How To Use United Credit From Cancelled Flight?

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United Travel Credit: Using your Credits is Easy

Do you know that you can receive a credit after canceling flights before departure on United Airlines? Flyers can dial 1 (800) 864-8331 and request the representative to offer a United Airlines travel credit for the canceled flights.

United Airlines features two types of travel credits, including future flight credits and travel certificates. Moreover, one can use the credit for shopping and flight bookings on the airline’s official site or mobile app.

How to use United Credit from a Canceled Flight?

You must be thinking about how to use United credit from a canceled flight? You must follow three simple steps and use your United credit online on the airline’s site.

  • First, sign in and check the number of credits you have in your MileagePlus account.
  • Second, you must find a flight by shopping on the airline’s site or mobile app.
  • The last step is to use your credits as a payment method for the flight ticket purchase or shopping.

Different Types of United Airlines Travel Credits

There are two types of United Airlines travel credits, including future flight credits and travel certificates.

What are Flight Credits on United Airlines?

Future flight credit is issued after changing or canceling flights to a less expensive one. Moreover, one can use them to book a flight on United and partner airlines.

In addition, you can also utilize the value of flight credits on non-ticket items like Economy Plus, Basic Economy seats. It also includes preferred seating assignment at the time of flight ticket purchase.

How to use a Future Flight Credit on United Airlines?

If you have a future flight credit, use the value to book flights on United, United Express, and partner carriers.

Here are the steps you can follow to use a future flight credit on United Airlines.

  • First, visit the “My Trips” section and click on the “Find a Trip” button.
  • Secondly, enter your flight confirmation number and last name on the reservation for which you have received a flight credit.
  • Next, hit the “Search” button to see your trip details for the flight credit.
  • Now, choose the “Use future flight credit” button to select your credit and book a new flight.
  • Press “Continue” to see your flight search results.
  • After selecting your desired flight, make the final payment. The value of your flight credit will be applied automatically on the payment page.

What are Travel Certificates on United Airlines?

Flyers can issue a travel certificate if you are willing to give your seat to someone who needs more than you. Moreover, the other name of these credits is electronic travel certificates.

You can use them to book an award flight and reserve most of the flights. Additionally, you can buy some non-ticket items, including Economy Plus seat assignments.

The airline gives more flexibility and electronic travel certificates with a validity of 24 months from the issue date. Most importantly, one can issue a travel certificate only in dollars USD.

How Do I Book a Flight using United Airlines Travel Credit?

Passengers can book a flight using United Airlines travel credit by following the below steps.

  • First, go to the payment page and search for a new option to make a flight reservation.
  • Second, select “Add Flight Credit” from the payment page.
  • Now, fill in your number of tickets from your canceled trip to apply for travel credit.

United Airlines Travel Credit FAQs

Does United Airlines travel credit expire?

Yes, an United Airlines travel credit does expire. However, the expiration period varies with different types of credits. Moreover, flight credits are valid up to one year after your flight ticket was issued. On the other hand, ticket certificates expire up to one year after the date of credit issue.

Can I use a United travel credit to book a flight ticket for someone else?

Generally, a passenger given credit can use the value to book flight tickets. However, the airline allows customers to issue tickets for others for travel by United or panter airlines. If you have chosen an eligible flight, you will see the option to redeem your electronic travel certificates on the payment page.

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