How To Use A Delta eCredit?

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How To Use A Delta Airlines eCredit?

When you make a flight reservation with Delta and cancel your flight due to any reason, the airline gives you a refund in the same medium. However, the airline sometimes does not give you a refund, but they provide Delta Airlines eCredit to passengers in the form of a refund. eCredits are a fixed monetary amount that can be used for flight payment for the value of a Delta flight ticket and any liable taxes or fees.
Further, suppose you revoke a non-refundable flight ticket with Delta Airlines. In that case, you can transfer the value after cutting the flight cancellation fee to your account in the mean of ecredits. If you want to know the process of redeeming these eCredits, you must go through the information below carefully.

What Is Delta eCredit?

eCredits is a type of wallet option of Delta Airlines that permits you to manage, collect, organize, and use all of your earned points which you earn at the time of flight reservation. Besides, it is a value that the airline credits to passengers who have purchased non-refundable flight tickets.
Further, passengers with Delta Airlines can redeem eCredit for their next flight reservation and other government taxes. Additionally, delta eCredits includes eGifts, Credit vouchers for transformation, compensation for denied boarding, etc.
Passengers are allowed to use three eCredits for their flight booking in the future. On the other hand, they can also use three credits to cancel their flight reservation on Delta Airlines.

How Do I Redeem eCredit?

With Delta Airlines, SkyMiles is a frequent flyer program. Passengers who travel with Delta can associate with this program that offers them free flights and is redeemable. If you wish to redeem your Delta Airline eCredit, then it depends on whether you are a member of SkyMiles or not.
Moreover, if you have a membership of SkyMiles on Delta Airlines, you need to log in to your SkyMiles account. Then, you will be able to find the available vouchers, eCredits, and free flights. However, if you want to find your eCredits, then you should have the following:

• Your SkyMiles account number
• Total number of your Delta Airlines ticket
• The credit card you used to make your flight reservation

Steps To Redeem Delta eCredits

• Firstly, you need to head to Delta Airlines’ official website or log in to your SkyMiles account.
• Secondly, you must choose the “Redeem” page.
• Then, just mention your flight ticket number.
• You must click “What is my eCredit or certificate.”
• Further, you will have a new page having your certificates and eCredits.
• Next, choose the “eCredit” option and again choose the “continue” option.
• Afterward, you will redirect to the flight booking page.
• Again, enter the required details in the given space and click on the “Submit” tab.
• Then, the value of your eCredit Delta will be automatically applied to the flight prices.
• Lastly, you need to wait to get a confirmation email from the airline to your registered email in which you will get every detail of your flight booking.

Note: The other way to redeem the value of your Delta eCredit is by making a flight booking as you normally would from the official website. Moreover, changed flights get an eCredit that can use for future travel with Delta Airlines if you change your Delta flight to a different destination or date.

How Can I Use My Delta eCredits For Someone Else?

According to Delta Airlines policy, passengers cannot transfer eCredits to someone else. However, passengers can redeem the value of their eCredit for the flight reservation of other passengers. Similarly, eCredits belonging to the real passenger are not related to travel with another person who uses the Delta eCredit.

How Do I Get a Refund From Delta eCredit?

Suppose the passengers revoke their flight reservation after 24 hours of the flight booking and have purchased non-refundable flight tickets. Then, the airline provides them with Delta flight eCredit after deducting the flight cancellation charges from the value of their flight ticket.

How Long are Delta eCredits Used?

Passengers are able to use their eCredits for one year as the airline will expire the validity of their eCredit after one year from the issuing date. After that, you will not be able to redeem them for your flight booking.

How To Get a Refund for Delta eCredits?

Passengers will only get the Delta Airlines eCredit refund if they rescind their flight booking after 24 hours of the purchase. However, it is impossible if you wish to get a full refund in place of eCredits. Moreover, if you wish to acquire a complete refund on flight cancellation, you must purchase a refundable flight ticket and cancel it within 24 hours of the booking.

But, if your flight will delay or cancel by the airline, you will get Delta eCredits or travel vouchers with a specified validity. Also, you can make a request for a refund. In addition, passengers need to follow the given below steps:

• First, go to the official site of Delta Airlines.
• Then, you must find the “Refund Form.”
• Now, you can go to google and search for “Delta Refund Form.”
• Next, you will redirect to a new page with the “Cancel and refund Form.”
• Further, you have to enter all the required information associated with your Delta eCredit.
• Again, you need to fill out some personal details of passengers.
• Afterward, you must choose the “Submit” option.
• Finally, you will have to wait to receive a confirmation email related to your Delta eCredit refund request.


Hopefully, the above blog will be helpful to you and solve all your queries related to Delta Airlines eCredit. However, if you still face any issues or want to get more information. Then, you can dial our toll-free number 24/7 to get instant assistance.

Delta Airlines FAQs

What happens with unused Delta eCredits?

If you will encounter that your eCredit will not redeemable, dial Delta Airlines phone number at 800-221-1212 to apply for an unused Delta eCredit for a new booking.

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