Qatar Airways Voucher : Redeem Voucher & Promo Codes

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Have you canceled your journey with Qatar Airways due to an unavoidable circumstance? Did you receive a travel voucher from the team as compensation for the canceled flight? If not, request to redeem the voucher from Qatar airways and apply the value towards booking an award flight in the future.

Qatar Airways provides a voucher for each passenger after they cancel a flight ticket before departure. Moreover, you can apply the voucher code when making a new flight reservation at no additional cost.

Where Can I use a Qatar Airways Travel Voucher?

Passengers can redeem a travel voucher in different ways and seamlessly meet travel requirements. Let’s have a look at a few of them.

  • If you have a voucher, use it to pay for the flight ticket booked online or via a phone call. Meanwhile, on the summary page, you will see the voucher’s value is deducted from the total amount. You can also use the voucher even if your ticket is less than the voucher’s value.
  • Moreover, flyers can apply the voucher to make upgrades in one of your existing bookings.
  • You can also use the voucher’s residual value if the ticket fare is lower than the voucher’s value. The airline will issue the amount in another voucher for your future travel needs.

Key Highlights of the Qatar Airways Travel Voucher

Qatar Airways features a travel voucher for a partially used ticket and receives a refund to book future flights.

Here are some important things to redeem a travel voucher on Qatar Airways.

  • You cannot redeem your voucher online to pay for the additional services, including lounge access. However, one can use the voucher’s value towards the ticket fare.
  • Flyers can request a refund for the ticket booked with a travel voucher. But your refund may or may not include the voucher’s used value.
  • Use a voucher against the passenger’s name on the flight ticket.
  • In addition, redeem a Qatar voucher for each flier, reserving a seat within a flight booking. Only nine vouchers per ticket are applicable.
  • You are not entitled to use a travel voucher if you have booked flight tickets through a travel agent.
  • Your ticket’s name should match the passenger’s booking name.
  • Moreover, the validity of the voucher is two years from the issue date. You can only use the voucher to make flight reservations on Qatar Airways.
  • You can get a refund of the partially used ticket to the actual payment mode.

Are There Any Terms and Conditions for Redeeming your Travel Voucher on Qatar Airways?

You can get a travel voucher for canceling flights on Qatar Airways and use the value to book tickets. However, there are certain rules and regulations on redeeming travel vouchers. Have a look at them.

  • Your flight must depart only from Qatar Airways to redeem a travel voucher.
  • Moreover, these vouchers are applicable to book international return flights only.
  • You can only use the vouchers on the Travelstart mobile application.
  • In addition, ticket fares may vary because of currency fluctuation.
  • These fares are valid to the seat’s availability at the time of making a flight reservation.
  • You cannot use travel vouchers for cash.

Travelers can request a Qatar Airways redeem the voucher for booking a flight ticket in the future online on the airline’s site.

How to Redeem Qatar Airways Travel Voucher?

When you cancel a scheduled flight due to an emergency, the airline issues a travel voucher in your account. Now, you must think about how to redeem Qatar Airways travel voucher; follow the step-by-step guide below.

Passengers can redeem a travel voucher online towards making a new flight reservation before proceeding to payment.

  • First, launch the airline’s official site on your browser.
  • Second, choose your flights for your journey.
  • Now, fill in your flight details, last name, and ticket confirmation code.
  • Make sure the name on the travel voucher should be the same as the name on your flight ticket.
  • Choose the additional services if you wish to add to your booking.
  • After confirming a flight, head to the trip summary page, where you can apply for the voucher.
  • Next, enter the voucher code of 13 digits at the bottom of the page and then hit the “Submit Voucher” button.

Contact the Qatar Airways Customer Service Team to Redeem Vouchers

The travel vouchers are available for flight bookings and making upgrades online on the airline’s site. However, if you have made reservations through a travel agent, you are not entitled to redeem vouchers.

Call the team at 1-(877)-777-8287 and seek travel assistance to redeem a Qatar voucher for booking free flight tickets.

Qatar Airways Vouchers FAQs

Can I refund my voucher from Qatar Airways for cash?

Suppose you did not cancel your flight, then the team will apply a no-show penalty to you. You cannot exchange an additional 10% on the voucher for cash. Moreover, the airline will refund the original ticket fare to the original mode of payment.

How to use a voucher at Qatar Airways?

If you have a travel voucher, you can use it to book flight tickets and make upgrades. While making the payment, use the voucher’s value and pay for the booking online. However, you must pay a nominal fee if you make any seat upgrades or book any other airline service.

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