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Have you booked flight tickets with Delta Airlines and want to select your favourite seat on the flight? If yes, you just need to know about Delta Airlines seat selection, as it allows you to reserve your seat as per your suitability. Moreover, you can choose your seat in advance for free.

In this blog, you will find all the related information to seat selection that will help you select your seat easily. Besides, you can use the official website to select your seat after booking, but it depends on the seat availability. If you want to select your seat on Delta Airlines, you must go through the points below.

Know About Delta Seat Selection Policy 

Delta Airlines has made some terms & conditions for the seat selection policy. If you need to select a seat, you must follow the policy’s guidelines. Moreover, you must read the points given below carefully:

  • As per Delta Airlines seats selection policy, passengers can choose their seats as they want.
  • If you forgot to select the seats while booking, don’t worry, as the airline will allocate you a random seat on the flight during your check-in at the airport.
  • Moreover, selecting seats in the Basic cabin Economy are always subject to seat availability.
  • Consequently, Delta Airlines will decide whether you will obtain a seat next to your friend.
  • If you really want to sit on your desired seat, then it is advisable to book your seat up to seven days from the flight’s planned departure.
  • Passengers are allowed to view, select or change their seat in the seat maps of Delta Airlines while booking, in the My Trips section, and during check-in.
  • On the other hand, passengers with first class and Delta One ticket can select any seat within their cabin without paying any charges.
  • When the seat selection window opens starting a week prior to the flight, log in to your account and check on your flight.

Delta Airlines Seat Map 

Passengers can find Delta Airlines’ seating selection without booking a flight. To do this, they need to search the flight for their desired destination. You will have multiple flight options for your chosen route on the page search results. Similarly, every flight has a show-you seat map which you can view by choosing “Seats.”

A traveler should always view the seat map at the time of booking. Further, when you choose a seat, you will have a new page on which you can see a live preview of your flight. Once you select a seat, you will redirect to another place to pick a seat.

How to Select/Choose my Seat on Delta?

If you wish to have an aisle or window seat on Delta Airlines, you must first go through the Delta Airlines seat selection policy. After that, you can perform the Delta Airlines select seat process by using the given below steps:

Online Method

  • First, you must navigate to or dial +1 800-221-1212(OTA, Delta seat selection number).
  • Second, move to the “My Trip” section after mentioning your flight reservation details.
  • Then, you need to select the flight in which you want to select seats.
  • Further, you need to click on the “Seat Selection” option.
  • Finally, you can choose your desired seat from the available seat.

Offline Method 

It is one of the best alternatives to connect with Delta Airlines to select your seat on the flight. You can find the Delta Airlines customer service number (1 (800) 221-1212) in the “Contact us” section on the official site. Then, you need to dial the number from your phone to connect with the customer service team at Delta Airlines.

Further, you must listen & follow the IVR menu to pick your desired seat. Also, if you want additional details on Delta seat selection, it will be the best way for this. Besides, this method will help you to connect with a live person at Delta Airlines. Moreover, you are allowed to call the airline 24/7.

Does Delta Charge to Pick Seats?

Delta Airlines seat selection is free when the traveller selects their desired seat within 24 hours of flight reservation. However, you will have to pay Delta seat selection cost after 24 hours. Similarly, passengers need to pay only $15, which is a one-way seat charge to select seats per passenger. Besides, the seat selection fees may differ as it depends on the ticket fare purchased by the passenger.

Type of Delta Seat Assignment

Delta Airlines offer six types of classes to select seats Basic Economy, Main Cabin, Delta One & First Class, and Premium Select. Besides, you can look at the Delta Airlines seat map for every aircraft of the airline. Furthermore, we have

Basic Economy

Usually, Basic Economy seat selection is not offered by many carriers.

Moreover, Delta Airlines allows its travellers to make a Delta flight seat selection for Basic Economy class.

However, you need to pay a seat selection fee to select your seat in basic economy class.

Main Cabin

Generally, you may get a complimentary seat selection to book your Delta seats in the Main Cabin.

In addition, passengers with Main cabin seats are permitted to upgrade their seats with comfort plus seats.

Moreover, you can also enjoy the various benefits by paying a small charge.

Delta One & First Class

Travelers can make the Delta seat selection for Delta One & first class without paying any charges.

Moreover, they are free to add meals, up to two checked bags, snacks, and priority boarding.

Premium Select

In this cabin, you can book the seats as per your choice for free.

Additionally, this cabin enables you to enjoy large seats that can recline, two checked baggage, and priority boarding.

What Happens If I don’t Purchase a Seat on Delta Airlines?

Suppose a passenger does not make Delta Airlines’ seating selection for their reservation. Then, the airline has reserved the right to assign them a random seat at the time of check-in. However, the airline may assign you any seat, and it is not guaranteed that it is a window or aisle seat. Besides, you will get your seat number at the airport counter when you collect your boarding pass.

Moreover, Delta agents check the seating map and then allocate you a seat available. Consequently, it is advisable to select your seats at the time of flight booking as, this time, the chances are high to get the best seats on the aircraft.

How Much does It Cost to Choose a Seat on Delta?

If you select your seat after a day of your flight purchase, you will need to pay the Delta Airline seat selection cost under any circumstances. Thus, if you start a week before the flight’s planned departure, you must pay a fee of $29 for a single seat.

Although, if you wait until the check-in window opens, it will open a day before the departure of the flight. Then, Delta Airlines allows you to get any seat as per your suitability once the airline supervisor prefers the left seats.

Final Takeaway!

With the above information, you will have every important information related to the Delta Airlines seat selection policy. If you still find any issues in selecting your seat, you can dial the helpline number anytime to take quick assistance from our representative.

Delta Airlines FAQs

What are Delta's seating options?

Passengers with Delta Airlines have five seating options: Basic Economy, Comfort Plus, First Class, Premium Select, and Delta One®.

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