How to Make Upgrades in Sun Country Airlines?

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Do you want to get access to luxurious air travel services by making flight ticket upgrades? If yes, connect with a flight representative at 651-905-2737 and request Sun Country Seats Upgrade to a first-class.

Sun Country provides high-quality services and an amazing facility to upgrade your class and seats to an upper class. Moreover, passengers can apply for an upgrade through online or offline mode and enjoy maximum comfort and safety.

Passengers can avail Sun Country first-class upgrade service by paying an additional fee at least 24 hours before departure. However, one must check the eligibility to upgrade seats to the first class on all flight bookings.

Key Highlights on Sun Country Seat Upgrade

If you are unaware, Sun Country offers an upgrade service to passengers on their current flight booking. However, there are certain things you must know while making a seat upgrade.

  • Sun Country features Economy seats on all the aircraft. The Economy Cabin comes in three different types: Best, Standard, and Exit Row.
  • In addition, the cabin provides more comfort, legroom space, in-flight entertainment, and an electrical power outlet. You will also get a flight check-in and boarding facility.
  • The seat upgrade is available at least 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure.
  • Moreover, not all flight reservations are not valid for a seat upgrade. Therefore, one must check the eligibility in advance to avoid unnecessary inconvenience.
  • Passengers have to pay an additional fare for a Sun country seat upgrade.

How to Apply for Sun Country Upgrade Seats?

Seat upgrades offer you more flexibility and extra legroom so that you can stretch out your legs easily. But if you are thinking about how do I apply for Sun country upgrade seats, follow the below steps.

Flyers can request Sun country upgrade seat service by calling 651-905-2737 and speaking with an executive. Call the team for more information.

  • First, visit the Sun Country official site on your web browser.
  • Second, go to the “Manage Booking” section.
  • Then, provide your trip details like last name and flight reference code to retrieve your reservations.
  • Now, you can apply for a seat upgrade by hitting the “Seat Upgrade” button.
  • Check the available seats and choose the best ones for your travel.
  • Once you have upgraded your seats, pay the extra charges.
  • Finally, you will receive a seat upgrade confirmation mail from the flight booking team.

How to Make a Sun Country Seat Upgrade over a Phone Call?

Are you still considering how to make a Sun country seat upgrade? Then, you may call on 651-905-2737 and request a seat upgrade over a phone call.

You may go through the following steps to make a seat upgrade on Sun Country Airlines.

  • Dial 651-905-2737 to avail the Sun country seat upgrade facility and book aircraft seats to a higher travel class.
  • Passengers must note that the ideal time to reach out to an executive is from 07:00 to 23:00 hours throughout the week.
  • When you call on the airline’s helpline number, you will hear the instructions from the IVR menu.
  • Next, select the seat upgrade option based on your trip type.
  • Once the call is connected, select the next option and connect with a flight representative.
  • They will ask you for your flight details and tell you about the eligibility criteria and other important information.
  • The concerned person will assign you a new seat based on your requirements and the seat’s availability on the plane.
  • After upgrading your existing seats, the team will ask you to pay an additional fee.

How Much to Upgrade to First-class on Sun Country?

You can find out how much to upgrade to first class on Sun Country and make seat reservations accordingly. Let’s have a look.

  • As per the airline’s seat upgrade policy, Ufly Rewards Elite members don’t have to pay an extra fee for Sun Country upgrades.
  • Moreover, the new seat selection fees range between $2 and $35 based on flight length and type of seats.
  • You can upgrade your seats to a more comfortable and reclining seat by submitting a seat upgrade fee.
  • In addition, you can get a window or aisle seat by going through the online procedure or the phone call.

Can you make Flight Upgrades at the Airport in Sun Country?

You can make flight upgrades at your convenience any time before taking the flight. So, if you cannot make upgrades online or via phone call, visit your nearby airport. Furthermore, you can directly request the executive to make changes like a seat upgrade and book a more comfortable seat.

  • You must go to the ticket counter at the airport or the help desk and request the member for upgrades. Moreover, the representative will ask for your choice of seat and book accordingly.
  • The team will ask you to provide ID proof and complete the seat upgrade process.
  • If you are a frequent flyer member, you don’t have to pay the additional fee to make a seat upgrade. But if not, the airline will ask you the seat upgrade charges based on your seat type.

Does Sun Country allow upgrading seats to Premium Economy class seats?

Sun Country offers to upgrade seats from Basic Economy to Premium Economy cabin. Moreover, the airline will ensure to meet your travel requirements and provide complete comfort till you reach the final destination.

In addition, the upgraded seats will recline up to 150% more than the economy cabin class. You will get extra space to stretch your legs and store baggage without any inconvenience.

  • While you upgrade, you can get access to premium seats, Wi-Fi, AC outlets, and great entertainment facilities.
  • Flyers can also enjoy priority flight boarding and easy check-in.
  • Moreover, the airline will give complimentary food and beverages when you upgrade your seats.

Join the Sun Country loyalty program to make free upgrades

You can join the Ufly reward program of Sun Country and redeem miles to make seat upgrades for free. Moreover, anyone can join the membership for free and enjoy free airfare services.

  • If you are an Elite member and wish to make seat upgrades, use your miles and customize your bookings seamlessly.
  • Moreover, you can log into your account, check the number of miles, and make changes accordingly.
  • Make sure the miles expire after 36 months of no activity, and you cannot reactivate your expired points.
  • When you upgrade, you can earn ten points after spending a dollar on air travel and flight changes. Also, upgrades to first-class on points are 40% extra, which is much more affordable than other airlines.
  • Besides using your miles, buy a credit card and use the value to make seat upgrades for your favorite seats.

Sun Country Airlines FAQs

Can you upgrade seats on Sun Country Airlines?

Yes, Sun Country provides a seat upgrade facility to the passengers, and they can choose seats in first class. Moreover, depending on travel requirements and seat upgrade eligibility, one can avail the service online or offline.

Can you ask for a seat upgrade at the airport?

Passengers can also request Sun Country upgrades for a current flight reservation at the airport. Moreover, when you visit the airport counter or the help desk, speak with the staff to get a seat upgrade. After that, provide your trip details along with your ID proof and complete the seat selection procedure.

Does Sun Country offer free flight upgrades?

Passengers who have confirmed bookings at Sun Country and are Elite members can make complimentary ticket upgrades. However, free upgrades are limited to certain flight services, including seat upgrades or priority check-in.

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