How do I Select a Seat on Avianca?

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Avianca Airlines Seat Selection Policy

One of the best things about booking an air ticket is that the air carriers let you decide on your seat in advance. For example, the Avianca Seat Selection policy enables you to book from the aisle, middle, window, exit row, or even an empty chair for more personal space. The benefit of every seating option is different from one another.

For example, some seats are costlier than others. While exit-row chairs have more legroom, front-row seats let you board and deboard the plane early and save time. The Avianca seats assignment policy is accessible at different stages of booking.

Read the procedure and choices for a seat assignment in the low-cost air carrier.

How to select seats on Avianca flights?

There are numerous ways to secure your preference of seat. Even though you can book your seat both online and through customer service, there are different stages of ticket booking where you can mark your preference.


  • Firstly, check out the official site of the air carrier.
  • Further, for seat selection Avianca airlines, you log in to the site or do it while booking the ticket.
  • If you already have a reservation, go to the Manage My Booking option.
  • After that, enter your reservation ID and last name.
  • Once you retrieve your ticket, go to the seat selection menu.
  • Pick your favourite spot from the seat map and pay accordingly.

You can also get the Avianca airlines seat selection service at a special discount while buying your ticket reservation online from the air carrier.

Via Sales offices and Contact Center

Dial the Avianca manage booking number 1 (800) 284-2622 or 1 (860) 498-9644 (OTA) and talk to the air carrier to reserve your desired seat. The customer service representative will ask for booking details and state the fee necessary before booking seats under your name.

Last minute at the airport

Opting for an Avianca plus seat or any other desired chair at the last minute might not get you the desired seat. If you decide to find a seat at the last minute, kindly arrive early at the service kiosk and request to allot a seat selection there.

How much does Avianca charge for seat selection?

The Avianca seat selection cost would depend upon the flight’s region of operation and seat choice. While the fee to reserve a seat from economy class is the lowest, the flyer has to pay the highest for pre-reservation of a premium class seat.

RegionFare TypeFee Starting From
Flights between central America Economy$4
From-To The CaribbeansEconomy$10
Flights from North AmericaEconomy$10

Find out more information on the official site regarding the Avianca plus seats review or cost by visiting the official website or talking to someone from customer service.

What Are Avianca Plus Seats?

While looking for Avianca seat selection online, passengers came across three major options offered by the airline:

Avianca Plus Seats:

These are the costliest seats offered by the airline. On the seat selection overview, you will find these chairs to be the most expensive of all. Hence, you can try booking the plus seats for more discount while booking your reservation online.

  • Situated on the first rows of the aircraft
  • Offer more legroom.
  • Also, have an exclusive luggage rack to store carry-on bags
  • Amenity Kits.

Seats in Special Locations:

Avianca select seats in special locations lets you pick the desired spot from all corners of economy cabin class. Hence, you have multiple options to choose from.

  • Choose from: Emergency exit, preferential, standard, front row, or duo seats.
  • Emergency seats offer more legroom, but not everyone can request them due to mandatory regulations.
  • Window seats or aisle seat selection prevents you from getting stuck in the middle.
  • The duo seats option lets you and your partner in the reservation stay together.

Empty Seat:

The service of Avianca Seat Selection for empty chairs is available only at the airport. Passengers use it often to enjoy more personal space and feel less crowded.

  • To acquire an empty seat, the passenger must pay the full fare of the ticket.
  • Flyers can enjoy a more spacious and comfortable flight.
  • Further, the option to secure a seat earlier is not available online.
  • Lastly, the Avianca seats assignment for empty chairs is subject to availability.

How do you have to choose a seat on Avianca?

Depending upon your fare restrictions and pre or post-booking status, you can primarily choose from 5 types of seats.

  • Flatbed: Enjoy a recline of upto 180 degrees, onboard entertainment, and more privacy.
  • Premium: Board first and leave the plane early while sitting in the first three rows.
  • Plus: Ideal for longer flights, such Avianca Seat Selection is located on the front of the aircraft.
  • Economy: Located on the back rows, it is ideal when you want to sit together with family or friends.
  • Emergency Exit: A passenger who is not pregnant, is above 15 years of age, speaks Spanish or English, and has physical skills to assist in a possible evacuation can book the seats.
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