How to change a JetBlue flight for free?

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How to Change JetBlue Flights?

Did you know JetBlue is one of the few airlines with zero flight change charges on most of its fares? The JetBlue Change Flight Policy allows you to change a flight for free, with a few exceptions. The passenger would only need to pay the fare difference if any.

Also, the flyers can change their reservation any time before departure to avoid the change flight fee. If you are running late, you can opt for a same-day flight change for a flat fee and not pay any fare difference.

Read below and find out when and how to change a flight on JetBlue.

How to Change JetBlue Flight Online?

All refundable fare tickets and reservations except blue basic tickets are eligible for free changes. Follow the step-by-step method to change jetblue flights online via the website.

  • Visit the official website
  • Further, go to the Manage Trips menu.
  • Also, fill in the last name and confirmation code.
  • Press continue and find your ticket details.
  • Use the rebooking tool to find alternative flights.
  • Also, click change itinerary option.

Follow the rest of the prompts till you arrive at the payments page. Also, you must pay the difference in fare to finalize the changes. Once you’ve paid the amount, you will find details of the new flight on your contact email ID.

How Do I Change My Flight On JetBlue By Phone?

JetBlue Change Flight policy is accessible via the customer service of JetBlue airlines. Even though regional customer service numbers are available, you can dial the global service number for general inquiries and JetBlue flight changes.

  • Dial the JetBlue customer service change flight number 800-538-2583.
  • From the IVR menu, press the necessary key for the flight change.
  • Also, press the number that connects you to an executive.
  • Once connected, provide booking details.
  • Upon eligibility, the executive will inform you of the fare difference.

If you aren’t eligible for a flight modification, you must pay the JetBlue flight change fee, fare difference, and an additional $25 per person fee. You will receive new booking details on your provided email ID.

How Much Does It Cost To Change A Flight Date On JetBlue?

The JetBlue Change Flight fee is chargeable for canceling blue basic and other non-refundable tickets. Refer to this table to know the applicable charges for changing your JetBlue flight.

Fare TypeJetBlue Flight Change Fee
Blue Basic fares (For travel within North America, Central America, or the Caribbean)$100 per person + Fare Difference
Blue Basic fares (For travel on other routes)$200 per person + Fare Difference
Blue, Blue Extra, Blue Plus, and Mint fares$0 before departure + Fare Difference
Same-day confirmed switches$75 fee + $0 fare difference
For Mosaic members or Blue Extra faresNo Fee Whatsoever

To change flight jetblue through customer service, you have to pay $25 additionally on top of all the charges mentioned above. The charge is applicable per person per leg of the journey.

Jetblue Same Day Change Policy & Standby Options

The Same-day switch & standby policy of JetBlue airlines allow you to change your flight on the same calendar day to the same destination. Policy details:

  • A flat same-day jetblue flight changes fee of $75 applies for both standby and same-day switch.
  • Passengers can adjust same-day travel to an earlier or later flight than the original reservation.
  • Also, flyers can choose between nearby airports in the same-city pairs, wherever applicable.
  • Besides, you can opt for same-day jetblue change flights switch from midnight in the time zone of the departing flight.
  • The same-day switch is available on all fare categories. However, Blue Extra does not have a standby facility.

Lastly, the standby and same-day switch are unavailable when multiple flights are not scheduled on that day.

How Can I Change My JetBlue Flight For Free?

Even though changing a JetBlue flight is free on all fares except blue basic, other charges make flight modifications costly on JetBlue airlines. Below, we have mentioned some tricks you can use to save money on changing flights or even changing them for a fee.

  • Cancel Tickets within 24 Hours: Are you unsure about your travel plans? Cancel the ticket immediately within 24 hours instead of changing a JetBlue flight. Even basic fare tickets can cancel and avoid paying the hefty $100-$200 fee on top of fare difference and service fee.
  • Opt For Same-Day Change: The same-day change attracts a $75 flat fee, and no fare difference is applicable. All travel classes can use the facility at the same price. Here, Changing a paid JetBlue reservation is not as beneficial as same-day or standby switches.
  • Buy Travel Insurance: Travel insurances provide cover against change and cancellation fee and other inconveniences during a journey. Changing and canceling a JetBlue reservation comes at no fee with travel insurance.

JetBlue Airways FAQs

Does JetBlue change flights free of?

Yes, it does. You can change a flight on jet blue for any type of airfare except the blue basic category. It is the most restrictive category on JetBlue, and you must pay a cancellation fee of $100 or $200, depending upon the flying route.

How much can JetBlue give you on credit for changing flights?

Travel Flexibility.
JetBlue will offer credits equivalent to the amount you’ve paid to book your flight unless you canceled a blue basic or a non-refundable ticket. It will deduct the change flight fee of $100 or $200 as per travel route and apply a fare difference also.

Does JetBlue let you cancel within 24 hours?

Canceling within 24 hours
Yes, it does. You can avoid changing flight fees and pay a minor fare difference by using the 24-hour risk-free cancellation policy of JetBlue airlines. Cancel your reservation within 24 hours of booking, provided you bought it atleast 7 days before departure, and don’t pay any cancellation fee.

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