Alitalia Cancellation Policy

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Alitalia Airlines Cancellation Policy & 24 Hours Ticket Refund

Alitalia Cancellation Policy, 24-hour, Refund, Fee 2023-2024

Alitalia Airlines is known as a leading airline in Italy that serves a wide range of international or domestic destinations worldwide. Moreover, the airline understands the needs & requirements of the passengers. Additionally, you can enjoy top-class services and flexible policies. For this, the airline has introduced an Alitalia Cancellation policy in which travelers can cancel their reservation if needed. Further, continue reading to learn more about the cancellation policy of Alitalia Airlines.

What Is Alitalia Airlines Cancellation Policy?

  • Before learning the cancellation policy of Alitalia Airlines, you can cancel your reservation with the help of the official website or through the airline’s customer service.
  • Moreover, you can also cancel your flight booking within a day of booking for free under the Alitalia flight cancellation policy.
  • Besides, if you book your tickets directly from the airline, then you can cancel your booking via Alitalia Airlines.
  • Otherwise, if you booked your tickets from a third party, you need to contact them directly to reverse them.

Alitalia 24-Hour Cancellation Policy

According to the Alitalia 24-hour cancellation policy, you are allowed to cancel your flight reservation within 24 hours of purchase. In addition, when Alitalia cancels within 24 hours, you will not need to pay any charges as a cancellation fee, irrespective of the fare chosen.

Similarly, if you cancel your flight reservation after 24 hours, you will be responsible for paying the cancellation fee to the airline in any circumstances. However, the value of the fee depends on some factors, such as destination, fare type, and the time of flight cancellation. To collect more information, you can connect to the airline’s customer service department.

Alitalia Flight Cancellation Fee

Passengers who are eligible to pay the cancellation for their flight cancellation need to pay $30 as an administration fee per ticket. Then, the airline will ask for a handling charge which is $30. If the value for a fee will collect as per the rules for Alitalia cancelation policy.

In addition, the Alitalia cancellation compensation will be provided for security and airport taxes. Besides, if the value compensated is less than the administration charges, you will not repair anything to the airline.

How Do I Cancel My Flight On Alitalia?

When we talk about the procedure of flight cancellation, you must know that there are various ways to cancel a ticket per Alitalia cancellation policy. Further, travelers can use any methods that are suitable for them.

Alitalia Cancellation Online

  • First, go to the official web page of Alitalia Airlines.
  • Second, enter your credentials to sign in to your Alitalia account.
  • Then, you will lend to the Cancellations page of the airline.
  • After that, provide the required information before choosing the “CONTINUE” tab.
  • Now, you will see the “MANAGE MY RESERVATIONS” option.
  • Next, you need to choose them to move to the “ALITALIA AIRLINES CANCEL RESERVATIONS” tab.
  • Further, A pop-up box will appear in front of you. Again, you must mention details like your last name and booking number.
  • Then, choose the “CONTINUE” tab.
  • After this, recheck your details and move ahead.
  • Now, submit your refund request if you are eligible.
  • At last, once you complete the process, you will obtain an email or SMS on your registered mail or phone number.

Alitalia Cancellation Offline

In accordance with the Alitalia cancellation policy, travelers can also cancel their tickets offline by connecting to the airline’s customer service team. Moreover, you need to dial Alitalia Airlines’ phone number at (011 39 06 65649) to connect with the airline’s representatives. Further, they will help you to cancel your flight reservation smoothly. First, they will check the eligibility of your cancellation and then start the process. However, you may charge them for your flight cancellation if required.

Alitalia Cancellation at the Airport

Moreover, it is also an alternative to cancel flight tickets with ease. If you wish to cancel your flight booking using this method. Then, you need to go to your nearest airport and then go to the ticket counter or help desk. Here, you will find a representative to help you cancel your ticket. Besides, you need to explain the reason behind your flight cancellation. After that, they will ask you some questions to start the process. Further, they will tell you the eligibility for your refund. At last, pay the charges if needed and claim a refund at the time you are eligible.

Alitalia Flight cancellation Refund Policy

Alitalia Airlines has also reserved a refund policy for its valuable passengers. Under Alitalia refund policy, passengers are able to claim a refund from the airline for their canceled flight tickets. However, they need to follow the 24-hour cancellation to get a refund. Otherwise, the airline will not provide any refund after 24 hours, and you will not get travel vouchers that can be used for upcoming flight reservations.

Final Words!

For additional information, passengers can dial the Alitalia Airlines helpline at +1-860-498-9674 to get assistance regarding Alitalia’s cancellation policy. You can connect with us 24/7.

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