How Do I Change Air France Flight?

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Do you want to make a change to your reservation, request a special meal, or check-in online? Are you looking for useful information to help you plan a successful trip? Here is some information which you can do in the “Manage or change your Air France flight reservations” section.

How Can I Change My Air France Flight Booking?

Plans may change at any time, which is why Air France has developed a set of procedures to help you prevent last-minute worry. There’s no need to be concerned if you’ve recently purchased tickets and are wondering “How to Change your Air France Flight Booking?” since we’ve got you covered.

Air France Change Flight- Online

Here are the steps:

  • Navigate to Air France – My Reservations.
  • Click “Search” after entering your booking code or ticket number and last name.
  • Double-check that the flight is correct. Then the “Review / Modify Your Bookings” option will appear.
  • Change your travel dates by searching for fresh ones.
  • There are no change costs; however, if the new trip is more expensive than the original ticket, you may be required to pay the fare difference.
  • You will be given a new flight itinerary.

Air France Change Flight- Offline

Flyers can also use offline techniques to change their Air France Airlines flight reservation. You may also use this medium to make necessary changes to your schedule by selecting one of the following alternatives.

Terms and Conditions on the Air France Change Flight Policy

Air France permits passengers to make flight changes without any complications anytime before flying. Moreover, there are various ways to make ticket changes, including on-site and phone calls. To seek quick assistance from the team, call on the Air France phone number and talk to a live person.

Here are the following things you must know about the Air France change flight policy.

  • Passengers can make free flight upgrades based on the airline’s 24-hours flight change policy. However, it only applies to refundable flight tickets booked through authorized sources.
  • As per the Air France change flight policy, suppose your current flight fare is more than the existing one. In that case, you have to pay the fare difference.
  • In addition, one can make changes to trip dates, destinations, time, and travel class on the booked ticket before departure.
  • To make changes on the group flight bookings, you need to talk to an executive and choose a method.
  • Moreover, you need to make changes separately on the group flight tickets.
  • Suppose the airline changes the flight schedule due to bad weather conditions or mechanical aircraft defaults. In that situation, you can claim compensation or ask for an alternate flight for the unused portion of the flight.

Air France Same-day Flight Change Policy

Air France understands the travel needs and requirements of passengers. Therefore, the team let them make ticket changes even on the same day of the flight departure without any inconvenience.

  • Your Air France booking should be issued from the official sources to change tickets on the same day of departure.
  • Moreover, passengers cannot transfer the flight ticket to another person if they are not flying on the departure day.
  • In addition, the airline charges fare difference for making same-day flight upgrades.
  • The flight change fee for same-day changes depends on the fare type.

Contact the Air France Customer Service Team for Quick Help

From booking flights to making ticket upgrades, passengers can seek immediate travel assistance from the experts. So, do is dial +1-800-237-2747 and speak with a flight representative, and they will help you make the necessary changes. Moreover, the service is open from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm throughout the week. After that, you can talk to the live person in the French, Spanish, and English language. Besides, connect with the team through live chat, email, and social media.

Making Changes via The Air France Phone Number

After finishing online operations, calling the customer support number is undoubtedly one of the most convenient methods. From the comfort of your own home, you can make all of the necessary updates and adjustments to your trip.

Customers may reach Air France directly by calling its phone number. They will return your call as soon as possible and assist you in any way they can.

Making Changes at a Ticket Counter or Kiosk

Second, Air France passengers may also visit our ticket office in person. The flight crew will greet you with a smile and happily listen to your concerns. Provide them with accurate information, including your desired flight timings. They’ll show you all the best flight options and bargains currently available.

It is the least-used option because it necessitates a human visit to the airport to complete the flight change operations. If you do not like to visit, please call the Flying Guidelines support number to make the process as simple as possible.

What is the cost of changing an Air France ticket?

Consider the following when considering the charges imposed by Air France for flight changes:

  • All adjustments made on the website & at the kiosk at the airport are handled for free, and there are no hidden fees.
  • If the adjustments are made at the airport or through the municipal office, the travelers must pay a $20 cost for altering, canceling, or changing the ticket.
  • If you have a reservation for non-full flex tickets, the charges for making modifications to the reservation will be about $50.

Change Your Personal Information if you’re flying with Air France.

You can alter or add to any ticket type:

  • Your BlueBiz or Flying Blue phone number
  • Your contact details (email address, telephone numbers),
  • Regulatory information necessary by your destination country’s authorities (passport number, visa number, address at your destination, etc.),
  • The meal you want to eat and where you want to sit.

Air France Change Flight Details

If your ticket allows for modifications with or without a cost, you can modify your flight’s time, date, or route and travel class.

Please remember that you will be charged an additional fee if your new flight price is greater. You will partially replay if the price is lower.

Air France Seat Change Policy

After check-in or within one hour of departure, the seat change option is unavailable. According to Air France Seat Change Policy, on request, the airline will charge the flyer an administration fee for a seat change offline.

Air France Meal Change Policy

You’ll need to pay a small portion of the ticket price for meal changes. Until your departure date, you have the opportunity to modify your meals.

Does Air France give travel vouchers in return for a flight change?

Air France permits passengers to change a flight ticket for no penalty. Moreover, the airline provides a travel voucher in Euros for each person in your flight booking.

Frequent flyers can best use the offer and change a ticket anytime before the travel date. They can take an alternative flight, choose another flight for free, and receive a voucher.

Here are some rules and regulations for receiving a travel voucher from the Air France team.

  • The offer applies to all passengers booked on the same flight booking. Consequently, the team gives them a travel voucher worth the amount mentioned in the email.
  • The offer is limited and based on availability.
  • Additionally, you cannot transfer the voucher to someone else account.
  • The validity of a voucher is one year from the date of issue.
  • You can get a voucher for tickets and other services, including baggage, seats, meals, and lounges.
  • Moreover, you can use the offer to request a refund after canceling an Air France booking. Visit the airline’s official website to complete an online refund request application.
  • Each person can use two vouchers in a single booking, and the maximum limit is three for each reservation.

How to obtain a travel voucher after changing a flight on Air France?

If you have booked a flight on the Air France site or through the call, you are entitled to change a flight. Moreover, the airline will offer you a travel voucher, which you can use for your future trips.

  • The airline will inform you about alternative flights and send the available flight list to your email.
  • Moreover, if you accept the offer, get an email within 72 hours confirming your new ticket and a voucher. It will be valid for each passenger in your flight booking.

Air France FAQs

How can I change my Air France flight date?

As per Air France Date Change Policy, you’ll have to pay Air France change date costs if you wish to modify the date of your flight’s return or departure. If you booked your tickets through a third-party seller, you must contact Air France representative directly to request a flight change.

How can I modify a confirmed Air France reservation flight?

Checking ticket eligibility is the sole need for travelers who desire to execute the Air France change flight process for their bookings.

  • Navigate to the Manage Booking option on the Air France official website.
  • Then enter all of the details of your reservation to find it.
  • Select the Change Flight option and choose a different flight option for the booking.
  • Verify the fare and pay the difference in the food.
  • Airlines will send a confirmation email after the new reservation has been verified.

Is it possible to change flights with Air France?

You can change the route, time, date, as well as your travel class, provided your ticket policy allows for changes with or without a cost. Please keep in mind that if the price of your new flight is higher, you will be charged an extra fee.

Is it possible to change your name on the day of your reservation?

As per Air France’s Name change policy, minor changes in passengers’ names made on the same day as the booking will not be charged. According to Air France’s change flight policy, you must share the relevant papers to alter a passenger’s surname. It is not possible to transfer tickets to another individual.

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