Turkish Airlines Pet Policy

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Does Turkish Airlines Allow Pets With Passengers?

Do you always have to worry about leaving your pet alone at home while traveling on flights? Well, it is not the same anymore under Turkish airlines pet policy. Yes, if you book your flights with Turkish airlines, you can travel with your dogs, cats, and birds. They can travel in a hold as the checked bags.

Turkish Airlines are making efforts for travelers to ensure their ease. Passengers can have the best services if they choose to travel with Turkish airlines. Also, the pets are not left unconsidered.

So, if you have been thinking about what are the policies for telling pets on Turkish airlines flights, you can learn them all in the section of the blog.

What is Turkish Airlines Pet Policy?

The airline welcomes pet(s) to fly on Turkish Airlines flights, but there are certain restrictions. To know about them well, read the following section carefully:

  • Firstly, under Turkish Airline pet policy 2022, the passengers can carry their cats or dogs on flights.
  • Second, there are two categories divided for the pets. They are the Turkish Cargo or the Cabin or Hold.
  • Pets traveling with Turkish Airlines must be at least 10 weeks old.
  • Also, the carrier for the pets should be big, allowing them to move and breathe properly.
  • The pet fee with Turkish airlines varies as per the size of the pet. Also, the price will depend on the flight route and the travel method.
  • However, there are a few Turkish airlines and international flights on which you can bring your pets.
  • Now, when it comes to the height of the pet, you must ensure that your pet’s weight does not exceed 17.6 lb. Also, it’s not more than 23cmx30cm x40cm in dimension.

Therefore these are some of the basic details and guidelines you must follow if you want your pet to fly with you.

How to add pets to Turkish Airlines flight booking?

Well, this is nothing like rocket science to get your pet added to your Turkish airline’s flight booking. Once you have booked your flight ticket with Turkish Airlines, you can follow the below-given step by process:

  • Dial the Turkish Airlines customer service phone number 1 (800) 874-8875 to add to your cat, dog, or small bird under Turkish airlines pet policy cargo.
  • Then, listen to the IVR carefully. This will tell you what number to press to add changes to the existing booking,
  • Now, when you press the correct digit, you will be connected to a live person at Turkish Airlines.
  • So, you can tell the person now that you have to add a pet to your itinerary.
  • After this, you need to provide the flight details to the airline’s person so that he can have access to your flight.
  • Moreover, you need to provide the airline with each and every small detail about your pet, including its height and weight, and health.

Finally, when the Turkish Airlines live representative will receive all the airlines.

Other Restrictions On flying with Pets on Turkish Airlines 

Well, there are some other restrictions under Turkish airlines pet cabin policy that must be followed by the passengers. They are:

  • In one carrier, there might be two pets, but they should be of the same breed. And the carrier should not exceed the allowed weight.
  • However, when it comes to the cabin, only 1 pet is allowed for each passenger.
  • If you are traveling with your pets on a domestic flight, then you need to pay 70 TRY.
  • While for international flights, the pet fee is calculated based on the route and other factors. However, it might range from $35 to $150.
  • You cannot bring your pet having any kind of medical allergy.
  • If your pet animal is pregnant, you can bring them on the flight.
  • Also, if your little pet is less than 10 months of age, the airline does not allow them to fly.
  • Above all, the under the pet cabin policy of Turkish airlines the passengers must ensure that they fit in properly under the seats.

Therefore, you need to know and abide by these guidelines if you do not want any hustle at the time of boarding.

Can I travel with my pet in checked bags?

Well, yes. As per the Turkish airline pet policy, there are certain situations where your pet can travel. Here are the details of it:

If your pet exceeds the dimension limit or weight limit, then you need to follow the underlying conditions to fly:

  • Call the Turkish Airlines to seek guidance.
  • Make sure that you book your pet when 6 hours or more are left in the flight departure.
  • Provide all the valid documentation on export and import policies of the countries.
  • The fee foe checked in bag for pets must be paid. You can pay the fee at the time of check-in process.
  • Also, if the temperature is low than -12 degree Celsius, or more than 29 degree Celsius, then you cannot carry your pet as checked bag.
  • The maximum weight of your pet should be 14kgs.

Moreover, the pet carrier should also meet certain conditions. If you want to ask anything regarding this even want assistance to add your pet to your travel, you can call us right away. We are a travel service providing team available in real time as per the needs of our passengers.

Turkish Airlines FAQs

Are Turkish Airlines Flights Pet Friendly?

If you have small birds, cats, or dogs, you can bring them on Turkish Airlines flights. However, the combined weight of your pet and the carrier should not be more than 8kgs (17lbs).

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