Iceland Air Seat Selection

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Icelandair Seat Selection, Policy, Process, Fee

Have you booked flight tickets with Icelandair and forgotten to select seats? It may put you in trouble, and sometimes you may get seats away from your companions. Besides, you can make an Iceland air seat selection to avoid these kinds of hassles and get your desired seat for your travel.

Further, Icelandair allows its passengers to select their favorite seat even after booking. In this blog, you will find important information that will help you to pick your best one. So, let’s move and discuss the seat selection policy first.

Guidelines For Icelandair Seat Selection Policy

Before selecting your seat, you need to know the terms & conditions of the seat selection policy of the airline. Next, read the given points below for better insight.

  • In accordance with the Icelandair seat selection, you can use the airline’s official website or talk to a live person to book your seats.
  • Besides, if you reserve your seats during booking, then the airline will not ask you to pay any charges for seat selection.
  • Moreover, you can still pick your seats once you have booked your flight tickets. However, you have to pay additional money to choose your desired seats.
  • Similarly, you must know that seat selection totally depends on availability.
  • So, you can pick your seat from the available seats on the flight.
  • For this, the airline provides a seat map in which you can view the seats that are available for booking.

How to Select Seats on Iceland Air?

Once you have gone through the rules of the policy of Iceland air-select seats, you need to learn the seat selection process. Moreover, it can be done with the following methods:

Select Seats Online

  • First, go to Icelandair’s official website and then log in to your account.
  • Now, find the flight for which you want to make a seat selection.
  • On the other hand, you can also move to the “Manage Trip” to access your booking using your booking code and last name.
  • Then, click on the “Iceland air seating” option and open the seat map.
  • After that, choose your preferred seat from available seats using the seat map.
  • Further, you must pay the charges to pick your desired Iceland air seats if required.

Select Seats Offline

Travelers can also choose their seats through a call. In addition, Icelandair allows you to choose your seat with the assistance of the customer service team. To do this, consider the given below steps carefully:

  • Firstly, go to the airline’s official website, scroll down, and move to the “Contact Us” section.
  • Secondly, you will find the Icelandair customer service phone number at (1 (800) 223-5500) and then follow the automated IVR instructions.
  • Now, choose the right option to speak to a live person at the airline.
  • Once your call reaches the customer service department of the airline
  • Then, make a request to select your seat and share your seat preference with them.
  • After that, you have to pay the seat selection fee to confirm your seat.

How Much Does Seat Selection Cost on Icelandair?

Once you make your Icelandair seat selection, the further and final step is paying the fee. It will apply if you choose your seats after booking. Similarly, you will find information about the fee criteria that the airline applies to the passengers.

  • Your desired seat option and the charges depend on the travel class you are traveling with and the destination you have booked the flight with.
  • In addition, you must pay an Icelandair seat selection fee that ranges between $10 to $30 depending on the seat chosen by the passenger on Icelandair.
  • For any inquiry, you can connect with an Icelandair representative, and they will assist you in choosing the best seat on the plane.

When Can You Choose A Seat At Icelandair?

Selecting your favorite seat on Icelandair is possible in two phases of time. To know, check out the given below information:

While Booking

  • The airline does not overbook, so you must try to book your seat at the time of booking.
  • Moreover, the chances are high to get the desired seat while booking.
  • If you are traveling to a multi-city, you can seek assistance from the airline’s customer service team.
  • Likewise, the airline will reserve your seat if you make a payment to block your seat.

While Check-in

  • Online check-in permits you to obtain your desired seat using the seat selection process.
  • Additionally, online check-in becomes available for Iceland air seatings up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure.
  • If you try to choose a seat via check-in, the airline will work to book you a seat but can’t give any assurance.

Is It Worth To Pay For Your Preferred Seat On Icelandair?

Yes, it is worth paying for the seat selection. In addition, the Icelandair seat selection gives assurance of excellent travel services and facilities at an affordable price. Consequently, it is one of the airlines that offer the lowest seat selection fee for the convenience of its travelers.


Passengers can pick their preferred seats on Icelandair using the above-mentioned information. However, if you wish to get more details on Iceland air seat selection, you can call Icelandair customer service at +1-860-498-9674, 24/7, and solve your problem.

Icelandair FAQs

Does Icelandair overbook?

No, Icelandair does not overbook its flights for the convenience of its passengers. However, you will be guaranteed a seat if you pay for your desired seat.

How can I choose my seat without paying?

To avoid the seat selection fee on Icelandair, just scroll to the bottom of the seat selection page and look for the option that reads “skip seat selection for now.”

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