Turkish Airlines Seat Selection

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Turkish Airlines Seat Selection Policy (Updated 2023)

Do you want to feel good throughout your air journey? Try the 2023 revised Turkish Airlines Seat Selection policy that allows you to pick a seat depending on your travel class and the time left for the flight’s departure. Getting a special experience is just a few taps away.

The Turkish seat selection is flexible as passengers from economy class, and business class can pick a preference with or without a fee. You can enjoy larger seats, charging facilities, personal monitors, and more by choosing a special place to sit.

Read and find ways to enhance your experience with the seat selection Turkish airlines facility.

Turkish Airlines Seat Selection Terms and Conditions

Everyone would want to enhance their in-flight experience. However, you must know all the terms & conditions of the “Turkish airlines choose seating” option for a smooth journey with the air carrier.

Generic Provisions

  • Seat selection is available per passenger per leg of the journey.
  • Also, the facility is not available on codeshare or partner airline flights.
  • For safety and operational issues, the airline doesn’t guarantee seat selection.
  • Free seats are available for change from ticketing till the end of online check-in timings.
  • Besides, the airline will refund the Turkish Airlines seat selection fee when the preferred chair is unavailable.
  • You must have bought the ticket from official sources only.
  • Furthermore, the previous selection of seats won’t transfer to the new flight if a flight changes.
  • Also, you can change seats for free for the same seat type if the chair is available.

Emergency Exit Seats

  • Further, passengers wanting to sit on emergency exit seats must confirm their eligibility.
  • Turkish Airlines Seat Selection for emergency seats is available for able-bodied Turkish or English-speaking individuals with good health conditions.
  • Emergency exit seats aren’t available for infants, restricted movement passengers, and people needing second seat belts.

Cancellation & Refund

  • The airline will automatically refund your seat assignment fee for involuntary changes or cancellations.
  • However, the airlines won’t refund Turkish Airlines seat selection fees for voluntary seat changes or cancellations.
  • Also, the airline will automatically refund the original seat selection amount when the traveler has an alternative seat.
  • Turkish Air reserves the right to cancel or approve emergency seat requests if the passenger doesn’t meet the conditions. No refund is applicable.
  • The “Turkish airlines choose seating cost” is refunded if the passenger’s seat is upgraded to business class.

Lastly, you must place the refund request within a year of the flight.

How Can You Pick Your Seat On Turkish Airlines?

Travelers can make a Turkish Airlines Seat Selection after booking the ticket from the official website and via customer service. The process to choose your preferred seat is as follows:

Via The Official Website

  • Firstly, open the homepage of the official website.
  • Further, click the check-in/ manage booking menu.
  • Enter the ticket number or reservation code and the passenger’s surname.
  • Press Enter and review your booking details.
  • After that, find the option to choose Turkish Airlines seats.
  • Finally, look at the seat map to make the final choice.

It will take you to the payments page, where you can find the price for the service per person per leg of the journey. Follow the rest of the prompts, and you will soon get a ticket with your preferred seat.

Through The Customer Service

  • Dial the official phone number 1 (800) 874-8875 for seat selection.
  • Wait for the IVR to respond and pick your preferred language.
  • Further, find the seat assignment menu from the menu list.
  • Otherwise, connect with a representative to choose your seat.
  • The executive will ask you for reservation details.
  • After that, they will find you a seat as per the Turkish Airlines seat map.

Finally, you need to pay a fee to reserve your seat in advance, which depends upon the picked seat and your class of travel.

How Much Does Turkish Airlines Charge For Seat Selection?

The Turkish Airlines seat selection price depends upon your fare category, type of plane, and selection period. On some aircraft or routes, specific seat assignments might not be available.

 Flight RouteTravel ClassPreferred Seat typeSeat Selection FeeTimings To Choose seats
Domestic Flights
Domestic And Northern Cyprus flightsEconomy ClassStandard45.00 TRYFrom 355 days till 6 hours before flight
Domestic And Northern Cyprus flightsEconomy ClassExtra legroom seat75.00 TRYFrom 355 days till 6 hours before flight
Northern Cyprus And Domestic flightsAll Economy ClassesEmergency exit seat60.00 TRY355 days – 6 hours before flight
International Flights
International flightsEconomy ClassStandardFrom $ 9.00 to $ 39.00From 355 days till 6 hours before flight
International flightsEconomy ClassMore leg room seatsFrom $ 19.00 to $ 139.00From 355 days till 6 hours before flight
Other Flights
AnadoluJet domestic and Northern Cyprus flightsEconomy ClassAll seats30.00 TRY – 70.00 TRY355 days – 6 hours before flight
AnadoluJet international flights (Except Northern Cyprus)Economy ClassEvery seat9.00 USD – 21.00 USDFrom 355 days till 6 hours before flight
All flights (Business class not available on flights to and from Ankara)Business ClassAll seatsFree355 days before flight

Hope this guide answers “How to choose my Turkish airlines flight seats?” Dial 1 (800) 874-8875 to inquire about the Turkish seating assignment.

Turkish Airlines FAQs

Do Turkish Airlines seats recline?

Yes, the business Class seats can recline until flat, turning into a bed with 188 cm. On the other hand, the Economy seats can recline approx. 15 cm.

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