United Airlines Name Change Policy

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United Airlines Name Change Policy

Did you make any mistake while entering your name in the United Airlines flight booking? Well. You don’t need to worry if you did because United airlines name change policy allows the passengers to rectify their mistakes easily. The airlines permit their passengers to make corrections because unless the name does not match the name on the government-issued photo ID or passport, United Airlines cannot allow the passenger to board the flight due to security reasons.

Go through the following details if you want to learn the correct process of changing United Airlines’ name.

Minor Name Changes On United Airlines

According to the united airlines change name on ticket guidelines, the passengers do not need to present certain documentation in the following situations. If:

  • customer wants to change the passenger’s name’s spelling
  • spelling of the passenger’s last is not mentioned correctly.
  • passenger wants to change the name to nickname or nickname to name.
  • passenger wants to remove or add an initial or a middle name.
  • there is a need to make alterations in the passenger’s last or first name.

So all these were some of the minor changes that a passenger would want to make. Now let’s look into some of the major and significant changes that any passenger might require. Here are the details.

Major Name Changes On United Airlines

Aside from the circumstances mentioned above, you may be required to supply legal or supporting papers in order to complete the name change procedure. The following are the requirements:

  • Divorce order
  • Marriage certificate
  • Documentation for a legal name change
  • Identification from the government that includes both your previous and present names.

Passengers Need to Keep in Mind the Following Criteria If they want to Make Name Corrections on their United Airlines Ticket:

  • Passengers can only once apply for name correction.
  • In the case of a code-share or interline agreement flight, United Airlines will only be able to correct the name on the United portion.
  • United Airlines must operate the flights.
  • The inventory of tickets must begin with the number 016.
  • The corrected name on the United airlines flight ticket must match exactly to any of the government-issued photo IDs.
  • The airline charges the name change fee if any extra alteration is made other than the name correction. 
  • United Airlines does not allow the passengers to make any change in the time, date, classes, or fare type.
  • United Airlines name change does not allow the passengers to change their gender or date of birth. However, if there is a minor mistake in the date of birth, then the passengers can modify it.

United Airlines Name Change Fee:

United Airlines charges 75 USD if the passenger asks for name correction and if they do so within 24 hours of confirming the tickets.

In addition to the above point, the airlines allow the passengers for name change up to 2 hours before their flight’s departure time. And for this, United Airlines charges 200 USD. 

How Can I Change Name On United Airlines Ticket?

If you don’t have any idea about how do I change my name on a united airlines flight, you need to change the name of the flight ticket, and then follow the given proceedings.

Passengers can make the name correction or name change on the flights either by visiting the official website of United Airlines or by going to their Mileage Plus account. For some significant and major changes, you will be required to upload the necessary documents.

Follow these steps:

  • Visit the United Airlines official website.
  • You can find your trip via the ‘My Trips’ tab
  • Give your last name and the confirmation number. 
  • Now, you can access your bookings.
  • Then, you can modify the name as required and allowed by the airlines.
  • When you make major changes, the airlines charge some amount as United Airlines name change fee.  So you might need to make a payment before saving the updates.
  • Once the airline accepts all the saved updates, they send an email to your registered mail ID confirming all the updates.

However, every passenger must fill in all the details carefully while United Airlines Book a Flight procedure. But United Airlines offers certain facilities and flexibilities to their passengers.

United Airlines FAQs

For the United Airlines Flight, How can I Alter My Name?

Passengers can seek a name correction from United Airlines by visiting united.com or phoning +1-860-498-9674. The names should be modified up to two hours ahead of the scheduled flight, according to United Airlines rules.

Is It Possible to Change the Name on an International United Airlines Ticket?

Regardless of the travel class, pricing type, or trip type selected, traveler characters are required to have traveler characters can amend their names under United Airlines’ name correction policy. According to United Airlines rules, you should have to correct the words up to two hours ahead of the scheduled flight.

Does United Airlines Charge any Amount to the Name Change?

Passengers can request a change with United Airlines up to 2 hours before the scheduled departure time for USD 200 per passenger each way, plus any applicable fare difference.

If the reservation is made within 24 hours of purchase, a fee of USD 75 plus the applicable fare difference will be charged for each trip.

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