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Philippine Airlines Manage Your Booking

In addition to being a beautiful nation, the Philippines attracts many tourists from across the world. For flights to and from the Philippines, you may use the services of Philippines Airlines to book flights. Many individuals coming to the Philippines for the first time don’t know how to book a flight; therefore, this blog is a great resource. It’s easy to book flight reservations using the Philippine airlines manage booking option even if you’re a newcomer.  Scroll Down to know more. 

About Philippine Airlines 

As the first airline in Asia, Philippine Airlines laid the foundation for the Philippines’ rapid expansion. Due to its extensive daily schedule, low fares, and simple online purchase of plane tickets, Philippine Carriers has established itself as one of the world’s leading airlines. The airline is proud of its contemporary fleet and extensive network, including 31 international destinations and 29 domestic ones.


When it comes to quality of service, this airline stands out among other airlines in the aviation sector. Philippine Airlines created the ‘Call for Excellence’ in order to better serve passengers. This is one of the earliest airlines to provide online booking services to customers. As an added convenience to travelers, Philippine Airlines offers web check-in.


Philippine Airlines has also published a new COVID-19 Safety Video on AUG 23, 2021, ‘You’re Why We Fly Safe’ to Assure Passengers that the airline’s major objective is to keep them safe in light of the ongoing Covid pandemic. To guarantee the safety of its passengers, Philippine Airlines has taken many measures.


How Do I Get To Manage Bookings Option?


To access Manage Booking, simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Visit to learn more.
  2. on the PAL site, choose the Manage Bookings option.
  3. click on “Manage Bookings” (for voluntary changes).
  4. Please provide your booking reference and last name in the fields provided.
  5. simply click on PROCEED to continue the process.

Philippine Airlines Manage Booking

Manage Booking is a self-service tool that allows you to see and make changes to your Philippine Airlines and PALexpress tickets online. Passengers who booked their tickets through PAL channels such as the contact center, mobile app, ticket office, travel agency, and internet are eligible to use the Manage Booking option.


Manage Booking allows you to conduct the following services:

  1. Passengers may likely have problems with their reservations if they are booking with Philippines Airlines for the first time. Similarly, if you’re having trouble booking a flight or want to alter your reservations, Philippine Airlines Manage Booking can help. And here’s how you may get the services you need for any flight modification.
  2. In order to make changes to your flight booking, you may use the Manage Booking tool. Your flight booking number is all you need to see the travel details and check whether you may make changes. Change your destination, trip date, or passenger name with the aid of Manage Booking Steps.
  3. To cancel your flight booking, you can go to the airline’s “Manage Bookings” area. Retrieve your flight information, and then follow the procedures to cancel the confirmed flight ticket you made earlier.
  4. In the event that you have to cancel a flight reservation, you can claim a refund. Apply for a flight refund by filling out a request and wait for it to get processed.
  5. Philippines Airlines allows you to upgrade your seat if you have any doubts about it. You may upgrade your travel seat from basic economy to business class by using the manage booking option. You can reserve flight seats at the time of booking or even after that, allowing you to travel in comfort.
  6. The Manage booking’ area of the airline’s website allows you to ask about your flight status or other travel policies. You may simply check your flight’s status, and you can plan your trip appropriately.
  7. Web check-in is also an option if you’d want to bypass the big line at the counter and save time at the check-in gate.

There are certain things that individuals don’t know about their airline bookings until just before boarding the plane. Have a similar experience? Contact Philippines Airlines’ customer service staff, and they’ll assist you in sorting out any reservation-related issues.


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