Does klm allow free seat selection?

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KLM Seat Selection Policy, Procedures & Fees!

Are you looking to choose your seat on KLM flights? If yes, you have made your job easier by landing on this page. KLM seat selection is possible. However, the customers need to pay some extra charges if they are selecting the preferred seats or the standard seat with KLM.

The customers remember KLM because of the kind of services and flexibility it offers them. Seat selection comes under one of them. With this, the passengers can fly with their choice of seat.

Now, if you wish to know how to select a seat on KLM, you can learn all the necessary details from the below-discussed sections.

What is KLM Seat Selection?

To select a seat on KLM flights, the customers need to pay extra charges apart from the flight fare. Before. Also, there are some guidelines or terms and conditions that one must follow:

  • The charges of seat selection with KLM depend on the seat type you choose for your journey.
  • For example, the passengers might choose between KLM economy seat selection, Standard Comfort, and Economy seat.
  • If you book an Economy class cabin seat, you get an extra comfortable seat. However, if you are not allotted the same when you board the flight, you will get a refund later.
  • Also, if you belong to the Flying Blue Elite membership, you can select your seat for a discounted price. Or sometimes you can even book it for free.
  • Moreover, if you really wish to choose the flight ticket free of cost, you must do it within 24-hour flight buying.
  • Above all, if you have selected a seat next to the emergency exit, you must learn all the safety instructions and be able to help in the time of need.

So, now you all must have understood what selecting the seat with KLM means.

How Do You Select Seats on KLM Flights?

Now you have got the answer to do you get to select your seat on KLM airlines; let us move on to the process. To select the seat, the customers can either go to the online platform or get in touch with the KLM customer service team over the call.

Online KLM Seat Selection:

  • Go to the KLM official site
  • Hit on my trip section
  • Then, you need to enter the flight booking number and also the last name of the passenger.
  • Now, click on the search button.
  • Here, you have to choose the flight for which you have to choose a seat.
  • Now, amongst all the other options, choose the seat selection section.
  • The page will display the seat map on your screen. Select as per your choice.
  • Now, finally, make the payment to confirm the seat selection with KLM.

Offline KLM Seat Selection:

  • Dial the KLM airlines customer service number 1 (800) 618-0104 to fly with KLM on your economy comfort seat, business class, or with other seating options.
  • After that, listen to the IVR and dial the concerned key to talk to the live person at KLM.
  • Now, when you get in touch with the KLM representative, tell him that you have to make a seat selection.
  • After that, you have to share your flight booking number and the last name of the passenger.
  • Furthermore, the agent will carry on with the required steps.

Therefore, now you know the process of KLM seat selection. So, you must be thinking about what the cost of selecting seats on KLM flights is. Here is an answer to it.

How Much Does KLM Charge for Seat Selection?

Are you thinking about the KLM charge for seat selection? Then yes, the airline charges for seats if you wish to choose them.

  • The seat selection charges fluctuate as per the requirements and needs of the passengers.
  • When it comes to economy class travelers, you need to pay 21 US Dollars for choosing the seats.
  • On the other hand, if you are a Flying Blue member, then you might not need to pay the charges.

Therefore, if you wish to select the seats on the flight as per your choice, contact us now through our customer service number. We are available in real-time for our customers.

KLM Airlines FAQs

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