How do I change my Flight on Expedia?

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What is Expedia’s Change Flight Policy?

Confused about choosing the right platform to confirm your flight booking because you are a flexible traveler? Well, there is no need to worry because Expedia has come to your rescue. This online travel portal helps flyers to change or cancel their reservations at much ease. If you are looking to change your flight, then opt for the Expedia change flight procedure, and change your current flight without any extra effort.

Moreover, changing the existing flight is no hard nut to crack because it is a simple and quick process. You can change your flight seamlessly with the airline. Just learn the change flight policy of a particular airline, and avoid all kinds of last-minute hassle. Let’s explore more about the change flight procedure of this online travel portal. 

How to Change a Flight on Expedia?

Being one of the best online travel portals, Expedia makes sure that each and every user has a satisfactory experience with it. Therefore, it features countless services to make your journey trouble-free, and its change flight is one such facility. Know about the Expedia change flight fee, and opt for the flight change procedure at much ease.

Moreover, there are multiple ways to change your flight, and you can choose your favorite method. Among online and offline ways, the online method is the preferred one. You have to apply some simple steps on the official website of Expedia and change your flight conveniently. Let’s check out the steps to change the current flight with Expedia. 

First of all, you have to check out the change flight policy of the particular airline. After that, proceed further to change your existing flight. Moreover, the best thing about making changes online is the user-friendly interface of the official website. So go ahead, review the Expedia flight change policy, and have a hassle-free trip. Let’s get started with the process.

Steps to Change the Flight Online

  • Open the official website of Expedia
  • On the top right side of the homepage of the website, you will notice the “Trips” option. Apply a click on this option, and move further. 
  • After that, you will see the new page on your screen, where you are required to insert all your needed details. 
  • You have to either sign in to access your flight details or enter your booking number to explore your trip details. Choose the preferred option accordingly. 
  • Now, input all your required details to initiate the “Expedia change flight” process. 
  • Firstly, add your email address in the given field. 
  • Secondly, mention your booking number. 
  • Next, make a click on the “find itinerary” option, and explore the information related to your current booking. 
  • Locate the “change flight” option, and select it. 
  • After that, you have to add your new flight details. 
  • Perform the on-screen instructions to change your flight within little or no time. 

In addition to Expedia change flight online, you can connect with the travel advisor of the online travel portal to seek immediate guidance or call on +1-860-498-9674. They are available all the time to guide you in the hour of need. Share your flight details, and confirm the flight change in a jiffy. 

Important Points to Remember

Before changing your flight with Expedia, you must keep certain points in mind. There are some terms and conditions that you should know to make sure of a smooth change procedure. Following are the essential points that you must keep in mind. 

  • Go to your itinerary page to check whether you are eligible for an Expedia change flight or not. If you are unable to locate the change flight option, this simply means that your flight is unchangeable. 
  • Explore the rules and restrictions to know whether your change is free of cost or payable. 
  • The fee for changing your flight depends upon the details of your itinerary. 
  • Connect with Expedia travel experts if you have an issue accessing your trip details.

Does Expedia send a Notification after changing a Flight?

Passengers will receive a notification at the time of schedule change based on the type of flight change and length. Moreover, one can contact the team and check if the scheduled flight is on the travel date or not. Once your flight is changed, the airline will send a confirmation mail with the revised itinerary.

Besides, the customer service team may contact you through a phone call and inform you about the flight change. Once the changes are confirmed, the airline will approve and send you a mail confirmation.

Download the Expedia mobile app to make a Flight Change

Expedia offers flexible travel policies, allowing passengers to change/cancel a flight booking online/offline before departure. Moreover, the travel agency is associated with many airlines, and passengers can find various options for their travel needs.

  • You can check real-time flight-related updates within a few clicks at your convenience on the smartphone.
  • Most importantly, you can book and modify flight tickets online anytime before the scheduled departure. If your travel plan changes after booking flights, opt for the “Change Flight” option under the “Manage Travel” section.
  • You must provide your flight number and last name, and you can retrieve your booking and make changes easily.

How much does it cost to change a Flight on Expedia?

On Expedia, you can change or cancel a flight booking anytime before departure. However, depending on the fare rules, you must pay an extra fee or the fare difference.

Most airlines feature a 24-hour policy, letting flyers change a date, route, and travel class on the tickets for free. However, if you change your Expedia flight tickets after the grace period, you have to pay additional fees of £25. You may also be asked to pay any applicable taxes by the airline you booked for a schedule change in your journey.

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