How to Get in Touch with Air Canada?

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Are you someone who is looking for a flight change or flight cancellation, or flight seat selection with Air Canada? If yes, you need to know how to get in touch with Air Canada. Passengers can call the Air Canada representative or chat live with an Air Canada person. 

So before we talk about how to contact Air Canada, you must be aware of the situations when you need to speak to the Air Canada person. 

When to Get in Touch with Air Canada?

Well, passengers facing any Air Canada flight-related issues can contact Air Canada talk to an airline person. The airline has assigned several executives who are qualified enough. They possess all the qualities needed to solve the queries put forward by their customers.

Therefore, the services and assistance provided by the Air Canada customer service team are listed here in the following lines:

  • First, if you need any help while making an Air Canada booking, you can directly reach out to a live person at the airline for assistance.
  • Second, the customer service team tells you about all the deals and cheap Air Canada flights available during your bookings.
  • Also, the team helps at the time of seat selection. Or if you want to cancel your flight or make changes to it.

How Can I Get in Touch with a Live Person at Air Canada?

To connect with a live person at Air Canada, you can do it via a registered Air Canada phone number. Here are some of the best and easiest when it comes to Air Canada talking to a person. You can opt for any one of them per your need and convenience. 

Talk to Air Canada Representative Via Call:

Follow these steps if you are looking forward to talking to Air Canada person at call:

  •  Dial Air Canada customer service phone number, 1800 102 8182. It’s a quick help number.
  • Then, if youtube has called for canceling your flight, press1. 
  • If you have called to know about certain new information and detail of the airlines, you need to press 3.
  • You need to press four if you have your flight departure in the next 48 hours and you want to make an Air Canada seat selection.
  • If you want to know about the departure and arrival of any flight, you should press 5.
  • To learn about new promo codes, your remaining flight value, press 6. The same number is applicable for making new bookings as well.
  • Press 7 if you want to know about the airlines’ companion pass and credit card. 

Moreover, if you have missed listening to any point and you want to hear it again, press pound (#).

Connect Through Air Canada Live Chat:

Apart from connecting through the Air Canada customer service number, you can have a live chat with the Air Canada person. The best part of this service is that it is available 24*7. That means you can seek help at any moment you require.

Follow these steps to proceed a chat with Air Canada:

  • Visit the Air Canada official website
  • Then, go to the ‘Contact Us’ section.
  • From there, you get access to the live chat portal.
  • As soon as you try to talk to Air Canada through live chat, the airlines connect you to a live agent. 
  • Furthermore, drop your query in the chatbox.
  • Once you get a satisfactory answer to your questions, you may dismiss the chatbox.

Besides connecting to an Air Canada live agent through chat, passengers have more options.

Connect Via Air Canada Email Address:

Following are the email addresses for different services. Compose an email and send it to :

Remember to mention your query clearly in the body and the email’s subject. 

Air Canada Social Media Handles:

Passengers can get the latest information about Air Canada on social media handles. You can visit Air Canada Youtube channel to get the latest updates on the airline. Moreover, you can send a message to a live representative on the Air Canada Facebook handle. Also, the passengers can message the Air Canada live person on the airlines’ Twitter account.

Important Air Canada Phone Numbers:

We have provided a list of Air Canada phone numbers that customers can use for different queries. Also, some of the following numbers are mentioned regarding the regions.

Passengers from Canada:

  • Can dial 1-888-247-2262 for Air Canada booking options.
  • Can call 1-888-689-BAGS(2247) if they have lost or received damaged baggage.

Passengers from the United States:

  • Need to call 1-888-247-2262(Toll-Free) for flight bookings

Passengers from the United Kingdom:

  • Call 00 800 669 92222 for flight booking Issues
  • Dial 00 800 669 92222 for website related assistance

Now, the following Air Canada Phone numbers apply regular toll-charges:

  •  1 888 689-BAGS (2247): passengers facing baggage related issues can call on this contact number
  • 1-844-347-4268: passenger facing a problem while using an assistive tool of the airline can call on this number.
  • 1-866-689-8080 , 1-902-367-8445.

So this was all about one needs to know about ‘How to get in touch with Air Canada.’ We are a travel service providing team available 24*7 for our customers. However, anyone still facing problems getting in touch with Air Canada can call us on our customer service number.

Air Canada FAQs:

Can I Contact Air Canada?

Yes, you can talk to a live person at Air Canada to solve your queries. You can either call them, drop a mail, or chat with the airline representative through the airline’s official website.

What is the Air Canada Contact Number for the UK?

To connect with Air Canada, you can Call 00 800 669 92222 for flight booking issues. Or dial 00 800 669 92222 for website-related assistance. These are the number applicable for customers from the UK. 

Can I Drop a Mail to Air Canada?

Yes, apart from calling the Air Canada customer service phone number, you can simply send a mail talking about your queries on  [email protected].

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