How to Change Flight Asiana Airlines?

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Have you booked a flight on Asiana Airlines and now wish to change your itinerary details? Change in travel plans can be uncertain and sometimes becomes a challenging task.
Travelers can easily make flight changes to the booked tickets with the help of the manage booking feature.

Asiana Airlines is a significant flag carrier in South Korea, operating flights to 90 destinations globally. From flight bookings to managing tickets, find the best help from the experts as soon as you contact them.

Rules and Regulations of the Asiana Airlines Flight Change Policy

If you want to make upgrades on your existing flight reservation, you must keep the following things in mind.

  • Under the airlines’ flight change policy, flyers can make changes to date, time, destinations, seats, and travel classes.
  • Flyers can change the trip dates between seven days and 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure. In addition, the airline allows free changes to the tickets within 24 hours of the actual flight reservation. If you make upgrades after the grace period, you will have to bear the flight change penalty.
  • You have to pay the fare difference if the new Asiana Airlines booking fare is more expensive than the earlier booking.

How to Change flight Asiana Airlines?

If your travel plans are changed and thinking about how to change flight Asiana Airlines, choose from the online or offline method. However, the online procedure is easy and takes less time than other methods.

You can follow the below steps to change a ticket online on Asiana Airlines.

  • At first, open the airline’s official site and head to the “Manage Booking” page to modify your tickets.
  • Second, search for your tickets under the “Flight Booking” section by giving your details like last name and flight number.
  • Now, choose the flight change option.
  • Next, you can make the necessary changes to your booking as per your travel preferences.
  • After changing the earlier flight tickets, you can select a new flight from the available flights.
  • Changing a ticket includes changes in dates, routes, travel classes, seats, etc.
  • Once you have made all the changes, pay the flight change or rebooking fee and complete the procedure.
  • In the end, the airline will send you a flight change confirmation mail.

How Much are the Charges for a Flight Change on Asiana Airlines?

The Asiana Airlines flight change fees depend on the type of tickets or fares, time left for departure, and routes. Generally, the airline charges change fees between $70 and $120, excluding the fare difference. Also, if you change your flights over a phone call, you have to pay an additional cost of $50.

Does Asiana Airlines Allow Flyers to Change Dates?

Changing the trip dates is not a big deal on Asiana Airlines. However, there are a few things which you must know when changing the dates on the tickets.

  • You can change the dates online on the manage booking page under the “Change Flight” section.
  • In addition, changing dates depends on whether the airline operates any flights to specific destinations on that date.
  • When flying on an international flight, Asiana Airlines’ change flight date fees will be 70 USD and 150 USD.
  • Moreover, flyers can change the travel dates online via the site, by phone call, or at the airport ticket counter.

How Do Change the Flight Dates for Asiana Airlines?

You can reschedule your trip plans and fly to little later flights by changing the dates on the tickets. Moreover, you can follow the steps below if you are thinking of changing flight dates to Asiana Airlines.

  • Flyers can launch the airline’s official site and use the “Manage Travel” feature to change the dates on tickets.
  • In addition, contact the airline’s team and tell them your flight details to modify the dates and rebook a ticket.
  • You can even visit your nearby airport to change the existing travel dates and make new changes.
  • Most importantly, the flight change process will require additional fees between USD 75 and USD 100.

Flyers can call the Asiana Customer Service Team at +1-800-227-4262 to request flight changes on the tickets before the scheduled departure.

Asiana Airlines FAQs

Can I change my name on Asiana Airlines?

Yes, you can request an Asiana Airlines name change on the current flight booking by paying between USD 50 and 150.

How to change your return flight on Asiana Airlines?

You need to contact the airline’s customer service team to change your return flight on Asiana Airlines. Dial 1-800-227-4262 to immediately connect with an executive and request them to modify your tickets with new travel information.

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