Can I Book Multi-City on Qatar Airways?

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Travelers can reserve multiple-city flights with Qatar Airways. Suppose you wish to explore different destinations across the world under your budget. Booking Qatar Airways multi-city flights is the right option. Moreover, it lets you enjoy the various perks during your multiple-city journey. In this blog, you will be able to know the process and the benefits of buying multi-destination tickets.

What Is Multi-City Qatar Airways?

The multi-city is an advanced airline ticket that lets you fly to various destinations worldwide using different stopovers. Additionally, travelers who reserve multiple-destination tickets in Qatar can enjoy the benefits below. So, what are you waiting for? Make your Qatar multi-city booking today.

Advantages of Qatar Multi-City Booking

Passengers with multiple-cities tickets can enjoy the most exciting perks that make their flying journey more enjoyable. You need to choose the option of a multi-city flight on the respective airline at least once, as it is considered the easiest way to visit various places at competitive rates. Some of the benefits are mentioned below:

Lowest Tickets

The price of the various-city flight tickets is less than a separate one-way flight ticket. Therefore, you can travel to various destinations at very low fares.

Cover Numerous Destinations

Passengers with a multi-destination reservation can enjoy various cities at a single reservation. So, you need to reserve Qatar multi-city tickets when you want to visit multiple destinations.


We know that traveling from one destination to another consumes time. However, when choosing the multiple-city mode, you can go to different places in one go and then travel to various destinations with different flights. According to the multi-city flight reservation, you can select a maximum of six flights and four cities using the online portal of Qatar Airways.

Good For Business Travel

Suppose you need to visit various destinations for business purposes, then the multi-destination reservation is the best for you. Similarly, you can contact the airline and get help in reserving your business trip.

Zero Stress

As we know, flights are stressful, but multi-city flight reservation is stress-free and even provides additional excitement since you can explore new destinations with a single reservation.

How do I Reserve a Multi-city Ticket with Qatar?

The airline provides many ways available when it comes to reserving multi-city flights by Qatar Airways. Below, we have discussed the ways, and you can use any at your convenience. You can use the online or offline mode to reserve your tickets. If you choose the online method, follow the instructions below carefully.

  • Navigate to the main website of Qatar Airways.
  • Then, move to the flight type tab and select the multi-city tab.
  • After that, choose your flight’s desired destination and the number of travelers.
  • Now, mention your preferred date for your multi-city travel.
  • Fill out the needed details as per the airline’s requirements.
  • Here, you will have various flight options and must choose one that suits your budget and travel plans.
  • You will need to complete the payment as given on the screen.
  • The airline will provide you with a confirmation email or text; you can download your reservation details.

How do I Reserve the Flights for Qatar Airways Multi-City by Phone?

If you cannot reserve your Qatar Air multi-city flight online, do not stress because you can directly contact the airline and request your multiple-destination flight reservation. For this, you must dial Qatar Airways phone number at 079-6155 6000 and communicate with a live representative who will assist you in reserving your tickets. Besides, consider the below points.

  • Dial the multi-city phone number for Qatar Airways.
  • Select your preferred language option.
  • Follow the automated IVR commands to connect your call with a live representative at KLM.
  • Discuss your budget and the travel requirements with him.
  • After that, he will confirm your multi-city tickets and ask you to pay the applicable charges to confirm your reservation.
  • Finally, the flight personnel will give you the flight details on your provided email ID.

Note: Booking the flights for Qatar Airways multi-city 1-860-498-9674 will help you visit several destinations simultaneously.


With the help of the above information, you can easily reserve the Qatar Airways multi-city. Also, we have discussed multiple ways to book the various destination flights in a single reservation. If you still have any queries related to the same, do not hesitate to connect with the airline professionals who will always be available to assist and solve your queries instantly over the call.

People Asked Questions

Q. Are multi-city flights cheap?

Yes, booking a multiple-city ticket is cheaper than reserving a series of one-way tickets. Moreover, you may acquire free stays in the airline connecting hubs when you use the feature directly on a Qatar website.

Q. Is it possible to book multi-city flights?

Yes, consider reserving a multi-city flight between a few destinations, but I cannot decide on one. It helps you lock in various destinations to explore the most affordable way possible.

Q. How does multi-city booking work?

You can reserve a round-trip for multiple routes in every direction by choosing the multi-city as your trip type. For instance, Harry flies from New York to Rome and returns from Paris to New York. The travel between Rome and Paris is arranged by other means.

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