EVA Air Cancellation Policy

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EVA Air Cancellation Policy, Refund and Charges Deductions

Flight cancellation is a time-consuming process, and sometimes, it takes too much time to initiate the request. But if you meet the airline’s cancellation policy requirements, you can easily cancel trips and request reimbursement. The airline allows free cancellations as per the EVA Air 24 hours cancellation policy and provides full flexibility. When you cancel an EVA Air ticket, the team will handle your cancellations and refunds request.

Highlights of the Eva Air Cancellation Policy

Passengers can cancel a flight booking and also claim a full refund to the original payment mode. However, you must learn about the rules and regulations of the airline’s cancellation policy.

  • As per the EVA Air cancellation policy, passengers can cancel a booking to/from the United States.
  • Additionally, they must initiate a request at least seven days before departure.
  • Moreover, there is no penalty for canceling flights within 24 hours of the actual booking. But if you cancel bookings after the grace period, the airline will ask you to pay a non-refundable cancellation fee.
  • After canceling flights for free, you can also claim a full ticket refund. However, it depends on the team whether they provide you with cash refunds or not.
  • Suppose EVA Air cancels your flight due to bad weather, fewer passengers, mechanical issues, and strikes.
  • In that case, flyers are free to request reimbursement from the team depending on the flight length.
  • Most importantly, the airline allows flight cancellations of all ticket types except award flights.

How much is the Eva Air cancellation fee?

EVA Air charges a non-refundable fee for canceling flights anytime before the flight departure. However, the cancellation fees depend on various factors like flight cancellation time, route, ticket type, and travel class. For instance, if you cancel a domestic flight, pay USD 50 and USD 100 for an international flight. Moreover, fee waivers are based on your ticket fare type, so you can check in before making an EVA Air booking. Most importantly, you must cancel your reservations three to seven hours before departure.

How to cancel an Eva Air Reservations?

EVA Air permits passengers to cancel flight tickets anytime before the actual travel date. Moreover, one can cancel bookings online on the manage booking page by following the on-screen prompts. Otherwise, give a call on the toll-free helpline number to apply for flight cancellation over a phone call.

Here are the following steps that you need to follow to cancel an EVA Air reservation online.

  • To cancel flight tickets online, visit the airline’s official site.
  • Now move to the “My Booking” tab under the “Manage Booking” section.
  • Enter your full name and flight reference code of six digits.
  • Choose the flight you wish to cancel and click on the “Cancel Flights” button.
  • Once you have canceled flights, visit the payment page and make an online payment through a credit or debit card. However, if you cancel bookings within 24 hours of the initial purchase, you don’t have to pay anything extra.
  • The airline will drop a confirmation mail of the canceled flights to your registered email ID in the last step.

Cancel EVA Air flight tickets over a phone call

EVA Air allows passengers to cancel flight tickets over a phone call. Therefore, if you are unable to cancel bookings online, give a call on the EVA Air phone number. Afterward, the team member will ask for your flight details and cancel tickets on your behalf. In addition, you can also seek expert facilitation when applying for a ticket refund before the ticket expires.

About Eva Air Refund Policy

  • According to the Eva Air refund policy, the team will initiate a refund in the name of the original passenger.
  • Moreover, one can cancel bookings online or offline depending on the comfort level.
  • Most importantly, don’t forget to check the refund’s eligibility on the official site’s refund page.
  • One can receive a refund by filling out an online refund request form on the official page.
  • Furthermore, the team will process the refund once you submit the request. However, it may take seven to ten days to receive the amount in the bank account.
  • In addition, the team may charge any service fees from the refund amount and transfer the remaining amount.
  • Passengers can also claim a refund in case of delayed or canceled flights.

How to refund Eva Air tickets?

When it comes to applying for a ticket refund, one can submit an online application or talk to a representative. Simultaneously, you can submit a refund request. However, the compensation amount depends on the airline’s refund policy. Most importantly, it is important to cancel flights at least 3 to 24 hours before departure.

You need to follow the following steps when applying for a ticket refund on EVA Air.

  • First, visit the airline’s official site and hit the log-in button.
  • Now fill in your credentials like username, ID, or password.
  • Select the manage booking tab.
  • Mention the name and ticket confirmation number on the specific fields.
  • Next, select the canceled flights and apply for a refund.
  • You have to fill out and submit an application and wait for the team’s response.


Can I cancel a non-refundable flight ticket on EVA Air?

EVA Air permits passengers to cancel flight tickets under non-refundable fares. Moreover, the airline provides refunds in the form of flight credit in the wallet for future flight bookings. After canceling flights, one can also claim refunds, but cash refunds are not available. Dial an EVA Air phone number and talk to the representative for instant help in case of any assistance.

How long does EVA Air take to initiate a ticket refund?

On EVA Air, passengers can obtain full ticket refunds for canceling flights within 24 hours of the original purchase. Moreover, the refund process is very easy, and all you have to do is fill out an online form. Once you submit the application, the airline will take at least seven to fifteen working days to transfer the refund. Remember that cash refunds are not always guaranteed.

Under what conditions are a passenger denied flight boarding?

A flyer is denied flight boarding under the following conditions on EVA Air. It includes overbooking, involuntary cancellation, flight delays for more than three hours, airline bankruptcy, technical failure, and bad weather conditions. Visit the airline’s official site or speak with the customer service executive for more details.

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