Fastjet Flight Cancellation Policy

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Fastjet Flight Cancellation Policy | Refund Policy

Fastjet Cancellation Policy and Refund

It’s quite normal that you are uncertain while booking a flight ticket. Because no one has seen the future, anything can happen at any point in time. The same goes for your travel plans. You might have planned a vacation to someplace and made all bookings accordingly. But now you are compelled to cancel flight tickets. Is that so? Well, if you had made the bookings with Fastjet Airlines, then you need not worry because Fastjet Cancellation Policy allows the customers to cancel the flight tickets with a  super-easy reach.

The airline has played down some easy and flexible rules when it comes to the Fastjet Cancellation policy. Have a look at the important cancellation points in the next section.

Fastjet Terms and conditions for Cancellation policy:

Understanding the Fastjet flight cancellation policy with full potential, we have made it easier for you to comprehend them in the easiest words possible:

  • First of all, all the tickets of the airline are non-refundable. That is, the airline does not permit you to cancel the tickets, irrespective of any situation.
  • Passengers not showing for the check-in or who does not board the flight will be considered a “no show” by the airline. The airline is not going to repay a single penny for that..
  • Only in some special circumstances or emergency do the airlines agrees to the flight cancellation and refund..
  • The airline has provided the facility of two options for cancellation: via the official website (online cancellation) and call (offline cancellation).
  • Passengers who has got their reservations and bookings done by any travel agent or agencies need to go back to them only for the cancellation process. The airline does not take the responsibility of cancellation under such conditions..

The airline allows the fastjet flight change, cancellation and refund in case of double booking.

How to Cancel Fastjet flight?

Though the airline has not permitted the passengers for cancellation, under certain circumstances, they do allow. So they demand these simple steps to get the cancellation done correctly:

Fastjet Tickets Cancellation Online

  • Write an email with the subject “Ticket Cancellation Request..”
  • Initiate the contact of the mail by mentioning the PNR number, the name, and the other important details so that the airline identifies your ticket and gets the details.
  • The airline demands the death certificate of the passenger. Only then does the airline initiate the process of cancellation and refund.
  • Don’t forget to mention the cause of death. 
  • The airline,after going through all the details, will cancel the ticket and refund the fare amount, as per the Fastjet cancellation policy.

Fastjet Tickets Cancellation Offline

  • It’s okay if you are not handy with online cancellation and would opt for the online mode. Follow these points,, and you are good to go:
  • Call the airline
  • Ask the airline agent to cancel the ticket
  • Help them with booking or flight reference number and the name of the deceased passenger
  • You will have to send the death certificate via mail as proof.
  • The agent will verify all the documents and will initiate the cancellation.
  • For a refund, the airline would need bank details..
  • Someone from the deceased passengers’ family would be receiving the refund amount within a few days.

Fastjet Airlines Refund Policy

Since the airline does not allow flight cancellation, it does not give any refund as well. But in the extreme such as death, it does provide cancellation and refund provisions. Here are the points that come under Fastjet Refund Policy:

  • In case of the end of the passenger, any nearby can come up for cancellation and a full refund
  • Without the death certificate and proof, the airline will not initiate any refund. 
  • Anyone from the deceased passengers’ family can ask for a refund via call or by visiting the nearest Fastjet center.
  • Your bank account takes around  21 days to reflect the fastjet Refunds amount.

Note: Keep in mind that the airline does not entertain any cancellation or refund request under normal conditions.

We have tried to make you aware of all the policies, terms and conditions coming under Fastjet Airlines. But if you still have difficulty in cancelling or redeeming a refund from the airline, you are free to call us at our customer care number. We are always ready to help you.

Fastjet FAQs

Is it Possible to Cancel my Fastjet Tickets via the Internet?

In most cases, the airline will not enable travellers to cancel their tickets. If an emergency arises, however, the airline will consider making exceptional arrangements for the customers.
You can send an email to the airline via the internet. Make care to be thorough and include any relevant documents.

How long does It take for a Fastjet Refund?

Fastjet’s cancellation policy states that refunds take 21 days to appear in your account. If a relative of the traveller requests a refund, they must also give their account information.

What are the Cancellation fees for Fastjet?

There are no cancellation fees because the airline does not allow passengers to cancel their flights. If passengers do not show up for their flights, the airline usually deducts the entire ticket price as a cancellation fee.
However, if the airline allows you to cancel your flight, it may charge you a cancellation fee.

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