Air New Zealand Seat Selection

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Air New Zealand Seat Selection Policy details: Seatselect on Air NZ

Selecting a preferred seat in advance ensures you a safe and comfortable journey till you reach the final destination. When flying on Air New Zealand and willing to choose seats, learn the Air New Zealand seat selection process guidelines.

Air New Zealand Limited is the flag carrier of New Zealand and is based in Auckland. Moreover, the airline operates flights within 20 domestic destinations in 20 countries, primarily around the Pacific Rim. Air New Zealand has been a member of the Star Alliance.

Most importantly, the flight reservation team helps customers to select a seat of choice at least 30 minutes before departure. The Air New Zealand seat selection is made when purchasing flight tickets or during check-in. Moreover, the process will ensure more space and a better seat location on the plane.

What are the Ways to Select the Desired Seat on Air New Zealand?

There are various ways to make an Air New Zealand advance seat selection, including online or through a phone call. Moreover, if you want to choose seats of your choice, you can go to the manage booking page on the airline’s official site. Otherwise, call Air New Zealand customer service number +1 (800) 262-1234, connect with an executive, and seek assistance when booking seats.

Different Types of Seats on Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand features four types of seats on Air New Zealand for passengers. The seats allow maximum comfort, safety, and extra legroom. Moreover, if you have made a flight reservation, you can either pick seats when booking tickets or during check-in.

  • Standard Seats – The tickets of Elite, Elite Partner, and Gold members include the fares of standard seat selection in advance. Moreover, you can select seats in advance when making flight reservations up to 24 hours before departure. However, if you don’t choose seats before boarding flights, the airline will assign you seats at the time of check-in.
  • Preferred Seats – The Air New Zealand select seats of choice are available for purchase in the desired location of the plane. Moreover, the seats give you priority boarding options, including extra legroom, stretching out, and other airfare services.
  • Exit Row – Passengers can book exit row seats and get access to more legroom, priority perks, extra space, and more features. However, before you confirm the seat, you have to follow the restrictions during the trip. Also, you must check your eligibility to select exit row seats and book seats accordingly.
  • Bassinet Row Seat – Bassinet seats are specially designed for passengers flying with a minor. Moreover, the seats feature bassinet rows, larger seats, and extra legroom. According to the Air New Zealand seats selection policy, choose a bassinet row seat when traveling to any location with an infant of 8 months.

How Much are the fees for the Air New Zealand Seats selection?

Passengers have to pay an extra fee to make an Air New Zealand seat selection of choice. Moreover, the ticket fare does not include the seat price. You can choose the preferred seats at the time of the flight reservation and check-in. However, if you don’t choose seats, the team will randomly assign the seats from the available seats on the plane. The seats will be free, but it will not assure seats in the same row.

The Air New Zealand advance seat selection fee varies with domestic, long-haul flights, and Tasman and Pacific Islands flights.

Domestic Flights

  • Suppose you have a seat and seat plus bag. In that case, choose the standard seats for $5, the desired seats, and exit row seats for $10.
  • If you have purchased Flexi Plus and FlexiTime, the airline will give you standard seats for free. On the other hand, pay $10 to book an exit row seat for your upcoming trip.

Seats for flights to Tasman and Pacific Islands

  • Passengers with Economy and Premium Economy fares can book standard seats for free.
  • Moreover, pay $10 for the preferred seats in the Economy class and $20 for the Premium Economy class.
  • The airline charges an additional fee of $10 for booking Bassinet seats in the Economy and Premium Economy class.

Long Haul International Flights

  • The standard seat fare is $20, $50 for preferred seats, $25 for Bassinet Row, and $105 for exit row seats. Moreover, the seats are applicable for the Economy sweet deals and value fares.
  • Additionally, the standard seat is free for both flexible and Economy fares. However, when you select preferred seats, exit row and a Bassinet row seat, pay $50, $105, and $25, respectively.

However, if Air New Zealand Air New Zealand seat selection is not available online, Get in touch with an executive for quick help at +1 (800) 262-1234. The helpline number is on the Air New Zealand official website under the “Contact Us” section.

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