Air Transat Seat Selection Policy

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Air Transat Seat Selection Policy, Fees, and Process

Have you booked a seat assignment on Air Transat? If not, get to know about the Air Transat seat selection guidelines and choose the best seats.

Air Transat is a Canadian airline and it is based in Montreal. Moreover, the airline became the third-largest airline serving scheduled and charter flights. Passengers can choose seats of choice for more comfort when booking tickets or during flight check-in. Moreover, the Air Transat seat selection process allows you to upgrade already booked seats to more comfortable seats.

Rules and Regulations Regarding Making a Seat Reservation on Air Transat

The seat selection is available for all domestic and international flights. Moreover, the seats are available for booking at the time of ticket purchase and flight check-in. However, you should make the final payment in advance using your credit or debit card and choose the desired seats.

Here are the things you must know about the airline’s seat selection process on Air Transat.

  • Passengers can select seats of choice on the airline up to 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure.
  • Moreover, call the airline’s customer service team to book flights and check the seat availability on the plane.
  • Seat assignments are also available 75 minutes before departure.
  • In addition, you can download the airline’s free mobile app to navigate the best seats and book accordingly.
  • The airline gives no refunds for flight reservations when you cancel the early seat assignment.
  • To upgrade seats, move to the manage booking page; select the “Seat Upgrade” option; choose more spacious and comfortable seats.

What are the Charges for Air Transat Seats Selection?

The Air Transat seat selection charges are not included in the booking fare. Moreover, one has to pay an additional fee for choosing seats in advance. Seat assignments are available for purchase when making flight reservations or doing flight check-in. However, if you don’t select a seat, the airline will assign a seat that may not guarantee seats in the same row or cabin.

Here is a seat fee structure on Air Transat

For flights flying within Canada

  1. Standard seats – $10
  2. Two-by-two seats – $10
  3. More legroom seats – $25

Flights operating to the USA, Caribbean, and Central/South America

  1. Standard seats – $25
  2. Two-by-two seats – $40
  3. More legroom seats – $50

Flights to Europe and the Middle East

  1. Standard seats – $30
  2. More legroom seats – $45
  3. Two-by-two seats – $80

Make sure that you choose seats by checking in at least 75 minutes before the scheduled flight departure. However, if you don’t check in on time, the airline will not initiate a refund of the booked seats on the plane.

How to Make a Seat Reservation Online on Air Transat?

You can make an Air Transat advance seat selection online within a few clicks. Moreover, follow the below steps and get the best seat for your upcoming trip.

  • First, browse the airline’s official site or log into your account.
  • Second, click on the “My Trips” section.
  • Enter your last name and flight ticket reference code.
  • Now click on the “Seat Selection” button.
  • After that, you will see the available flights; choose seats that best meet your interests.
  • Once you have confirmed the seats, after that pay for preferred seats online.

However, when Air Transat seat selection is not available online, feel free to connect with an executive at +1 (877) 872-6728.

What are club seats on Air Transat?

Club seats come with premium facilities, including extra space, complimentary snacks, and beverages. Moreover, the seats are located on the front side of an aircraft in the Economy class.

While sitting on a Club class seat, sit back and relax in a high-class cabin featuring wide seats and comfortable seats. Moreover, you can travel carrying two pieces of checked baggage and priority services at the airport.

What are the benefits of booking club class seats on Air Transat?

You can enjoy several benefits by reserving a club class seat on Air Transat. Let’s have a look at some of them.

  • Get a more flexible seat selection service as compared to regular flyers. Club seats will allow you to sit in the front seats of the aircraft.
  • Moreover, get access to priority services, and you can enjoy them on a priority basis.
  • Additionally, these seats will give you a special meal, depending on your route and flight length.
  • Club seats feature a great entertainment system, including noise cancellation headphones, free Wi-Fi, a large screen TV, and magazines.
  • These seats are attached with USB ports to charge all the electrical devices.
  • Moreover, you can get more legroom than a standard seat along with fixed armrests.
  • One can choose a seat assignment up to 24 hours before flying at $27.

How do I upgrade my Basic Economy seat to a Business class seat on Air Transat?

Flyers can upgrade a Basic Economy ticket to a Business class seat and enjoy more space and flexibility to stretch out legs. Moreover, upgrading to an upper class will require you to go through a few steps online.

Besides, you can talk to a live person over a phone call and request them to upgrade your booking. Dial 514-636-3630 or 1-877-TRANSAT (872-6728) to avail the phone call service and request an upgrade.

Here are the steps that you can follow when making upgrades online on Air Transat.

  • First, open the airline’s official site and move to the manage booking section.
  • Second, fill in your flight details and proceed to upgrade your ticket to an upper class.
  • Now, you can pay the amount and receive the confirmation mail to the registered email address.

Is it worth it to upgrade your seats to club class seats on Air Transat?

You can wish to upgrade your existing class to a club class to enjoy premium services, especially flying on long-haul flights. Moreover, these seats feature a complimentary meal and personalized services for extra comfort and safety.

The club class seats will make your journey smooth and worth the money. However, you may choose the regular seats when flying on a short-haul flight.

Elite members may redeem miles to upgrade a Basic Economy flight ticket to a club class seat for free. Besides, they can also use the points to book an award flight to the desired location for the upcoming trip.

Contact Air Transat Customer Service Team for Seat Purchase

Passengers can easily get in touch with the airline’s customer service team by dialing +1 (877) 872-6728. Moreover, the service is 24/7 available for customers flying in any travel class. You can request them to make an Air Transat advance seat selection when booking flight tickets for the trip.

Air Transat FAQs

How do I book Air Transat club class seats?

Passengers can choose to fly in Club class and get access to complimentary seat reservations onboard. Moreover, the Space upfront is limited, so it would be great to consider Air Transat select seats in advance. You will have 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure. Furthermore, the airline will invite you to select and confirm seats online, by mail, or through a call.

Do I have to pay for seats on Air Transat?

The seat selection price is not included in your flight booking fare on Air Transat. Moreover, you can choose preferred seats at an additional cost at the time of ticket purchase and flight check-in. Additionally, the seat charges start from $25 and take up to $100 depending on the seat type and travel class. You can select the best seats during check-in an hour before the scheduled flight departure.

What are the types of seats on Air Transat?

Air Transat features four types of seats on the flights. It includes standard, two-by-two, front cabin, and extra-legroom seats. Moreover, one can make an Air Transat seat selection before departure and book the most comfortable and spacious seats. The seat reservation varies with the cabin type, from Economy class and Club class.

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