How do I Hold a Flight on Delta?

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Hold a Flight on Delta and Pay Later!

Planning a trip with Delta Airlines, but not sure about it? Yes, then there is no need to worry because Delta Airlines offers a hold reservation facility. One can hold a flight on Delta without taking any extra stress. If any customer is unsure whether he will take the flight or not, then he is permitted to use the hold booking service of Delta Airlines. It is a very beneficial service and is provided for your convenience only. 

With Delta Airlines, you have to pay some extra fee to confirm your booking afterward. You can hold the booking for 24 hours, and it will be fully refundable for you. Delta considers all the expectations of flyers, and therefore, offers this facility. Delta hold flight is a great service that you can use whenever you want. Let’s explore more about this facility. 

What is the Hold Booking Facility of Delta Airlines?

Have you ever heard about the hold reservation service of the airline? No! You must read about this policy to make use of it when needed. Under the hold reservation service, you can hold your booking for 24 hours. It simply means that you are not needed to pay to confirm your booking. 

Just make the booking, and pay after 24 hours. There will be no extra charges for this. You just have to pay $25 as a fee to make your booking. So go ahead, and hold a flight on Delta if you are not sure of your plan. For flexible travelers, it is one of the best options. 

How to Hold Flights on Delta?

Holding your flight on Delta is not a cumbersome procedure because you can do it in some simple steps. You can do it through the official website of the airline or by calling on the airline’s phone number. Both these methods are very simple to use where no additional efforts are needed. Apply the following steps to hold your booking for 24 hours. 

  • You have to be a member of SkyMiles to hold your booking for free. Sign in for the loyalty program if you are not a member or log in with your details. 
  • After that, you need to enter the details to fetch the list of available flight options. There you will find the option of holding a booking. Moreover, you can give a call on the phone number of the airline to purchase flight tickets over the call. 
  • Talk to the airline agent about the hold a flight on Delta
  • Next, go to the “My trips” section to access your current booking details. If you want to cancel your hold booking, then click on the “cancel reservation” option. 
  • To complete your booking after 24 hours, you need to pay $25 as extra ticketing charges. 

Moreover, you are free to connect with the airline experts to hold your booking effortlessly. They are available all the time to provide the relevant help in the hour of need. Get in touch with the officials, and initiate the Hold a Flight on Delta procedure at much ease. 

Reach out to the travel advisors without giving any second thoughts, and remove all your queries. They never deny guiding you.

Terms and conditions on holding a flight reservation on Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines lets you hold a flight reservation for 24 hours and confirm tickets later. Moreover, if you don’t want to fly afterward, you can cancel bookings for no additional fee.

On the other hand, if you confirm a Delta Airlines booking, you have to pay $25. Consequently, it will save you time and gives you flexibility in flying.

Here are a few things which you must remember about the airline’s hold flight policy.

  • You will have two options after putting a flight booking on hold. One is that you can pay the extra fee of $25 to confirm a flight. In contrast, the second option offers you an opportunity to cancel flights.
  • In addition, our SkyMiles members will have permission to hold a flight booking.
  • If you have booked a standard flight, you have 24 hours to hold a specific flight ticket.
  • Passengers who have reserved award flights have three hours to hold a flight reservation.
  • Once your hold time is over, you can cancel the hold flight tickets.
  • Also, you have to submit a non-refundable fare of $25 to hold a flight booking.

How can I hold a Delta Flight Ticket over a Phone Call?

If you are unsure of your travel plans, you can choose to hold a booking and confirm within 24 hours. Moreover, there are online and offline ways to hold a flight, online or offline.

You can follow the below steps to hold a flight reservation over a phone call on Delta Airlines.

  • First, you must launch the airline’s official site and select the “Help Center” section.
  • Second, you will see various helpline numbers at the homepage button.
  • Now, call on the airline’s customer service team and speak with a flight representative.
  • The concerned person will take note of your travel preferences and help you hold a flight reservation for 24 hours.
  • Later, you can choose to confirm or cancel your booking. If you confirm, pay a non-refundable fee of $25; if not, you don’t have to pay the extra charges.
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