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Virgin Atlantic Change Flight Policy & Fee Updates 2023

Do you also fly with Virgin Atlantic, as it offers the best flights at the lowest prices without compromising on the flexibility of bookings? Virgin Atlantic Change Flight policy is famous for understanding that plans can switch anytime. Hence, they are here to help you out.

The virgin change flight facility lets you modify the route or date of your flight via online chat, web login, and customer service. You can even change the name on your ticket, apart from the route and date.

Read further to find out when and how you need to pay for these changes, if applicable.

Virgin Atlantic Change Flight Policy – Terms & Conditions

Before learning “how to change flight virgin,” it is necessary to know the rules behind it. Sometimes, we pay extra for such services by not taking timely action. The following rules apply for changing your itinerary in advance:

  • Firstly, passengers can only modify or manage their itinerary when fare rules allow.
  • Also, fare difference, if any, applies per passenger per leg of the journey.
  • Besides, the Virgin Atlantic change flight fee is also charged per person per segment.
  • To avoid flight change fees, passengers can add flexibility at the time of purchase.
  • Further, travel insurance can also protect you from any such fee.
  • Some itinerary changes won’t apply if you don’t take the first flight, and prices hike for the rest of the journey.

Can I change my virgin Atlantic flight? Find out by contacting an executive from customer service at 1 (800) 862-8621 and check eligibility. You will receive a response as soon as possible.

How to Change My Flight on Virgin Atlantic Online?

Virgin Atlantic change flights online by visiting the official site. You can modify your booking before the check-in window closes. Also, you can only modify the route and date if you have yet to check in for the flight.

  • Visit the website
  • Further, click my booking menu.
  • Enter booking reference, first name, and last name.
  • Press enter to retrieve your ticket details.
  • You can log in to your account if you aren’t allowed to change flights now.
  • Further, find your ticket and look for the flight change option.
  • Fill out alternative dates and routes and search for new flights.
  • Finally, pay the virgin Atlantic change return flight fee.

Once you’ve paid the difference in fare and other charges, the airline will book you a new flight. You can verify its status from the flight tracker or by logging into your account.

How to Change Virgin Atlantic Flight with a Phone Call?

Can you change your flight with Virgin Atlantic over a phone call? Yes, it’s possible. Follow the method below to modify the date or route of your upcoming flight.

  • Dial the Virgin Atlantic flight change contact number 1 (800) 862-8621.
  • After that, the IVR will begin instructions for different services.
  • Press the key that connects you to the flight change portal.
  • Otherwise, dial the button that connects you to an executive.
  • After that, the live person will respond after a wait time.
  • Provide your booking details and alternative flight date and route.
  • They will let you know the difference in fare and service fee upon availability.

Finally, you must pay the Virgin Atlantic change flight policy fee and other charges to receive new ticket details. However, basic economy fares might not be eligible for the facility or may have to pay high charges for this facility.

How Much Does Virgin Atlantic Charge To Change Your Flight?

Even though Virgin Atlantic change flight policy fee depending upon fare category and time left for the flight’s departure, as per estimates, they range from $75 to $200 per passenger per leg of the journey.

A fee of $25 would be applicable as a flight change fee as a basic minimum charge. Another factor that may influence the charges is the time left for departure. The lesser time left for the original flight’s take-off, the more fare difference someone has to pay on their Virgin Atlantic flight.

To find out how much you may have to pay as a change flight fee for Virgin flights, proceed with the flight change option on the website until you arrive at the payment summary. It will calculate the amount and show you the fare breakup.

What Happens If Virgin Atlantic Changes My Flight?

When Virgin airlines are responsible for changing or canceling your flight, it takes reasonable measures to cause minimal discomfort to travelers. Here is what happens when the airline changes an upcoming flight’s schedule.

  • When the airline changes the schedule after booking the flight, it notifies of the change as soon as possible.
  • Hence, passengers must check the website before getting ready to fly.
  • When the new departure timing is 3+ hours away from the original, you can seek a refund for the missed connection flight/ cruise (subject to proof).
  • You can also opt for traveling at a later date. Additional charges may include fare differences, taxes, and other fees.

Also, change flight virgin Atlantic involuntary changes and charges; you are notified in advance while booking the ticket. You will learn more about the charges you may need to pay while purchasing the booking.

Virgin Atlantic FAQs

How do I change my flight with Virgin?

Virgin Airlines’ change flight policy allows you to rebook a flight from the official website via customer service or travel agents. Their live chat bot option is also available for booking, modification, and ticket cancellation services.

How easy is it to change flights with Virgin Atlantic?

Virgin Atlantic can rebook your flight when you book directly with the airline to modify your travel voucher due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. Call customer service or log in to the My Booking portal. Otherwise, use the chatbot option.

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