Turkish Airlines Seat Selection

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Turkish Airlines Seat Selection Policy

Yes, you can choose seats as per your requirements with Turkish Airlines if you have booked flight tickets with Turkish Airlines and want to choose your seats. Then, you can choose your seats as per Turkish Airlines seat selection policy. Moreover, there are various types of seats you can choose from. Also, there are various options you will have from seat options.

But, before discussing seat selection on Turkish Airlines, you need to get some wonderful facts about Turkish Airlines. It was established in 1993 by the Turkish government. Similarly, the airline is known for providing the best comfort during the journey. Also, it provides top-class service to its valuable passengers.

You can choose your seat, excluding exit rows. Passengers must pay to choose their seats up to 26 prior to the flight is scheduled to depart. Further, On Turkish Airlines domestic and international flights, the seat selection for Business Class is free until the check-in time is finished. Here, if you wish to avail more information on seat selection, go through the given below information carefully.

Types of Turkish Airlines Seats

When it comes to Turkish Airlines seat selection, you have various kinds of seats to select from. Moreover, you will find two classes, including Economy and Business. Likewise, there are also seat categories depending on the cabin class that is as follows:

First Class Seats

If you wish to avail the experience of luxury and comfort, then you should book your flight tickets to first class. Similarly, you can make the first-class seat into a flat bed of 194cm. It will facilitate you with a power supply for your electronic item, a wide personal space, a massage chair, and more.

Extra Legroom Seats

Every passenger wishes to travel while having extra legroom during the flight so that they can travel comfortably. In this kind of cabin, you will get 79 cm of area for legroom. Additionally, you are able to recline it 15 cm to make your journey more comfortable.

Standard Economy Seats

In this particular seat, you will enjoy a width of 46 cm with a 12-inch display for watching movies, songs, etc. In addition, you will acquire a headrest and charging ports to get extra benefits.

What Is The Seat Selection Policy Of Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines has made some terms & conditions for Turkish Airline seat selection policy, and every passenger needs to follow the guidelines to use the service. If you want to know the policy of seat selection, then read the points mentioned below:

  • If the passenger travels on international flights, they are not allowed to choose additional legroom, emergency seats, and economy class seats before departure.
  • Suppose you have not chosen your seat while making a flight reservation. The airline will assign you a random seat on the flight. Also, the allocated seat is placed in the domestic flight segment.
  • Similarly, passengers with domestic flights can select the premium flight packages and economy class flights of the extra flight without paying any charges. However, it can be done only one hour before the flight’s planned departure.
  • Suppose you have a membership of the Turkish Airlines miles club, corporate, or are a sailor. Then you are allowed to book standard seats on the flight for both domestic and international routes.
  • On the other hand, the passengers who have booked their flight tickets can make paid seat selections at a specified time.
  • If you have made a flight reservation on Turkish Airlines, you can select your seat as per your suitability and comfort.
  • Similarly, if you are willing to get emergency exit seats, you need to speak fluent English or Turkish.
  • Additionally, it helps to understand the written and oral instructions that can assist you in unexpected events.
  • You will not acquire an emergency exit and extra-legroom seats if you are traveling with your pet on the flight with Turkish Airlines.
  • If the passenger is traveling for technical purposes, whether it is paid or unpaid, the airline will not allow you to choose your desired seats.

How Can I Choose My Seat After Booking A Flight?

Passengers can choose their favorite seat as per the policy of Turkish Airlines select seats. If you have made your flight reservation and wish to choose your seat, you can follow the steps below carefully. The steps will assist you in selecting your preferred seats.

  • First, Visit the official web page of Turkish Airlines and login into your account.
  • Second, you must go to the “Manage My Booking” option.
  • Then, choose the flight in which you wish to select your seats.
  • Now, you need to verify the flight ticket information. You can change your seat accordingly if your ticket is eligible for seat allocation.
  • Next, you will get a seat map in which you can choose your preferred seat and pay the charges if required.
  • Regardless of your fare, some seats are available without paying any charges.
  • Lastly, you will get a confirmation email with your seat details.

Note: You can also dial the Turkish Airlines customer service number 1-800-874-8875 from your phone to connect with a live person at Turkish Airlines. They will assist you in selecting your seat as per your requirement. You must follow the IVR automated instructions and choose the ideal key to get a human.

Select Your Seat during Booking

Moreover, passengers can choose their seats at the time of flight reservation. If you wish to choose your seat while booking, then go through the step-by-step guidance carefully:

  • Firstly, you need to head to the official site of Turkish Airlines.
  • Secondly, enter the required details in the given area, such as your arrival, airport, destination, etc.
  • Then, choose your preferred flight and m, mention the details like a class of travel, name, class, etc.
  • Now, the website will show you the 2D seat map with available flight seats in the flight.
  • If your ticket is not eligible for Turkish Airlines seat selection free, then you must pay the charges for seat selection.
  • Further, the airline will show you the whole cost, including the fee for picking a chair (If applicable).
  • Finally, choose your preferred payment gateway and pay the fee. Then, the airline will show your favorite seat during check-in.

How Much Does It Cost To Select A Seat On Turkish Airlines? 

Passengers with Business class can select their desired seat as all the seats are free. However, if you travel in economy class, you will get some seats for free. But, the seats with baby friendly, extra legroom, etc., can be selected by paying the charges.

Moreover, the charges for seat selection start from 45 TRY to 75 TRY for the domestic routes. Besides, the seat selection price ranges from $9 to $129 for international routes. In addition, the prices are subject to the destinations and seats of your flight.

Is It Free To Choose Seats On Turkish Airlines?

Yes, you can choose your desired seats for free if you select your seat at the time of flight booking. You can follow the seat selection instructions and select your seat hassle-free. Besides, you can choose your seat online by logging into your account or visiting the manage my booking section.


For further information, you can dial our helpline number anytime to get in touch with our professionals. They will help you to solve your issue regarding Turkish Airlines seat selection.

Turkish Airlines FAQs

Do Turkish Airlines seats recline?

Yes, the business Class seats can recline until flat, turning into a bed with 188 cm. On the other hand, the Economy seats can recline approx. 15 cm.

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