Lao Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

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Lao Airlines Cancellation Policy

Know About Lao Airlines Cancellation Policy

Have you had your tickets booked with Lao Airlines? Flying with the airlines is something the passengers don’t give a second thought to. The airline provides its passengers with world-class facilities and services while traveling. One of them includes Lao Airlines Cancellation Policy.  With its easiest cancellation policy, it becomes easiest for the passengers to cancel their tickets.

Lao Airlines Cancellation Policy:

According to the Lao Airlines flight Cancellation policy, customers should keep these details in their mind so that the process of cancellation becomes easy and simple for them:

  • There is this risk-free period of 24 hours. If the passenger cancels the tickets within this period, they won’t be charged any cancellation fee. Provided, the tickets have been bought a week or more before the departure date.
  • If a passenger fails to cancel the ticket within the risk-free period, they must pay the cancellation. And this amount will be deducted from the fare amount, and the rest of the fare amount will be credited to the customer’s account.
  • The airlines give the leverage to cancel the tickets either through online or offline mode. But the airline asks the passengers to choose the game mode for cancellation while reserving the tickets.
  • If any passengers’ flight bookings or reservations have been made through any travel agent or agency, they should consult for cancellation.
  • The airlines’ headquarter is in Vientiane. And the tickets are refunded only from the headquarters of Lao Airlines.
  • If any passengers have bought tickets in the group, they need to inform the airline through the mail to cancel any individual or particular tickets. The airline will charge the cancellation fee only for that specific ticket and not for the whole bookings.

Lao Airlines Flight Change

The passengers can make Lao Airlines flight change according to the need of the hour. But you need to do it within a certain period from the departure time. Also, the airline asks the passengers to write a formal nail to them requesting changes in the flight. 

When it comes to the charges for changes, it depends on the fare rules of the airline.

How Can One Cancel Lao Flight?

The airline understands and agrees that every passenger has their way to proceed with the cancellation. Here are the different cancellation processes a passenger can follow:

Lao Airlines Online Cancellation

There can be no way better way than this. You can cancel the tickets with all comfort sitting at home. Just follow these steps:

  • Send an email to the airlines
  • “Ticket Cancellation” should be the subject
  • Don’t forget to mention your name, your PNR number, and other details in the content of the email.
  • Mention the reason for cancellation, and if possible, attach proof for the reason you are giving for cancellation.
  • Requesting the cancellation, end the mail
  • Also, talk about the refund.

After going through all the eligibility criteria for your ticket cancellation and refund, the airlines will do the needful for the passengers, as per the policies.

Lao Flight Cancellation Offline

Well, you have two options when it comes to offline flight cancellation with Lao. You can cancel the ticket offline either:

  • Via call, or
  • By visiting the airport.

For calling the airline, 

  • Dial the toll-free number of the airline
  • Ask the executive to cancel your flight ticket.
  • Help him with all the necessary details, such as your name and the flight confirmation number.
  • The airline will go through the cancellation eligibility for your ticket.
  • He will then brief you about the refund you might receive on the ticket cancellation.
  • Once you confirm the cancellation, an email with the cancellation confirmation will be sent to you.

Lao Airlines Refunds

According to the refund policy of the airline:

  • The passengers will get a 100% refund if they cancel the ticket a week or more before the departure date of the flight and before the risk-free period.
  • The reservation and the cancellation mode should be the same.
  • Passengers booking their flight with cash or cheques need to wait for the airline to call or contact them. The airline will contact them soon to ask about the account in which they will be refunded their payment reversal.
  • Once the airline initiates the refund, your bank accounts might take 7-14 days to reflect in your bank accounts.

So, these were all about  Lao Airlines Refunds. We hope this will help you in saving on your pocket while canceling. If you still need any help on the cancellation of the reservation, feel free to call us, and we are here to help you in any manner we can.

Lao Airlines Cancellation Faqs:

Can I Cancel Lao Airlines’ Flight within 24 Hours?

Regardless of the fare selected, the customers with refundable or non-refundable have a day’s i.e., 24 hours of the risk-free period from the time of the reservation to cancel their bookings without incurring a cancellation fee. 

  • According to The Airlines Reporting Corporation, there is a 24-hour grace period (ARC) when purchasing airline tickets from the United States.
What If Lao Airlines has to Cancel my Flight at the Last Minute?
According to the airline’s cancellation policy, you have two options if Lao Airlines cancel your flight. You can either cancel the flight and request a refund, or you can board the next available Lao Airlines trip.
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