Spirit Airlines Pet Policy

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Spirit Airlines Pet Policy & Travel

Yes, passengers are allowed to travel with their pets on Spirit Airlines. The airline understands the requirements of its passengers. However, the airline has set down some rules & regulations for Spirit Airlines pet policy that you need to follow if you want to move to another place with your pet.

Moreover, pets are allowed to travel in the flight and need to remain inside their carrier during the flight as per Spirit’s pet policy. Besides, pets are permitted inside the cabin, and the total weight of the carrier and the animal cannot be more than 40 lbs.

Further, Spirit Airlines allows small cats, household birds, domestic dogs, and small domestic rabbits on the flight. Moreover, birds are not allowed to and from the cities situated in Puerto Rico or the U.S.V.I. In this web page, we will highlight some basic terms to get a better understanding of pet policy.

Spirit Airlines Pet Policy

The airline introduced a Spirit Airlines pet policy 2022 to keep taking care of the needs & requirements of its travelers. With this, you can move from one place to another with your pet. But you need to follow the guidelines the airline made for the pet policy:

  • Passengers do not need to show a health certificate for their pet traveling with you in the cabin, except for guests who are traveling to U.S.V.I.
  • Moreover, the airline requires a rabies vaccination certificate for your pet traveling with passengers on the flight to Puerto Rico.
  • However, the airline does not allow spiders, rodents, snacks, etc., on the flight.
  • Your animal can stand upright and move easily in the container.
  • Further, animals will be in the flight for the time duration of the flight, and your pet should be eight weeks old and fully weaned.
  • If your pet makes a noise or high sound before the flight’s departure, the airline will remove it immediately.
  • In addition, if you are traveling with your pet, you can sit anywhere except the first row and emergency exit row.
  • Ensure that the combined weight of the carrier and pet should not exceed 40 pounds (18/14kg.
  • Besides, Spirit Airlines permits pets such as dogs, cats, and small birds on the aircraft within the United States if the all-over combined weight of the carrier and pet is not more than the permitted weight.
  • Similarly, Spirit’s pet policy allows for two pets as there is a big room and a single pet carrier per paying adult passenger.
  • With the allowance of service dogs, Spirit Airlines does not permit pet animals on international flights.

Booking Your Pet On A Spirit Airlines flight

According to the Spirit Airlines pet guidelines, the airline charges a fee of $125 for one-way to carry a pet with you on the flight. In addition, the airline charges $110 per pet container on every flight. However, reserving a spot for your pet is advisable as the airline allows more than six pets on a particular flight.

Further, if you are traveling with your pet, you must visit the ticket counter at the airport during check-in. Afterward, you will meet with an airline representative, and you will make a request to them to approve you and your pet for travel on the flight.

Spirit Airlines’ pet Carrier Requirements

If you are traveling on Spirit Airlines, you must have two similar pets so that they can fit in one pet carrier. Moreover, the carrier must be big enough to permit the pets to turn and stand around. However, Spirit Airlines accepts small pets (domestic cats, dogs, and small household birds) for traveling in the customer cabin by paying the Spirit Airlines pet policy cost.

In addition, you must place the carrier in the seat in front of you. Also, you can keep it with you during the whole flight. Additionally, the allowed combined weight of the flight and pet should be 40 pounds. Also, your pet will count as a personal item on the flight due to Spirit Airlines’ baggage policy. Consequently, you can take a personal item without paying any additional charges. However, you are allowed to the carry-on item by paying a fee in addition to your pet carrier.

Does Spirit Airline Allow Dogs?

Yes, Spirit Airlines allows small pets such as domestic cats, domestic dogs, and household birds to travel in the cabin. However, the airline does not allow spiders, rodents, snakes, etc. Besides, these pets can only travel to and from the cities in Puerto Rico or the U.S.V.I. Consequently, it is advisable to read the pet policy of Spirit Airlines carefully before traveling with your pet.

Final Words!

With the above information, you will have a basic knowledge of Spirit Airlines pet policy. After that, if you still have any concerns or queries. Then, you can dial our toll-free number to get the best assistance quickly from our professionals.

Spirit Airlines FAQs

How do I add a pet to my flight?

If you wish to add a pet to your flight. Then, you must contact the ticket counter’s airline representative 48 hours before departure.

Do pets need papers to fly?

Yes, if you are traveling with your pet. Then, you must have the rabies vaccination certificate of your pet to allow them to travel with you.

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