Southwest Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy & Fee

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Southwest Airlines Unaccompanied Minor

Do you know that Southwest allows minors to fly alone on the plane? Also, are you aware of the guidelines about the services for unaccompanied minor in Southwest Airlines? If not, don’t worry and have a look at the blog for description information.

At Southwest, flyers book tickets for unaccompanied minors, but a passenger of 12 or more age should be traveling alone. However, the condition applies only to eligible flights, mostly domestic nonstop, direct, or non-international flights. A passenger must reach the airport early and get the escort pass and the kid’s ID card for security purposes.

Southwest Unaccompanied Minors Rules Due to Coved

In accordance with the Covid-19, Southwest Airlines Unaccompanied Minor policy has been revised, ensuring more comfort and flexibility. If you want to book the services for unaccompanied minor in Southwest Airlines, you need to know about the following guidelines.

  • Southwest Airlines uses both antimicrobial spray and electrostatic disinfectant on each aircraft. Moreover, all the planes feature a HEPA or High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter for extracting the recirculated air and airborne particles.
  • Unaccompanied minors airlines, including Southwest, have improved the flight boarding pass, adhering to federal law.
  • Everyone should wear a mask, and if someone refuses to wear it, the crew members will impose an action.
  • Moreover, the airline will implement social distancing protocols by installing Plexiglass barriers at the airport gate.
  • If you have made a group flight reservation, the team will allow boarding in groups of ten passengers.

Terms and Conditions on the Southwest Unaccompanied Minor Policy

  • As per the unaccompanied minor policy, children aged between 5-11 must travel with an unaccompanied minor.
  • Passengers have to prove that they are a parent or local guardian of the minor or have the authority.
  • Southwest team will require to see the birth certificate and other legit documents at the airport check-in counter.
  • Moreover, parents have to show an Identity card issued by the government at check-in while picking up the kid. Also, they need to provide a copy of the unaccompanied minor form at the airport check-in gate.
  • Unaccompanied minor in Southwest Airlines can only fly on nonstop or same-plane services, and they do not require to change the flight number.
  • Kids cannot fly alone within international routes based on the child policy.
  • Most importantly, a parent/local guardian must accompany the kid to the departure gate within 45 minutes before departure.
  • The fee for taking the services for unaccompanied minors in plane is $50 for one-way and $100 for round trips.
  • Pets are not allowed to fly with minors on Southwest flights.
  • The airlines take no charge of the young child’s actions during travel as they are well-matured.
  • Additionally, the team holds the right not to accept minors on flights because of operational disruptions or bad weather conditions.

How to Book Services for Unaccompanied Minors on Southwest Airlines?

One can book flights for kids between 5 to 11 years of age and avail the services for unaccompanied minors. Moreover, there are three ways to do so: online, by phone, and at the airport ticket counter. While booking tickets, you need to fill out the required travel documents and confirm by paying the minor fees. Also, while making a UM reservation, you need to give the following information –

  • The full name of the child
  • Telephone numbers and pin code
  • The date of birth of the kid
  • Your relationship status with the child
  • Full address of the minor
  • Details about the parent or a local guardian who will drop off and pick the kid to/from the airport

Furthermore, passengers can make copies of the trip for both minors and the parent who has to pick the kid. Customers can pay the minor fee through an accepted credit card. However, the team does not accept gift cards, vouchers, unused travel funds, and cash as the main payment source.

Will I get the Refund after Cancelling the Services for Unaccompanied Minors on Southwest Airlines?

The fee you pay for the services for unaccompanied minor in Southwest Airlines is refundable. Therefore, if you cancel a flight and the minor do not travel, you can claim compensation for the cancelled flights. You can dial 1-888-I-FLY-SWA (1-888-978-0366), talk to the executive, and request them to cancel the ticket on your behalf. Besides, head to the nearby airport and seek assistance for the refund request.

Can Unaccompanied Minors Travel with carry-on Luggage?

Yes, on booking services for unaccompanied minors, you can carry one bag with one small bag and a personal item. However, the bag dimension limits must be within 10 x 16 x 24 inches. Additionally, eligible personal items are cameras, backpacks, CDs, DVD players, and food containers. The minor baggage policy also allows taking assistive devices on board the plane to disable customers. Passengers don’t have to worry as the crew members will take care of the child and ensure a peaceful experience.

Guidelines for Southwest Unaccompanied Minor travel at the drop-off Location

Southwest Airlines ensures a safe and smooth journey for all minors till they reach the final destination. Moreover, children aged 5 and 11 years flying alone can book the minor service.

Here are the following things one must remember at the drop-off location on Southwest Airlines.

  • Minors and parents or guardians must reach the airport early.
  • They will get enough time to get an escort pass and collect the minor’s lanyard at the counter.
  • You can get your escort pass at the flight ticketing counter to accompany the minor child through the security checkpoint.
  • Don’t forget to keep the necessary documents like age proof and a government-issued ID. You must have the documents during the check-in process.

Things to know when picking up the child on Southwest Airlines

You must meet the following requirements if you have booked a Southwest Airlines unaccompanied minor service.

  • Parents or guardians should reach the airport early as per the arrival times.
  • Moreover, they can collect an escort pass from the ticket counter to go through the security checkpoint.
  • Make sure to travel with an applicable government-issued ID to get your flight boarding pass and meet the minor at the gate.
  • While picking up the kid, visit the designated airport at least 45 minutes before the flight lands.
  • In addition, you must inform the flight representative that you will be picking up the minor.
  • The team will escort the child from the plane, and you can meet them at the airport.
  • Also, don’t forget to call the adult passenger at the drop-off city and tell them that you are picking up the kid.

Does Southwest Airlines allow minors to take International Flights?

Unfortunately, Southwest Airlines does not allow minors to board international flights. But they can fly on domestic non-stop or direct flights. Moreover, you can coordinate with the customer service team and learn the minor travel guidelines in detail.

When flying to Hawaii, you might have to fill out the planets and animals declaration form at the departure gate.

Are there any ID Requirements for Minors on Southwest Airlines?

Under the Southwest Airlines minor travel, parents or guardians must check in at least two hours before departure. Additionally, it will earn them enough time to go through the security and check-in process.

  • While at the airport, you must complete the formalities during the flight check-in.
  • Moreover, the parents’ address and contact number should be the same as given in the minor form.
  • They need to provide a copy of the entire itinerary of the child. It includes dates, airline names, aircraft numbers, arrival and departure timings, and the PNR number.
  • Parents have to submit a state-federal-issued ID and a birth certificate.
  • Additionally, the team will charge an unaccompanied minor fee at the time of flight booking through the phone call. Adult passengers must have the receipt of the minor service fees. Also, you must pay the fees per minor even when flying together on the same flight reservation.

Can unaccompanied minors travel on Southwest Airlines?

Children over 14 days and under two years of age cannot reserve a seat but can fly for free. However, minors need to be accompanied by an adult of at least 12 years of age. They do not need a boarding pass for an infant but need a boarding verification document. In addition, minors have to carry a medical release for travel under 14 days old. Most importantly, children under the age of 18 cannot fly on international flights or any itinerary, including an international route.

What time should minors reach the airport for departure on Southwest Airlines?

As per the Southwest Airlines unaccompanied minors policy, minors need to reach at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure. During this time, one can obtain a boarding pass and also reserve the preferred seats on the plane. However, if you fail to reach on time, the airline will deny you the boarding compensation. Check the Suggested Airport Travel Arrival Times in the Travel section of the airline’s official site for more information.

How do I book a flight for an unaccompanied minor on Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines allow flyers to book flights for unaccompanied minors through the site, a call, and at the airport. Depending on your convenience, you can make reservations for children. While making a booking, make sure to fill out the required travel document and submit an unaccompanied minor fee. Otherwise, give a direct call at 1-800-435-9792 and request the flight representative to search for the best flight.

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