United Airlines Missed Flight Policy

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Does United Charge for Missed Flights

Have you booked flight tickets with United Airlines and missed them recently? If yes, you must have complete information about United Airlines missed flight policy. With this, you will know that you can rebook your Flight when you fail to board your Flight due to any unavoidable reason. Moreover, you need to inform the airline about your missed Flight to avoid any kind of loss. Then, the action of the airline depends upon the reason for your missed Flight. Similarly, you may get a refund also.

Further, if you do not inform the airline of your missed Flight, then the airline marks you as a no-show. Also, you may get anything if there is no valid reason for a no-show. So, you will be aware of the things that can happen when you miss your Flight on United Airlines. Furthermore, read the sub-topics mentioned below to learn about the policy in detail.

What If I Miss My Flight with United Airlines?

Here, you will know that what happens to your booking when you skip your Flight depends upon the reason for missing the Flight.

  • United airlines may make decisions in your favor if you face a medical emergency or death.
  • Moreover, you can ask the airline for a refund in some specified situations under United Airlines missed flight policy.
  • Besides, you will not get any refund if you have no valid reason for your missed Flight.
  • If you arrive at the airport on time but miss the check-in. Then, you need to connect to United Airlines instantly.
  • Likewise, you need to connect to the airline before the Flight’s scheduled departure. Upon failure, you will not obtain any benefit at all.
  • On the other hand, Passengers who have missed their connecting Flight need to communicate with the airline staff at the airport.
  • Further, you may get a new flight reservation for free. The airline provides you with these facilities to cover the money loss.

What Should I Do When My Flight Is Delayed, Canceled, Or Missed?

United offers various options if you have Missed Flight United Airlines, are connecting flights or facing a delay. So, you can check out the below points in case of flight cancellation. In case, here are the ways to book your new flight reservation.

Use The United App

You have to download the mobile application of the airline. Then, you have to choose the check-in option in the “United Airlines manage booking” option.

Official Website

Passengers can open the website, visit the check-in option and input their details. After that, you will find the multiple current trips and alternative options on your screen.

Visit The Kiosk

Travelers can find the United Airlines customer service center and kiosk in all specified airports.

Call The Official United Phone Number

You need to get in touch with the airline immediately and explain your situation to the airline agents. Moreover, they will guide you to avail the best alternative as per your requirements.

What Can I Do When I Am About To Miss My Flight?

There might be multiple reasons for which I missed My Flight United Airlines flight, such as traffic issues or any emergency. In these situations, some alternatives may help you save your travel plans. Further, if you have a short time before the departure, you can do the following things:

Rebook The Flight

Passengers can rebook their Flight with the next available for the same destination immediately for free.

Look For A New Flight

If a new United flight is available soon, you need to check in with the website or the United app to get your boarding pass shortly.

Look For Alternative Airports

Moreover, you can switch to another nearest airport and search for United flights that will go to your desired destination.

Join Standby List

If you find that no one flight is available, then you can join the standby list. Besides, if early flights are not available on the app data and kiosk, just talk to the gate agent, and they will add you to the standby list.

On the other hand, you may get more information by dialing United Airlines’ phone number (1-800-UNITED-1 (1-800-864-8331)) and speaking to a live person at United to get 24/7 assistance for your queries.

Do I Need To Pay A Charge For Missing A Flight United?

Yes, if you United missed Flight without informing the airline, a no-show will apply to your ticket. Similarly, the airline will forfeit the full amount of your booking, and you will not get any refund. However, United Airlines charges will be waived if you will provide a valid reason for your missed Flight. For instance, the sudden death of a passenger or its relative might be applicable for a refund.

What Happens If I Miss My Connecting Flight United Airlines?

If a passenger misses a connection due to the Flight with layovers, they have various options. However, if you will not get a seat on a United flight because of a delay with the previous flight, then you can request compensation.

Moreover, compensation is available only if the airline is the reason for your delay.

  • First, you must go to the United Airlines Kiosk to communicate with staff members. Generally, the airline will provide you with another seat on the next available Flight for free.
  • In addition, check out the mobile app or visit the check-in section and rebook your Flight.
  • Additionally, you can also sign in using your account and go to the existing booking that you have missed. Then, select the Rebooking options.

At last, you can speak to airline staff to add you to their standby list. They will do their best for you for free if you have Missed Flight United Airlines.

Can I Talk To A Live Person To Rebook If I Missed My Flight United Airlines?

Yes, you can dial the United Airlines phone number at (+1-860-498-9674) to inform the airline agents that you may fail to board the Flight. If you have notified the airline with a valid or genuine reason, the airline will provide you with multiple options.

For Example, you can make a request to rebook your Flight, join the standby, or get the credits in exchange for the ticket value. On the other hand, passengers with medical emergencies will get special preference as per the United missed flight policy.


This is how you can make decisions when you have missed your Flight on United Airlines. Besides, you have various options to use in this situation. However, If you still have any donut regarding United Airlines missed flight policy, you can dial the United helpline number at +1-860-498-9674, 24/7, to get instant help.

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