Spirit Reservation Credit Not Working

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Why is Spirit Reservation Credit Not Working?

Have you issued a flight credit for an unused portion of a flight on Spirit Airlines? If yes, you can redeem reservation credit Spirit towards booking an award flight or purchasing other airfare services.

Spirit Airlines is an ultra-low-cost carrier in the aviation industry, operating flights within 80 or more destinations. Moreover, travelers can find great deals on flights, holiday packages, and complete trips at an affordable budget.

The airline also issues a credit upon cancellations made by flyers or when the flight was delayed. In addition, one can use the credit to book Spirit airlines tickets and make seat upgrades.

What is Spirit Airlines Reservation Credit?

Spirit Airlines provides a travel credit for flights canceled by a customer before departure. Moreover, you can use the credit to pay for extra baggage allowance, seat reservations, and other fees and applicable taxes.

The credit comes with an expiration date. The credit will have an expiration date similar to the new flight. You must redeem reservation credits that can’t be used within 90 days from the date of issue.

Things to Know About Spirit Airlines Credit

If the airline has issued reservation credits to your account, redeem the value to book air travel flights for free. Moreover, there are some important things which you must know about the airline’s flight reservation credit.

  • Passengers can request reservation credit from Spirit Airlines to book multiple flights until the credit is fully used.
  • Moreover, all guests associated with the original flight booking are entitled to use the flight credit.
  • You cannot transfer the credit to another person.
  • In addition, no cash value is inserted into your reservation credits.

What is the Reason for your Spirit Airlines Reservation Credit not working?

Suppose your flight reservation credit is not working. You may be trying to use the credit value for ticket purchases on the airline’s site or mobile app.

You must note that Spirit Airlines mobile app does not accept bookings made with reservation credits. Therefore, redeem the credit either on the airline’s official site or over the phone call by contacting the team.

There may be situations when your credit is not working due to some technical glitches. Also, you may be entering an incorrect credit number at the time of redemption and unable to input the value. So, ensure to enter the correct reservation credit number and check the cancellation confirmation mail sent by the airline.

How to use Reservation Credit on Spirit Airlines?

There may be various reasons for your reservation credit is not working. As a result, you must be facing difficulty in flight bookings.

Here are the steps that you can follow to use reservation credit on Spirit Airlines.

  • First, open the airline’s official site and hit the “Book” button.
  • Second, choose your travel option from the one-way, round, multi-city trip.
  • Now, choose your origin and destination airport, and travel dates.
  • Press the “Search” button to see all the flights scheduled to depart.
  • Based on your requirements, choose the flight and pay the ticket fare on the payment page.
  • Now, enter your Reservation Credit Number or confirmation number/Code.
  • Select the amount you want to spend on making a flight reservation and click on the ‘Apply Credit” button.

If there is anything to ask, avail customer service and seek instant assistance from experts at 1 (855) 728-3555.

How Long Can You use Spirit Airlines Reservation Credit?

Spirit Airlines Reservation Credit expires after 60 days from the date of issue. Moreover, you cannot use the value to make flight bookings or purchase other airfare services after the expiration of the credit.

Otherwise, you can use the reservation credit to book multiple flight tickets until the credit is used properly.

Contact the Spirit Airlines Customer Service Team to Redeem the Credit

If you cannot redeem the reservation credit online, feel free to reach out to a flight representative. Dial 1 (855) 728-3555 and seek Spirit Airlines’ 24-hour customer service from an expert when redeeming a reservation credit.

Whenever your travel plan changes, you can choose to reschedule or cancel your original flight. Consequently, the airline arranges credit for the unused portion of the flight to use in the future to book tickets.

Spirit Airlines FAQs

Can you use Spirit reservation credits for hotels?

You receive a credit to book award flights after a flight cancellation before departure. Moreover, you can use a travel voucher to book hotels for your stay at various destinations. Redeem reservation credit as an original form of payment and pay for hotel bookings as per your requirements.

Does Spirit Airlines provide refunds?

Yes, Spirit Airlines offers refunds for a flight cancellation before departure. However, guests who are not applicable for compensation will get reservation credits for the remaining balance. They will also deduct any applicable taxes and changes/cancellation charges.

How can I check the Spirit reservation credit balance?

The airline transfers a reservation credit after you cancel a scheduled flight in your account. Moreover, if you wish to check the Spirit reservation credit balance, log into your account and see the remaining balance.

Does Spirit Airlines offer a credit card?

Spirit Airlines offers two different co-branded credit cards, including Free Spirit Travel More Elite Mastercard and the Travel Mastercard. In addition, the travel card has an annual fee of $79, and the other card has no annual charges.

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