Allegiant Air Pet Policy

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Allegiant Air Pet Policy, Fees, Rules, and Services

Allegiant Airlines let passengers fly with small dogs and cats in the main cabin. However, one must transport pets in an FAA-issued box that fits under the seat. Most importantly, pets are not eligible to fly on flights operating between the United States and Hawaii. The Allegiant Air pet policy allows pets within the 48 contiguous states in America, San Juan, and Puerto Rico.

Things to Remember About the Allegiant Airlines Pet Travel Policy

If you are traveling with pets on Allegiant flights, you have to meet certain airline pet policy requirements.

  • Under Pet policy Allegiant Airlines, small dogs, and cats can fly on domestic flights.
  • Moreover, all pets have to be odorless, harmless, and non-disruptive.
  • If your pet is sick or aggressive, or in pain, the airline will not accept them on the plane.
  • In addition, carriers should have a water-resistant floor, more space for pets to stand, and be flexible.
  • You have to transfer the pets in a lea-proof or hard-sided container.
  • The maximum size of the container should not exceed 9 H X 16 W x 19 D in size.
  • The airline does not allow more than two pets per carrier.
  • Additionally, passengers flying with pets cannot reserve seats in an exit row or one row previous to/after an exit row.
  • Generally, you don’t have to show a travel certificate for pets. But the team asks for a valid certificate on flights to Puerto Rico.
  • Emotional support animals can no longer fly unless they travel as normal pets and follow the same rules.
  • Moreover, the airline does not accept pets as checked bags and air cargo on flights.
  • There are no charges for flying with service dogs in the passenger cabin with owners with a disability.

What are the Pets in the cabin Policy of Allegiant Airlines?

Allegiant Airlines accept small pets in the passenger cabin. Moreover, one flying with pets will not get seats in the exit rows or one before/after the exit row. Pet travel is applicable on selected routes within the United States. Most importantly, make sure that pets are not allowed on international flights.

Let’s see the rules and regulations on the pet cabin policy of Allegiant Airlines.

  • Dogs and cats are the approved animals, and they can fly on Allegiant-operated flights.
  • Pets must be older than 12 weeks and have result of the vaccinations.
  • Guide dogs can fly irrespective of their weight and size.
  • In addition, carriers can no longer be 19 x 16 x 9 inches.
  • It is not mandatory to travel with a health certificate for pets flying in the cabin.
  • No more than two pets can fly per carrier.
  • An adult passenger who is atleast 15 years old can bring one pet carrier onboard.
  • No pets are included as a part of the carry-on baggage.
  • Moreover, the airline charges $50.00 per segment per carrier, which applies to all pets.

When can I book a Pet in the Cabin of Allegiant Airlines?

Passengers can book a flight ticket under the pet travel online when making a flight reservation for themselves. In addition, you need to ensure to do flight check-in between 45 minutes and 4 hours before departure.

If you fly on a one-way flight within Canada or to/from the US, the ticket fare will cost $100. Besides, you can also contact the airline’s customer service team at 1 (702) 505-8888 and seek assistance while booking flights.

What is the ESA policy of Allegiant Airlines?

Allegiant Airlines no longer accepts emotional support animals since January 11, 2021. They might fly as normal pets by paying an additional fee and meeting all the airline’s pet policy requirements. Moreover, you cannot take them in the passenger cabin for a fee.

What is Allegiant Airlines’ contract of Carriage?

  • Under the Allegiant Airlines carriage contract, the carrier will transport live animals only in the cabin and not take pets as baggage.
  • Moreover, one can take animals on flights, including domestic dogs and only cats. You must keep the pets on a leak-proof carrier and must fit under a seat.
  • The pet carriers may not go beyond the maximum limit of 9 x 16 x 19 inches.
  • Also, passengers flying with pets cannot reserve seats in the bulkhead rows or exit row seats.
  • Carriers should not be strapped into the customer seat; there are two pet carriers per row. Also, pets must remain in the carrier all the time.

Contact the Allegiant team to know more about the airline’s pet policy and make a flight reservation together with pets.

Rules and Regulations of Allegiant Air Pet Policy

Allegiant Airlines ensures a safe and comfortable trip for passengers and pets during the flight. Like there are travel guidelines for people. Similarly, pets also have to meet certain requirements.

  • Pets should be at least eight weeks in age.
  • As per the Allegiant Airlines pet travel policy, only one pet carrier is allowed per tourist.
  • Moreover, passengers have to keep the pets in a container in the carrier and handle them at the airport terminal.
  • If a passenger fails to follow the pet guidelines, the airline will not allow boarding on subsequent flights.
  • In addition, you have to check in with an official representative at the ticket station or gate desk. The check-in time begins an hour before the scheduled flight departure.
  • No pets are allowed to travel in the cargo bin.
  • Allegiant Airlines takes no liability for the dog’s health and safety in cabins.
  • A veterinarian needs to ensure that your pet is medically fit to take flights.

For further information about clearing TSA security, you have to visit the official site of TSA. Moreover, connect with the flight representative and get all details about the pet policy for Allegiant Air.

About Dogs Service on Allegiant Airlines

Allegiant Airline’s pet travel policy states that service and emotional support animals have certain requirements to fly. However, there are no additional fees for them once they meet the guidelines. If your dog qualifies to be a certified Psychiatric Service dog, the airline will accept them.

  • The airline permits only two fully-trained service animals. Moreover, the dog should sit on the floor, under the seat, or on the passenger’s lap.
  • Service animals may occupy the foot space of the disabled passenger.
  • Depending on the Allegiant Air dog policy, passengers can take only two trained-service animals on Allegiant Airlines.
  • The airline will issue a PSD letter providing documentation for carrying service dogs.
  • To fly with a psychiatric service dog, you need to submit a special form to the airline before departure.
  • Moreover, the form requires the dog trainers’ and veterinarians’ names, but the signature is not required.
  • If you book flights within 48 hours before departure, give the form along with the service dog to the representative.

Allegiant Air Pet Policies FAQs

Do you have to pay an extra fee for bringing dogs on Allegiant flights?

Allegiant Airlines permits passengers to travel with pets at an additional cost. Moreover, the pet fee ranges between $50 per one-way flight for each carrier in the cabin. The fees apply on flights operating within the USA, Canada, and to/from the USA. However, you cannot take more than two pets by carrier, and the pet fee is non-refundable.

Are there any restrictions on flying with pets on Allegiant Airlines?

Allegiant Airlines is very strict regarding the pet policy guidelines. Moreover, the carry-on baggage limits do not include a pet carrier and excess bag at an additional fee. Also, no flights are available for pets within Hawaii unless service dogs are flying. In addition, for dogs flying in the cabin, carriers should not exceed 22 cm x 40 cm x 48 cm. Pets should be able to stand and rotate inside the carrier.

When should I check in on Allegiant Airlines?

The ideal time to check in on Allegiant at the airport desk begins n hour before the scheduled flight departure. While check-in, you can obtain your flight boarding pass and desired seats on the plane. However, seat selection requires an extra fee which is not included in a ticket fare. Moreover, passengers have to submit all kinds of necessary documents for the destination country on international flights.

Are there any breeds that are restricted as per the pet policy for Allegiant Airlines?

As per the pet policy for Allegiant Airlines, certain breeds cannot fly. Moreover, passengers can carry domesticated cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbits, small household birds, and guinea pigs. In contrast, you cannot take rodents like rats, squirrels, mice, and large animals like parrots, cockatoos, and macaws. Also, the airline does not permit insects, lions, bears, amphibians, ferrets, snakes, and beavers.

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