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Alitalia Booking, (ITA Airways) Reservations | Cheap Flight Tickets

Alitalia Reservations & Booking for Great Saving on Tickets

Alitalia was once a flag carrier and largest airline based in Italy and fully owned by the Italian government. Today, it is an airline and has a head office in Fiumicino, Rome. Moreover, the airline operates flights on a fleet of Airbus A319, A320, A321, A330-200, and Boeing 777-200ER aircraft. The ITA Airways main hub is at Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport. Other major hubs include Milan Linate, Milan Malpensa, Rome Fiumicino, and Naples Capodichino. In 2018, the airline became the 12th largest airline in Europe. The best part is travelers can book and upgrade flight tickets without any inconvenience through official sources. One can reach out to the official team to make an Alitalia booking to the desired places under a budget. Don’t be confused with ITA Airways as the airline has changed its name from Alitalia to ITA Airways.

In-flight services of Alitalia Airlines

Passengers can watch movies and the latest TV shows and play games for endless entertainment on flights. The moment you will board the plane on Alitalia Airlines, get access to high-speed internet and special meals. However, you need to make a pre-meal selection 24 hours before flying with full comfort.

Travel classes of Alitalia Airlines

Alitalia Airlines serves scheduled flights on four travel classes, including Magnifica-Business, Ottima-Business, Classic Plus, and Premium Economy. Regardless of your desired travel class, you can fly with great comfort and safety.


i) Passengers can enjoy exclusive and top-notch amenities during the flight.
ii) The services include priority check-in and flight boarding.
iii) Magnificent passengers can get access to Casa Alitalia lounges and SkyPriority services.
iv) Sit on armchairs reclining up to 180 degrees along with a massage function.
v) There is an individual flat-screen of 15 inches on seats.
vi) Moreover, flyers can drink the finest wines and beverages and choose from a wide food menu.

Business Class

i) Business class passengers can enjoy a comfortable journey on the flights.
ii) You can enjoy endless onboard entertainment options, including watching TV shows.
iii) Dedicated check-in counters are available.
iv) Moreover, the airline provides access to the SkyTeam lounge.

Premium Economy

i) There is a comfortable seat pitch along with enough space to stretch legs.
ii) Passengers can enjoy free wines and premium cuisine.
iii) Moreover, travel with two-checked bags at no additional cost.
iv) Get priority boarding, check-in, and baggage handling onboard the plane.
v) If you choose the Alitalia book flight option on Premium Economy, enjoy individual reading light and mood lighting.


i) Economy passengers can get a personal touch-screen TV to watch movies and videos or play games.
ii) There is an onboard entertainment system on flights.
iii) Moreover, the airline provides snacks, meals, and a variety of wines and drinks.

Online Alitalia Booking Procedure

Alitalia Airlines permits passengers to book flight tickets with a seamless interface through online or offline ways. Moreover, it depends on the person to choose the best booking option to meet travel preferences effectively. One can download the airline’s official app to make an Alitalia booking.

You need to follow the following steps to purchase flight tickets via the site.

  • First of all, navigate the airline’s official site.
  • Second, hit the “Book Flights” tab.
  • Then make a selection between round, one-way, and multi-city options.
  • Enter your arrival and departure cities in the “Select Destination” field.
  • Now you need to select the travel dates and click on the Next button.
  • In the next step, mention the number of passengers who wish to fly and categorize them into different groups.
  • Choose your travel class from Economy and Business class.
  • Click on the “Search Flights” button.
  • Choose the flight that best suits your travel preferences on the next page.
  • Move to the payment page to confirm your flight tickets.
  • In the end, the airline will drop a flight confirmation code of six digits on your mail address.

Passengers can also receive full travel assistance over a phone call by dialing the Alitalia Airlines phone number. Furthermore, the flight representative will ask about your preferences and find the cheapest flight tickets.

Alitalia Flight Cancellation Policy

You can apply for seamless cancellations if you have booked flight tickets on the site or at the airport counter. Moreover, the cancellation policy is designed to offer complete flexibility to modify the tickets. There are certain things that you must know before submitting cancellation requests.

  • As per the Alitalia 24-hour cancellation policy, there is no penalty for canceling tickets on the first day of purchase.
  • However, you need to pay a certain fee for canceling tickets after a risk-free period. The cancellation fee depends on the fare type, destination, and time of canceling flights.
  • If your flight is delayed due to unpredictable events, the team will provide a voucher for the flight portion.

Flight Cancellation charges on Alitalia Airways

Alitalia Airlines imposes a penalty for canceling flights after 24 hours of the booking or a few days before departure. Moreover, the cancellation fees range between $100 and $500, and it is non-refundable. If you wish to avoid paying additional charges, cancel an Alitalia Airlines booking within the risk-free period.

Cancel flight tickets on Alitalia Airlines via the site

Passengers can cancel tickets online within a few clicks on the Alitalia manage my booking page. Moreover, the entire process is easy and takes less time. You need to make sure to cancel reservations before the tickets are expired. Afterward, you can generate a refund request on your laptop or mobile phone at your convenience.

Here is a step-by-step guide to cancel flight tickets on Alitalia Airlines.

  • Navigate the airline’s official site on your web browser.
  • Enter your flight reference number and last name on the specific fields.
  • Next, hit the “Manage Trips” section.
  • Then select the flight you want to cancel and review the changes you made.
  • On selecting the flight for cancellation, click on the “Cancel Flights” button.
  • Finally, the airline will send you a mail about canceling flights.

Otherwise, dial the Alitalia customer service phone number to request a flight cancellation request over a phone call. Moreover, the representative will guide and help you throughout in canceling bookings before departure.

Alitalia Airlines Ticket Refund Policy

Alitalia Airlines provides full refunds on canceling tickets within the risk-free period. However, it is not necessarily possible to receive cash refunds from the team. Sometimes you may receive refunds in the form of e-credits, which one can use to book award flights.

Here are the following guidelines that you must know about the airline’s refund policy.

  • Alitalia Airlines provides a complete refund in case the booking was made a week or more days before departure.
  • Moreover, passengers can submit a refund request online by submitting an application on the official site.
  • There is no refund for expired tickets.
  • The entire process takes up to 7 to 10 working days to initiate refunds to the original payment mode.

Seat Selection process of Alitalia Airlines Booking

Seat selection is an important part of an air journey. Therefore, the airline permits passengers to choose the preferred seats during tickets purchase and check-in. However, one has to pay an extra fee and book an aisle, window, or main cabin seat on the plane.

Here are the following that you must consider in mind when choosing seats on Alitalia Airlines

  • The seat selection fees start from $25 per seat and may vary with fare type and travel class.
  • As per the policy, you can upgrade seats 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure during check-in.
  • Most importantly, the choice of your seats depends entirely on the seat’s availability.
  • In case the airline fails to provide you with the selected seat, you can claim compensation from the official team.
  • The airline allows free seats for passengers who don’t select seats while making reservations.
  • Seats are near the emergency exits. Moreover, extra legroom can expand from 12.7 cm to 91.44 cm, which is 5 into 36 inches.
  • In addition, comfort seats are available in the seventh row on domestic flights. In comparison, one can sit near emergency exits on international flights.

Process of Online Seat Selection on Alitalia Airlines Reservations

While going through the Alitalia book flight process can customize travel plans and choose the best seats. Moreover, if one wishes to change the booked seats, move to the manage booking page; select the seat upgrade option.

Go through the following steps to make a seat reservation in advance via the site.

  • First of all, head to the “My Flight” tab on the airline’s official site.
  • Secondly, enter your ticket reference code and last name.
  • Click on the “Seat Selection” button and search for your desired seats in advance.
  • Once selected the seats, pay the additional charges as per the policy.
  • Afterward, you can obtain your flight boarding pass.

If you need any help from the team when choosing the desired seats, dial the Alitalia us phone number. Afterward, the flight representative will help you navigate the seats for your upcoming journey.

Baggage Allowance on Alitalia Airlines

Alitalia Airline’s baggage policy covers one carry-on and a personal item allowance for free. Moreover, all bags should adhere to the size and weight guidelines for Economy, Comfort, and Premium Economy fares.

Carry-on luggage

Each flyer can take a personal item like a purse, suitcase, or any similar stuff and one carry-on bag. The handbag must weigh 8 kg and have a linear size of 115 cm, including handles and wheels.
The maximum dimensions of the carry-on luggage should be 18 x 14 x 10 inches.
Moreover, the maximum weight of a carry-on bag must not exceed 5 kg.
There is no storage on bulkhead seats while take-off and landing at the final destination.

Checked baggage
  • Each checked baggage should be 158 cm and have a maximum of 23 or 32 kg weight.
  • Passengers with light fares can only carry a hand luggage with specific size and weight limits. Moreover, they cannot take free checked bags on the plane.
  • The airline will accept card boxes as checked baggage along with a label of the passenger’s name.
  • Additionally, it should be wrapped in cellophane and meet the size guidelines.
Excess, overweight, and oversized baggage

If you exceed the baggage limit, you have to pay an additional fee per bag. Moreover, the team will put them as excess, overweight, and overweight bags.
The overweight fees for bags weighing more than 32 kg are 100 USD/ 120CAD or 85EUR.

Alitalia Airlines FAQs

What items are restricted on Alitalia Airlines Booking?

Passengers cannot take liquids in a container larger than 3.4 ounces or 100 ml in the cabin. Moreover, the containers must be kept in a zip-top plastic bag and should not weigh more than one liter. Dangerous items like scissors, knives, razors, and explosive substances are not allowed inside the aircraft. Even you cannot take lithium batteries onboard.

How much compensation can you get for delayed or canceled flights on Alitalia Airlines?

According to EU law, passengers can expect €600 for delayed or canceled flights on Alitalia Airlines. Moreover, the policy covers delayed flights for three hours canceled and overbooked flights. In case your scheduled flight is delayed, you first need to confirm the reason for the flight delay and cancellation.

  • You can get up to €220 for flights covering a distance up to 1500 kilometers.
  • Moreover, for flights covering 1500 to 3500 kilometers, the airline provides €350 as reimbursement.
  • If your flight covers a distance of more than 3500m kilometers, you are applicable for €530.
  • Can I upgrade my seat on Alitalia Airlines?

    To upgrade a booked seat, you have to move to the Alitalia manage my booking page. Moreover, passengers have 72 to 24 hours before the flight departure to request a seat upgrade online via the site. But it depends on the seat’s availability on the plane. The airline also charges an extra fee for upgrading your seats before flying.

    Does Alitalia Airlines accept group flight bookings?

    Under group travel, travelers can book tickets for ten or more people on the same itinerary. Moreover, one can contact the official booking team to purchase group tickets and even visit the nearby airport. The flight representative will ask you to share your personal and trip information for ticket purchase.

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