Bulgaria Air Cancellation Policy

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Bulgaria Air Cancellation Policy and Procedure

Passengers canceling flight tickets with Bulgaria Air is a hassle-free process. So if you have booked your tickets with Bulgaria Air, you just don’t need to worry. The airline charges a certain amount as a cancellation fee, as per Bulgaria Air Cancellation Policy. So every passenger needs to go through the cancellation policy.

Bulgaria Air Cancellation Policy:

Try and understand each of the clauses of the Bulgaria Air Cancellation Policy. 

  • To cancel the ticket, you need to initiate the process through the airline’s official website or through any other authentic site. Otherwise, you won’t get any refund.
  • If you have involved any third-party agent for your flight bookings, the airline does not accept the cancellation.
  • The airline charges some extra amount, in addition to the cancellation fee, if the passenger chooses the offline cancellation process.
  • The airline does not charge any cancellation fee if the reason for cancellation is one of the following:
  1. Government orders
  2. Bad weather
  3. Operational failures.

Note: don’t forget to contact the airline in such cases, as this depends upon the airline.

  • If you cancel the ticket within the active span of cancellation, you are allowed to do so for free, and the airline will charge a single penny in such a case.

Bulgaria Air Cancellation Fees

As mentioned above, the customers are asked to pay the cancellation fee if they have failed to cancel the ticket within the risk-free period. Two things on which the airline decides the cancellation fee are: the routes and the fare types.

Here are the conditions under which you need to pay or not the cancellation fee:

  • If the airline cancels the flight itself, you will not be required to pay the cancellation fee.
  • Passengers failing to board the plane because of any reason will be given no payment reversal. 
  • If any passenger is canceling the flight ticket, the airline does not accept the cancellation when only 30 minutes or less is left for the flight departure; the airline demands the full amount of ticket fare as a cancellation fee.
  • The airline will charge the full ticket price as a cancellation fee on tickets purchased outside the authorized channels. You must contact a third-party agency directly if you bought your tickets through them.

Methods for Cancelling Bulgaria Air Ticket

You can seek cancellation of the Bulgaria Airlines Ticket cancellation using a lot of methods:

Online Bulgaria Air Flight Cancellation

  • Go to the official website of the webpage.
  • Using your password and the username, start the authentication process with the airline
  • Head to the  ‘Manage Booking’ section of the page
  • Fill in the details of the required fields, such as the passengers’ last name and the flight booking number.
  • Select the trip that you need to cancel
  • Then, a form would appear asking for details such as your name, the reason for cancellation, passport ID, the departure date, and several other information. Please enter the details carefully.
  • Once you have revised all the inputs you filled in, submit the form. 
  • The airline initiates the refund process itself.
  • Also, you won’t be asked to pay any cancellation fee at the time of cancellation. Because the airline deducts the cancellation amount from the ticket fare itself.

Bulgaria Air Cancel Ticket Offline

Now, when it comes to the offline cancellation method, passengers have two options in their hands. One is that ticket termination can be done via call, and the other is that you can cancel the ticket by visiting the airport. 

Canceling the Ticket via Call

  • Call on Bulgaria Air Cancelled Flights Phone Number  at +1-888-978-0366
  • Share the required details with the representative of the airline.
  • The representative will find the desired trip that needs to be canceled.
  • Then, they will fill the cancellation form for you.
  • You will be asked to share the following details so that the person can fill the cancellation form:
  1. Types of cabin class
  2. Reason of cancellation
  3. Departure date
  4. Passport ID 
  5. And some other required fields.
  • Don’t forget to request the agent to go through the form once form so that none of the details are wrongly filled.
  • Once done, the person will initiate the refund process. 
  • You may be asked to pay the cancellation fee as they are deducted from the ticket fare directly.
  • Finally, you will receive the confirmation email on the refund value.

Bulgaria Air Refund Policy

Before initiating the refund for the canceled ticket, the airline follows certain standards as mentioned in the  Bulgaria Air Refund Policy.

They are:

  • Passengers will not get any refund if they request it when the flight has departed.
  • If any passenger has booked any ticket from an unofficial channel and now wants to cancel, no refund will be paid back to them. In such cases, the airline takes away all the ticket fares as a cancellation fee.

Bulgaria Air Reimbursement and Compensation

The airline offers the following compensation in some special cases:

  • They give the full refund if they cancel the scheduled flight.
  • They give up to 600 EURO, solely depending on the fare types if the flight is delayed.
  • Hotel accommodations and transportation between the hotel and the airports are available (solely depending on the airline).

Bulgaria Air Cancellation FAQs

Can I Cancel my Bulgaria Air Flight Ticket?
One can cancel a flight within a day, that is, 24 hours of purchase, according to Bulgaria Air’s 24-hour cancellation policy. If you book your Bulgaria Air flight a week or more before the departure date, Bulgaria Air will give you a full refund of your ticket price.
What does Bulgaria Air offer as Compensation When the flight is Canceled?
Bulgaria Air is required by EU legislation to pay the customers up to €600 per person when they cancel flights with a short period of notification– that is, less than 14 days before the aircraft is scheduled to depart.
How long does Bulgaria Air take to Process the Refund?
The traveler will be paid within two business weeks, according to Bulgaria Air’s refund policy. The refund amount will be credited to the same account as the original transaction.
How will I come to know Whether my flight is Refundable?
To see if a Bulgaria Air ticket is refundable, go to http://www.air.bg/, enter the ticket or document number, and Bulgaria Air will show refund eligibility and information. Even if the ticket is non-refundable, passengers can change their plans and apply the ticket’s cost to a future Bulgaria Air journey.
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