How Do I Change My Flight with Copa Airlines?

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How Do I Change My Flight On Copa Airlines?

Do you look for budget flights across the Caribbean and Americas that also offer change flight facilities? The Copa airlines change flight policy allows you to modify your reservation for free until 8 days before the flight’s scheduled departure. Hence, passengers save money when they make a mistake or plans change suddenly.

Usually, airlines that offer cheap airfare don’t have the change flight option. Copa Airlines offers the most affordable flights across its areas of operations. Originally from Panama, the airline has flexible cancellations and flight change facilities without hiking ticket prices.

Read below to find out more about flight changes at Copa to save money.

Can I Change My Flight Date Copa Airlines?

You can reschedule your Copa Airlines flight by visiting the My Trips section on the official site. However, the facility is available only to flyers above the basic economy category. Also, on the classic economy and promo business fares, this facility is free until 8 days before the flight’s departure.

You can change Copa airlines flights for free when you have bought the entire economy or business fares. However, you must pay the fare difference in almost every flight cabin. Besides, new fare rules apply if you upgrade or downgrade your flight with Copa airlines.

How Do I Change My Flight On Copa Airlines Online?

Usually, the reservation centers at Copa Airlines experience long waiting times. Hence, firstly you can visit the Copa website to change your itinerary.

  • Visit the official Copa website.
  • Further, go to my trips option and find the “change itinerary” option.
  • Choose alternative dates and timings for your flight.
  • After that, you’ll see Copa Airlines change fee, fare difference, and applicable taxes.
  • Finally, choose your acceptable payment mode and proceed with the transaction.

Lastly, you will receive the details of your new ticket on your provided email and the screen. Save the recent changes for future reference. Also, if you’ve bought a ticket with a third-party agency, you must pay additional charges to change the itinerary.

How to Change Flight Copa Airlines with Customer Service?

How do I change my flight with Copa Airlines with a human’s help? You can seek help from the air carrier live human to modify your flight’s date, time, or route. Follow these steps:

  • Dial the Copa change flight phone number 1 786 840 COPA (2672).
  • Carefully listen to the IVR response.
  • Also, press the key that takes you to the flight change service.
  • Otherwise, dial the key that connects straight to the executive.
  • After that, provide your booking details and alternative flight information.
  • They will check eligibility and look for other suitable flights.
  • Finally, they will let you know the fare difference, flight change fee, and additional charges.

Once you pay all the charges, the executive will book the new Copa airlines flight for you and provide you new e-ticket. Download it and save it for future reference.

Copa Airlines Same-Day Change Flight Policy

The Copa Airlines same-day flight change facility is free for an earlier flight on the same day. It helps increase convenience and enhance user experience. However, the following conditions apply when you wish to move your flight earlier on the same day.

  • Firstly, the airline doesn’t offer same-day change to basic economy tickets.
  • Also, you can request the Copa change flight for same-day only from the airport.
  • Besides, the facility is available only 24 hours before the original flight’s departure.
  • Further, the same-day change is available only on the same date.
  • Origin and destinations are not subject to modifications.
  • Lastly, only the flights operated under Copa Airlines have this facility.

Apart from the basic economy, all other travelers can move their flight to an earlier time on the same date without incurring any additional fee. However, this facility is subject to availability.

How Much Does Copa Airlines Charge To Change Flight?

Copa change flight date fee is subject to your fare conditions. Also, when you change the date or route of your flight, old fare rules no longer apply. Besides, you also have to pay the fare difference for changing the flight.

As per estimations, Copa change flight fee from $70 per passenger per leg of the journey. This fee applies on some tickets when less than 8 days are left and you try to modify your booking the second time.

Ticket Class

Copa airlines flight change fee (Applicable / Not Applicable) 

Same-Day Fee (Applicable Or Not)

Basic EconomyFor A FeeNot Allowed
Classic Economy First change free 8 days before flight’s departure.Free
Full EconomyFreeFree
Promo BusinessFirst change free 8 days before flight’s departure.Free
Full BusinessFreeFree

Change flight date to Copa airlines after checking out the fare conditions written below the booking information. Otherwise, call customer service to check the applicable fee for modifying your reservation.

Copa Airlines FAQs

How much does it cost to change a flight on Copa?

Copa change flight date fee starts at approximately $70 per person per leg of the journey. However, these rates depend upon the time left for the flight’s departure and the fare category. Economy and business full flyers can change their itinerary for free, while basic economy flyers can’t change their flight.

Can I change my Copa flight online?

How do I change my flight with Copa Airlines online? Visit the official website and enter my trips section. Further, you can change the flight’s date, time, and route. An additional fee for flight tickets bought through a travel agency applies for changing flights.

How do I change my return flight on Copa Airlines?

How can I change my flight with COPA Airlines:

  1. Visit or dial 1 786 840 COPA (2672).
  2. Find “manage my booking” and access the dashboard.
  3. Enter the booking ID and the passenger’s last name.
  4. Find the “flight change” option, and add new details.

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