligible for the same. Otherwise, they will cancel your current flight booking and suggest you make a new reservation with the correct name.

Method 3: Use the Airport Kiosk to Change your Name on the Alaska Airlines Tickets

Another way to change your name on an Alaska Airlines flight ticket is by using an airport kiosk. Moreover, the machine allows flyers to perform various activities. With the same service, you can do the check-in, get boarding passes, upgrade seats, and make name changes to your reservations.

How Much are the Charges for Name Changes on Alaska Airlines?

There is no fee for making minor changes within 24 hours of the actual flight reservation. However, if you change tickets after the risk-free period, you have to pay an additional fee of $125.

MVP Gold or Gold 75K Mileage plan members do not have a penny to change the tickets’ names.

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