Alaska Airlines Military Discount

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Alaska Airlines appreciates the work of US military and active-duty members and veterans. They are the people who sacrifice their lives and family to safeguard the country’s protection and its people. However, certain rules and regulations on booking Alaska Airlines military fares discount apply to service members. You have to contact the team, and they will reserve a seat on the plane.

Eligibility of using a Military fare on Alaska Airlines

As far as Alaska Airlines military fares are concerned, passengers must meet the following requirements listed below.

  • Based on the guidelines, one must be working in the U.S Military personnel.
  • The military fare applies on a trip of an officially excused absence.
  • Moreover, military reserves are on active duty.
  • Alaska Airlines provides fare applicable for active-duty military service discharged from duties. Moreover, they have worked in any one of the US army agencies.
  • In addition, the family members of the US active-duty military personnel can book the fares. However, the children should fall in the age group of 2-9 of active US military personnel.

Rules and Regulations applied on Alaska Military Fares

Alaska Airlines have certain rules and regulations for offering military fares to active-duty members. For instance,

  • Military passengers have to show the American Identification Cards rational active duty armed forces.
  • Moreover, one must submit severance papers for travel within seven days of discharge from the army service.
  • Military family members must be legally dependent on the military person.
  • They have to submit proper identification and documentation at the check-in counter.
  • Suppose a spouse, child, or dependent’s name is different from the military passenger. In that case, one has to submit additional documents to prove decency when required.
  • Discharged military members have to finish the trip within seven days of discharge.
  • Additionally, the fares do not apply to military passengers on temporary duty orders when flying to duty stations.
  • Remember that military discount is valid on flights operated by Alaska Airlines, SkyWest, PenAir, and Horizon.
  • One must contact the customer service team to book Alaska Airlines military discounts for a new ticket.

Benefits of Booking military fares on Alaska Airlines

Eligible passengers can obtain Alaska Airlines military discounts and deals on flight purchases and enjoy other services. Moreover, there are plenty of benefits which one can enjoy by the airline’s military services depending on the travel requirements.

Here are some of the benefits which one can enjoy on buying military fares

  • Alaska Airlines offers up to a 5% discount on flight bookings to active-member or veterans.
  • Service members and those discharged from active duty service can meet travel requirements in one of the military branches. Moreover, passengers can enjoy special military fares for other family members. Most importantly, discounts are available on selected flights, routes, and travel dates.
  • In addition, get up to five checked bags on board the plane at no additional price on all flights.

Procedure to Redeem Alaska Airlines military discount

There are multiple ways to redeem Alaska Airlines military discounts and access exclusive benefits and super deals.

Save on ticket fare on Alaska Airlines

Members can search for the flights based on the travel route and preferred departure time. Moreover, one can review all the available flights on the official site and book accordingly. However, members must give a valid military card at the time of flight check-in. Otherwise, provide severance papers for travel within seven days of the scheduled flight departure.

Save on airfare through Veterans Advantage

To obtain 5% off on all the eligible Alaska flights, you have to be a member of Veterans Advantage. If you are already a member, log into your account on the official page or Facebook. Furthermore, check the flight and schedules and find the best flight for your trip. In the end, you will be eligible for 5% off on ticket purchases.

Get free five checked bags

Service members and military veterans can get up to five checked bags for free. Moreover, they must inform the flight representative at the airport check-in counter to receive the special army deal. Don’t forget to bring your valid military ID card, and the same rules apply to family members.

How to Contact the Team to Book Alaska Airlines Military Fares?

Alaska Airlines gives the best services and quick responses to the customers without long waiting times. Moreover, head to the airline’s official site and search for the required information about military travel. Give a call on 1-800-252-7522 or 1-800-ALASKAAIR to enquire about flight reservations or pre-flight booking doubts. Furthermore, the concerned person will help you book Alaska Airlines military fares and provide additional assistance.

Are there any conditions on the family members of the US active military personnel?

As per the policy, family members of each military personnel have to go through a legal documentation procedure. Let’s have a look.

  • Once a family is at the airport check-in counter, you must submit valid identification and documentation.
  • Moreover, uniform services dependent identification and privilege cards marked as “active” should be at the check-in counter. The policy applies to military personnel who are ten or more years of age.
  • If you are discharged from the military, compare the travel within seven days from being discharged from the military.
  • Alaska Airlines military fares are not applicable for retired military personnel or are on temporary duty orders.
  • In addition, the same rules and regulations apply on all the flights reserved under military discounts.
  • Most importantly, travelers have to book tickets instantly and get access to military deals and discounts. However, the team imposes additional fees on upgrading military discounted ticket fares.

How does Alaska military discount work?

Alaska military discount works in two different ways. For instance,

  • Active Duty US military can check-in with five complimentary bags, weighing up to 70 lbs. However, if you carry more than five prescribed bags, the airline will charge $100 extra fees. Moreover, the bags cannot sustain overweight or oversized fees.
  • US Military Dependent’s family members can fly on military orders and get five free checked bags onboard. In addition, the baggage policy is the same as for the active US military members.

But make sure that military discounts are not available on all flights. The airline ensures to give at least 5% off on future trips to the military members +1-860-498-9674.

Alaska Airlines FAQs

Does Alaska give military discounts?

Veterans Advantage, active-duty personnel, and US active members can obtain Alaska Airlines military discounts on flight bookings. Moreover, the airline offers 5% off on purchasing airfare surfaces. The offers are applicable on flights flying from the US and Canada and all fare types and upgrades. It includes First, Main, and Saver classes. Therefore, book the fares and avail the discounts on round and one-way trips with the help of a representative.

How do I book a flight to Alaska using military discounts?

One can easily redeem a military discount towards booking an Alaska flight and booking other services as well. Moreover, there is no need to have a military ID, promotion code, or discount coupon. Visit the airline’s official booking portal and follow the on-screen prompts to confirm tickets to make flight reservations. While making the final payment, you can apply the military discount and see a reduction in the total fare.

What are the features of Alaska Airlines military discounts?

Alaska Airlines military discounts offer 5% off on already low-fare flight tickets on Alaska Airlines. Moreover, apply the value on sale purchases to get cheaper low-fares. Passengers can book the fares to travel within the US, Canada, Mexico, and Costa Rico. The best part is the offers are valid throughout the year with no blackout dates. Moreover, the discounted fares are valid for up to six people and can be booked together.

Can members get complimentary bags on Alaska Airlines?

Active duty US military personnel and military dependents can get access to the first five bags for free. Moreover, on booking Alaska Airlines military fares members can get a discount of 15% on pre-meal selection onboard.

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