Southwest Airlines Senior Citizen Discounts

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How much of a discount do Southwest Airlines Give to Senior Citizens?

Yes, Southwest Airlines offers discounts to Senior citizens. The airline has stopped applying fares on the Senior citizen reservation since December 2019. Moreover, A Southwest Airlines Senior Citizen Discount is a special discounted rate available to senior citizens ( ages 65 and above). The senior citizen discount permits passengers with age of 65 or more to get a fully refundable flight ticket at a fragment of the old fare.

Southwest is a popular airline that always fulfills the needs & requirements of its passengers. Moreover, the airline provides special fares for senior citizens so that they can use their retirement money carefully. In this blog, you will be able to know the procedure to book flights for senior citizens using discounts and more.

What Are Southwest’s Senior Fares?

At Southwest, senior fares are associated with a senior citizen discount Southwest Airlines. Senior Fares apply only to those who are 65 or over in the traveling party. In addition, these discounts provide the cheapest way to book Southwest tickets for senior citizens. If you are willing to avail the fares discounts for seniors, you must choose an alternative option on the official website of Southwest, like getting the latest fare deals.

Here are the Alternatives you will Obtain-

You will acquire refundable fares with anytime fares and options for Business Select. All the discounted fares will provide amazing facilities such as No change fee, Flight credit for canceling for at least up to 12 months, and Bags fly free service, etc. Similarly, you can check your account to know the expiry dates of the same.

An Overview Of Southwest Airlines Senior Citizen Policy

Below are the points that will explain to you the different types of senior citizen policy at Southwest.

  • If the age of the passenger is 65 or more, they will get a Southwest Airline senior citizen discount on their flight reservation.
  • Additionally, the airline also offers refundable fares on the option of Business class seat selection.
  • Similarly, passengers do not need to pay any change fee when they cancel or change their flight at least 365 days before departure.
  • Also, senior citizens are facilitated with flight credit and a bag fly service for free.

Discounts for Senior Citizens At Southwest Airlines

  • Suppose you are a senior citizen and wish to make a direct flight reservation, you need to pay up to USD25 between 9 a.m to 3 p.m.
  • Besides, Southwest Airlines senior citizens need to pay USD29 each way.
  • On the other hand, senior citizens can enjoy a huge discount on phone recharges when they belong to government officers, military officers, and their families.

Age Verification For Senior Citizens At Southwest Airlines 

Passengers who are aged 65 or more need to show valid proof for verifying their age while making a reservation using a senior citizen discount Southwest Airlines. Additionally, when you are trying to make registration on Southwest, you must attach valid id proof. Similarly, it is important to carry your ID-related documents while checking for your baggage. Moreover, senior citizens must show a reliable passport to the airline during check-in or at the security section.

Know About Southwest Senior Fare In Detail

Like other Southwest fares, you can purchase your Southwest Airlines senior citizen discount tickets on to make check-in and acquire your boarding pass online. Moreover, you can also check in at the airport, at self-service kiosks, at the boarding gate, and at airline ticket counters as per the policy.

Furthermore, you can get your boarding pass at your home by ordering it at the Southwest official website or at a self-service kiosk when you are flying as a Senior Citizen and verify your age by showing the documents.

Is There Any Priority For The Senior Citizens At Southwest Airlines? 

No, there is no priority for Southwest Airlines’ senior citizens. However, the airline provides a special service to passengers with disabled, handicapped, ill, or who seek assistance during traveling in the Southwest Airlines.

What Is The Decision On Retiring Southwest Airlines Senior Discount? 

Southwest Airlines senior citizen discount permits passengers who are 65 and older can enjoy a fully refundable fare. For example, a mid-November flight from Las Vegas To Los Angeles costs $513, and the price for senior citizens is $320. Besides, Southwest Airlines provides the lowest Wanna Get Away Points, but those flight tickets will only be refunded to your next travel credit. Compared to others, Southwest offers the best and most accessible senior citizen discounts and provides tickets via the official website.

Besides, if you wish to collect more information regarding Southwest’s senior discount, you are free to connect with Southwest Airlines customer service representatives. In addition, the agent will surely assist you and solve all your queries or doubts within a short time.

Southwest Airlines senior citizen discounts enable passengers who are 65 or older to get the cheapest flight tickets with refundable fares. With the above information, you now know everything about senior citizen discounts. But if you still have any queries or doubts, you can connect with our experts at Bookaflightdeals. Feel free to get in touch with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the senior discount Age for Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines senior citizen discounts are available for only those passengers who are aged 65 or over. Moreover, the discounted fare provides the cheapest fare to senior citizens to meet their needs & requirements.

Do seniors get a discount on airline tickets?

Yes, Seniors get a discount of 10 percent off of the complete fare costs of a flight, with the age eligibility from 50 – 65. While 10 percent off may seem good, the primary savings may be skewed by ever-rising flight ticket prices.

What age is considered senior for Airlines?

At Southwest Airlines, the age of 65 or older is classified as a senior citizen. Therefore, passengers of this age group are able to enjoy the senior discounts at Southwest.

How much does Southwest charge for over 50?

Southwest Airlines charge $75 per item, each way for each additional bag or an oversized bag. Moreover, the airline has baggage embargoes in place from specified countries – extra checked baggage, overweight, and restrictions on oversized.

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