Alaska Airlines Seat Selection Policy

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Alaska airlines seat selection

Alaska Airlines Seat Selection Fee & Policy Details (2023 Updated)

Do you know why advance seat assignment is so popular in demand? Traveling while seated in your favorite spot can make the journey enjoyable. Alaska Airlines seat selection policy review suggests that people who fly on their favorite seat are more likely to fly with the airline again.

The airline offers one of the most comfortable seating experiences compared to its peers. Furthermore, the air carrier provides multiple advanced selection options per your budget and seat preference.

Hence, read how the Alaska Airlines Seat Selection process can make your journey exciting.

Do you get to choose seats on Alaska Airlines?

You can make an advance Seat Selection based on your seat preference and travel class. Currently, the airline lets passengers with main cabin, premium class, or first class tickets select their seats in advance while booking their reservations.

Also, usually seat selection on premium and first class is complimentary. Despite Alaska Airlines no seat selection for saver tickets, a limited number of seats are available for advance assignment. They can use this opportunity when they are at the gate.

Does Alaska Airlines charge for seat selection?

The Alaska airlines seat selection cost may or may not apply to your reservation, depending upon the fare type and travel class.

  • Main-Cabin or Standard Economy:

Passengers can choose their seats for free unless they want to upgrade their cabin to premium class. You will also be allowed a free seat selection Alaska airlines from available seats in the standard economy or main cabin options. However, seat upgrades start at $16 and can go higher. However, you may have to pay if your booking is non-refundable or there is a clause for the fee.

  • First Class Cabin:

Passengers flying first class can free secure their favorite seat from the Alaska airlines seat map. It is a complimentary facility where you can also seek cancelation or change of your seat assignment. Not only that, but you also get +4 inches of legroom than any other main cabin seats.

  • Basic Economy or Saver Fare:

Every traveler is aware that saver fares have the highest amount of restrictions. Hence, the question may appear: Do you get to pick your seat on the basic economy?

Even though saver fares are restricted, a limited number of seats are available for Alaska airlines seat assignment for basic economy. One can ask for such seats at the gate and seek assistance from Alaska agents at the airport. However, you may also need to pay the most seat assignment fee to reserve your spot.

How do I select seats on Alaska airlines?

You can mark your seat preference during the reservation or after receiving your ticket confirmation from the website. The option is available even during online check-in or at the gate before you board the flight.

Online Seat Selection Alaska Airlines

  • Visit the official site of Alaska Air.
  • Further, click the “Manage menu” from the menu bar.
  • Fill in the passenger’s last name and confirmation code.
  • After that, press “continue” to retrieve your booking.
  • Otherwise, “sign-in” to your account and find the ticket you want to book seats.
  • Find the seat assignment option and look for the interactive 3D interactive Alaska airlines seat map.
  • The available seats will be clickable, and each seat’s fee will also appear.

Finally, you can confirm your seat reservation by clicking the available seats and paying the fee (if necessary).

Seeking Assistance from Customer Service

  • Dial Alaska Airlines phone number 1 (800) 252-7522 or 1 (860) 498-9674 (OTA).
  • Further, patiently listen to the IVR response.
  • Press the key that takes you to the Alaska Airlines Seat Selection menu.
  • After that, provide the required booking details for a system to identify your ticket.
  • Soon, a live person will connect with you and respond as quickly as possible.
  • Further, they will check your ticket eligibility and provide the cost to select the desired seat.

Finally, you can pay the required Alaska airlines seat selection fee, which is applicable per person per leg of the journey.

What happens if you don’t pick a seat on Alaska Airlines?

When you don’t use the Alaska air pick seats facility for any fare class, the airline automatically assigns you a seat during your flight check-in. The process is entirely random, and you might get a seat anywhere. Hence, you will still get a chair for the entire journey if you don’t prefer a spot.

However, there is no guarantee that seats will be available for selection last minute at the gate. Also, there are minimal chances that the air carrier will seat together passengers flying in one reservation. Hence, it is advised to plan your spot with the seat selection Alaska Airlines.

Alaska Airlines FAQs

How does Alaska seating work?

Alaska air seat selection lets you reserve a seat in advance. However, if you don’t opt for free or paid choice (depending upon travel class), the air carrier will randomly assign you a free seat during your flight check-in.

How much does Alaska Airlines charge for seat selection?

  • First Class: Seat selection is free of charge, and changes are permitted without any fee.
  • Main (Standard Economy): Seat assignment is free unless you upgrade class to premium fare.
  • Saver (Most Restrictive Fare): There is no seat assignment available. Even if there is a meager scope, passengers must pay a huge fee for seat preference.

How do I talk to a person at Alaska airlines to reserve seats?

You can seek help from an executive at 1-800-252-7522 (1-800-ALASKAAIR) and request a seat assignment if the online site isn’t working. You can use this number to Alaska airlines choose seats, change preferences, or cancel the entire reservation.

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