How To Rebook A Flight On Lufthansa Airlines

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Lufthansa Rebooking Policy Rules & Procedure (2023 Updated)

Do you know that the rebooking policy of every airline keeps changing every season? Similarly, the Lufthansa rebooking flight policy also varies, due to which passengers must stay updated. The airline is popular for domestic flights in Europe and international flights to and from the USA.

Further, the conditions for ticket changes by the passenger and by the airlines are different in Lufthansa airlines. Even though you can expect a 100% refund in certain situations when the airline rebooks your flight, this isn’t always the case.

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Lufthansa Rebooking Rules

As per the Lufthansa flight rebooking policy, there are three circumstances where flight rebooking can happen.

  • Firstly, the airline has modified your booking, and the new schedule no longer suits you.
  • Also, the airline has canceled your flight, and you can reschedule the flight.
  • Lastly, you voluntarily want to change your reservation and rebook another flight.

For all voluntary changes by the passenger, they may have to pay a fee per their fare category and flight type. However, in the other two cases, the airline will refund your the entire booking amount, although fare rules may still apply.

What happens when Lufthansa cancels your flight?

When Lufthansa has canceled one or many flights of your reservations, it automatically rebooks an alternative flight for free to the same travel class towards the same destination. Here are your options in this situation:

  • However, per the Lufthansa rebook policy rules, it may be unable to rebook another flight under exceptional conditions.
  • In such cases, you can rebook the flight by logging into your account for free.
  • Further, the new flight must be set to depart to the same destination as previously booked.
  • The same facility is also available when the newly changed Lufthansa Rebooking flight doesn’t fit your plans.

When the voluntary rebooking option isn’t available online, kindly call Lufthansa customer service at 1 (800) 645-3880 or (OTA) 1 (860) 498-9674 to reschedule your new flight.

What happens when you want a voluntary Lufthansa Rebooking reservation?

You can also rebook Lufthansa’s flight voluntarily, even when the airline hasn’t canceled or rebooked your flight on its own. However, the conditions would depend upon the fare type and ticket category. Here is how you use the Lufthansa rebooking to different destinations.

  • Visit the official site of the airline:
  • Further, scroll down to the end of the page.
  • Choose “view and amend flights” from the frequently visited pages tab.
  • After that, go for either a single lookup itinerary or travel ID.
  • However, it would help if you chose the latter option for flight changes.

Once logged in, choose the rebooking option, and it will let you know if you are eligible for the change as per your Lufthansa rebooking flight reservation rules. You may also have to pay a higher fee to change the destination or date if it is a non-refundable ticket.

How do I rebook my Lufthansa flight online & offline?

Passengers must learn how to rebook flight Lufthansa, whether they have a domestic or international reservation. They can reschedule the flight both online and offline.

Rebook Lufthansa Flight Online:

  • Check out the official Lufthansa site to modify and rebook the booking.
  • Further, go to the “book and manage” part.
  • After that, enter your last name and booking confirmation ID to retrieve the ticket.
  • Furthermore, the ticket details would show up that you can change.
  • Click the rebooking option and search for an alternative flight.
  • You may need to pay a fare difference depending on the price change.
  • Finally, the reservation department at Lufthansa will confirm your ticket booking.

Lufthansa Rebooking Through Phone Call:

Even though Lufthansa flight rebooking can be done online, you must talk to a representative on the airline when the website isn’t working, or you want to rebook a cheaper flight.

  • Dial Lufthansa’s phone number 1 (800) 645-3880 or 1 (860) 498-9674 (OTA) to rebook the flight.
  • Further, listen to the IVR menu and choose a language.
  • Press the relevant key for the Lufthansa rebook flight menu.
  • Otherwise, dial the key to connect with an executive.
  • Once the call connects, provide all booking details.
  • Lastly, provide alternative details for which you want to rebook the flight.

Finally, the airline agent will inform you of the cost and any additional fee applicable. Once you pay, the executive will reissue you a new ticket with the latest dates. The same method can be used for same-day flight change fees.

How much is the rebooking fee Lufthansa?

The fee to rebook flights alters with the class of service and the fare type. For any usual fare, the Lufthansa rebooking date fee would start at 350 USD; for any Flexible fare, the change fee is less(200 USD).

For more details, refer to the Lufthansa change fee table as mentioned below:

Rebooking TypeApplicable Fee
Non-refundable rebooking flight changeMinimum $60 USD/ €50 EUR /70 CHF
Same-day flight change*220 CHF/ €150
Modify destination Not Allowed
Cost to redeposit miles/ refund miles$60 USD/ €50 EUR/ 70 CHF

Can you get on an earlier flight with Lufthansa?

Yes, one can seek advantage of a same-day flight change to an earlier flight with Lufthansa Rebooking option on the same date of travel with the same destination. However, the same-day rebooking must be done atleast one hour before desired flight’s scheduled time of departure. The rules are as follows:

  • The passenger must inform the airline atleast one hour before desired flight’s departure time.
  • Also, they must pay the required same-day Lufthansa rebook flight fee to confirm their booking.
  • Lastly, the same-day switch is available only for flights going to the same destination on the same date.
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