Delta Blocking Middle Seats

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Due to the pandemic, most airlines, including Delta Airlines, started blocking middle seats. Moreover, the airline limited the number of passengers on the plane to maintain the social distancing protocols from April 2020. Today, Delta aims to offer more space and limit all flights departing from now onwards. Consequently, customers can make a Delta Airlines seat selection while booking tickets for holidays.

Is Delta still blocking middle seats?

Well, you must be wondering about Is Delta blocking middle seats? Almost after a year, Delta has stopped the blocking middle seat policy, thus, providing more space on the flight. The airline no longer blocks seats since the Covid-19 situation has been resolved and people are fully vaccinated. Moreover, the airline has announced that the team will have more food and beverages onboard options. Therefore, passengers can make pre-meal and seat selections while purchasing flight tickets or during check-in.

Does ending the blocking of middle seats encourage more passengers to fly with Delta?

The idea of blocking middle seats was concerned with health and travel. Moreover, the policy limited the number of passengers on flights to ensure maximum safety and comfort. However, the airline has resumed by eliminating the block middle seat policy. The team says that “more seats will be available to book” on domestic and international flights. In addition, you must wear a travel mask, and if you don’t, the airline will impose penalties, fines, and punishments.

Delta Airlines Seat Selection Process

Traveling with Delta Airlines has always been comfortable and safe. With the end of blocking middle seats, more seats are now available for customers. If you plan a trip, choose your preferred seats while making reservations or during flight check-in. Moreover, go through a simple guide and find the best seat at your fingertips within a few clicks.

  • To book seats, go to Delta Airlines’ official site.
  • Now log into your account using the correct credentials.
  • Choose the flight on which you want to add seats.
  • Next, hit the “Seat Selection” button.
  • You will see all the available seat book seats that best suit your travel requirements.
  • After making a Delta seat reservation, go to the payment page and pay using a credit or debit card.
  • Finally, the airline will drop a mail regarding your seat confirmation along with the e-ticket.

Things to know about Delta Airlines seat selection policy

As per the Delta Airlines seat selection policy, passengers can choose a desired seat for the upcoming journey. However, the entire process requires an additional fee depending on the travel class and type of seat.

If you have a flight reservation on Delta and are willing to choose seats in advance, see the following things.

  • The airline randomly assigns seats to passengers who don’t select seats before departure.
  • Moreover, the seat selection in the Basic Economy class always relies on the seat’s availability on the plane.
  • For instance, if you book seats on Economy, it doesn’t guarantee that you will get seats next to your companions.
  • Flyers can choose a window, aisle, main cabin, or any seats for extra fees up to seven days before flying.
  • In addition, the seat selection fees start from $10, and they may vary with each passing day and hour.
  • Visit the Delta Airlines manage booking page if you have already booked seats and want to upgrade.
  • Afterward, you can upgrade the previous seats with more comfortable seats on the plane.

When you cannot book seats online, reach out to the airline’s official booking team and seek instant assistance. Moreover, visit the “Help Centre” section and dial the helpline number 800-221-1212.

Safety Protocols to take when flying on Delta flights

  • With eliminating Delta Airline’s middle seat blocking, travelers still have to wear a face mask. Moreover, the mask should cover your nose and chin properly.
  • Bandanas or scarves are not counted as the replacement for masks.
  • Most importantly, one must maintain social distancing on the plane and avoid touching any objects.
  • Unless you are drinking or eating, you cannot remove your masks.
  • Passengers must be fully vaccinated for the travel on Delta flights.

Delta makes every effort to provide maximum comfort to the passengers on board. Therefore, the airline has launched an interactive travel map to help people find out the latest travel guidelines for trips. Talk to the live person for further information and request your complete guidance.

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