Breeze Airways Cancellation Policy

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Breeze Airways Cancellation Policy, Fees and Refund Status

Guidelines Mentioned in Breeze Airways Cancellation Policy

With an effort and endeavor to become one of the best airways worldwide, Breeze Airways has come up with lots of adjustments and amendments. The amendments comply with the policies related to the reservation and cancellation. Breeze Airways Cancellation says a lot of things about the correct ways of cancellation and availing refunds.

  • The passengers can cancel their tickets within 24 hours of the reservation and get a full refund. This can gain both in the case of refundable and non-refundable tickets.
  • But the above facility becomes invalid if the ticket has been bought using BreezePoints, and this also applies if the passenger is a regular traveler with the airlines.
  • The flight can cancel within 24 hours if you have booked the flight through the website or by calling +1-860-498-9674.
  • A refund or travel credit may issue for a Breeze flight cancellation based on your booking and departure date.
  • Breeze flight cancellation leads to the conversion of your ticket into a travel credit in the form of BreezePoints. These can use for the full price of the ticket, including additional travel goods and services like travel insurance, luggage fees, and seat selection. Only non-refundable tickets are available from Breeze Airways.
  • The airline allows the passengers to use credits of BreezePoints to buy the tickets for 24 months.
  • If any passenger is canceling the flight after 15 minutes from the departure timing of the flight, the flight fund will be forfeiture, according to Breeze Airways cancellation Policy.

Breeze Airways 24-Hour Cancellation Policy

  • Passengers can cancel their Breeze flight without a cancellation fee. But, when they cancel their flight within the first 24-hour of purchasing a flight ticket as per Breeze Airways 24-hour cancellation policy.
  • Moreover, Breeze Airways permits you to acquire a full refund to the real form of payment. But, if you book a ticket at least seven days or a week before the scheduled departure.
  • Besides, if the risk-free period skip and you cancel your flight booking. Then, you will have to pay the charges to the airline.
  • Similarly, the airline may waive the cancellation fees if your flight ticket will cancel due to bad weather. Even if you miss a risk-free period, the airline will compensate you.
  • On the other hand, you will acquire a full refund in the actual form of payment if the flight cancellation will perform on the same day of booking.

How to Cancel Breeze Airways Flight?

The airlines give you several options to cancel your flight. All of them are easy, and it’s just that passengers find one or the other suitable for them based on their preferences.

So you can cancel the tickets using any of the following ways:

Online Breeze Airways Flight Cancellation

  • First, head towards the official website of the airline
  • Second, go to the ‘Login’ tab
  • Then, using your password and username, start with the authentication process of the account.
  • After that, go to the ‘Manage Booking’ section.
  • Now, you need to search for the flight you need to cancel; you will need your confirmation number and your last number.
  • Your trip will appear in front of you; select the journey you want to cancel.
  • Further, hit the ‘Cancel’ button.
  • The page asks you to choose a reason for cancellation. Do that.
  • Now, ‘Submit ‘ it.
  • Then, you may pay some cancellation fees.
  • Finally, you must consider the refund status of your ticket then and there itself.

Breeze Flight Cancellation through Customer Service +1-860-498-9674

  • First, dial  +1-860-498-96741 and talk to the airline executive.
  • Now, the executive will cancel your flight ticket on your behalf.
  • But you need to provide him with all the details related to the flight, such as the confirmation number of the flight, departure city and your name, and your age.
  • After that, the airline might ask for the reason for flight cancellation and give a valid reason.
  • The person will shortly but brief you about the cancellation and the refund of the flight ticket.
  • At last, once satisfied with what the executive has mentioned about the flight. You will responsible to confirm the cancellation, and he will act accordingly.

Except for the above two processes, anyone looking for the Breeze Airways cancellation process can visit any authorized airport counters and get their flights canceled.

Ticket Cancellation at the Airport Counters

  • Visit the nearest authorized ticket counter.
  • Then, fill out the Breeze ticket cancellation form.
  • After that, review the details given by you.
  • Read the Breeze Airways cancellation policy while submitting the cancellation request form.
  • Moreover, if you have any queries about Breeze refund policy, you can ask the available officials.
  • Finally, you must pay the cancellation fee and other charges, if required.

What are the Cancellation charges if I cancel the Breeze Airways Flight?

Keep in mind that,  there is a non-refundable 45 USD cost charge for changes or cancellations

Breeze Basic – For all flights inside the United States, the Breeze flight cancellation cost is $150, and for all other itineraries, it is $200. It is possible to make a same-day verified change for 100 US dollars per flight without incurring any fare difference.

Breeze Extra and Breeze Plus –  Moreover, you will not charge a Breeze Airways cancellation fee if you cancel your reservation before departure. It is possible to Make without incurring any fare difference.

Breeze Airways Refund Policy

The airline has set down some rules and regulations for those who wish to get a refund for their canceled flights. Furthermore, check out the points given below to have a better understanding of Breeze Airways refund policy. In addition, it will help you to claim a refund with ease.

  • In accordance with the Breeze Airways flight cancellation policy, passengers are responsible for paying the service fee if the flight cancellation will made through the offline portals.
  • Likewise, if you book flight tickets from any unauthorized web portals, then the airline will not help you to cancel your flight reservation.
  • Besides, passengers will get their refund in the form of Breeze points.
  • As per the Breeze cancellation policy, you can cancel the scheduled reservation free of charge up to 15 minutes before your scheduled departure.
  • Moreover, ticket cancellation at Breeze can made in the same way as booking.
  • Additionally, Breeze Airways cancellation fee will determine on the basis of the reason behind the cancellation, modes of cancellations, and the ticket type.
  • However, if the booking will cancel on the same day 0f the reservation, you will get a full refund.
  • Similarly, Breeze Airways tickets are non-refundable, so you have to pay the cancellation charges when you cancel them after a specified time with the airline.
  • Moreover, all group booking tickets will evaluate by a single person. Likewise, it states that you have to pay cancellation fees for each passenger rather than each ticket.
  • Also, the refund amount will transfer to your account within 14 business days. Similarly, it is depend on the mode of flight cancellation.
  • In the case of a no-show, Breeze will charge the complete amount as a ticket cancellation fee from the traveller.

Process to Request a Breeze Refund:

  • First, visit the official web page of Breeze Airways.
  • Then, you will see a “My Trip” tab on the homepage. Just click on it.
  • Now, once you choose it, you have to enter the required information.
  • After that, the confirmed bookings made by you open your screen.
  • Further, choose the booking you want to be canceled and then click on the “Refund” option.
  • At last, you will get your money back in your account once the airline receives your request and approves it.

Breeze Flight Delay Compensation

Unlikely, U.S. laws do not need airlines to provide compensation to passengers for canceled or delayed flight bookings, unlike in the EU as per Breeze Airways compensation policy. Besides, if you are flying with the U.S and you have been denied boarding due to overbooking, you are qualified to:

  • Passengers will not acquire any compensation when they are offered an alternative flight that arrives at their desired destination or first stopover within 60 minutes after the canceled or delayed flight.
  • Breeze Airways’ cancellation Policy allows you to rebook or cancel without any penalty.
  • Besides, 200% of the amount to your destination will be entitled to at least 775 when the alternative flight option is offered by the airline or the first stopover is more than one hour but less than 120 minutes after the scheduled flight.
  • On the other hand, 400% of the ticket fare to the destination or first stopover will entitle to the max. USD 1550. Suppose the airline fails to provide an alternate flight option for your destination or first stopover less than two hours after the flight.

Are Breeze Flights Refundable?

No, Breeze Airways does not provide refundable fares to its passengers. Besides, the airline will provide the Breeze points for the unused portion of your ticket as a refund that can be used for next flight reservation while making payment. However, if you cancel your non-refundable ticket after a risk-free window, the airline will charge a fee from the complete amount of your ticket.

Breeze Airways FAQs

Can I cancel my flight booking and get a refund?

Yes, you can cancel your flight, and then you are eligible to get a full flight cancellation refund. Moreover, Breeze Airways pays the refund amount within seven business days after the flight cancellation.

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