How to Book a Companion Ticket on Delta

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How Can I Book Companion Tickets on Delta Airlines?

Do you wish to add companions to your Delta flight reservation? If yes, book a companion ticket Delta and combine your certificate with an electronic credit.

Delta Airlines credit cards come with a companion certificate, which you can renew every year on your account. Moreover, each card features unique benefits, including lounge facility, boarding priority, complimentary checked bags, and special discounts.

What is a Delta Companion Certificate?

A companion certificate is used to reserve a round-trip ticket for a travel partner flying on the same flight. In addition, the flight will be for the cost of taxes and fares up to $75.

The airline allows eligible cardholders to issue a companion certification and use it once a year per credit card.

Where Do You Find your Companion Certificate on Delta Airlines?

Delta SkyMiles members can access a companion authentication issued to their account, followed by a card renewal. In addition, one can redeem a certification online in three ways, depending on the Delta companion pass rules.

  • First, check out your profile on Delta.
  • Otherwise, search for your SkyMiles number.
  • Find out the companion certificate code.

If you want to find your travel partner certificate by viewing your profile, follow the below steps.

  • Firstly, log into your account and search for your profile on the airline’s official site.
  • Secondly, choose the “Certificates and credits and Vouchers.”
  • Now, you will see your companion certification under the “Use Certificates and credits” section.
  • Next, choose the Certificate checkbox and click on the “Continue” button.

How to Book a Companion Ticket on Delta Airlines?

Delta Airlines provides a card bonus in the form of companion certificates to the SkyMiles card holders. Through the same certificate, you can ask your friend or family member to plan a trip on an affordable budget.

Consequently, the companion has to pay extra fees of $75 in taxes and fly on a round trip with you.

If you are wondering how to book a Delta companion ticket, you can follow the below steps.

  • Firstly, log in to your account made with Delta Airlines.
  • Secondly, click on “Credits and Certificates” or “My Wallet Box.”
  • Choose the available certificate and proceed to continue.
  • Now, search for the eligible flights and confirm the trip for your companion.
  • Enter the person’s credentials and move to the payment page.
  • Finally, you can print out the flight tickets and keep them safe.
  • The airline will send you a booking confirmation mail at your email address.

Delta Credit Cards Companion FAQs

Which Delta credit cards offer a companion certificate?

Four credit cards offer a companion certificate on Delta Airlines. Moreover, each credit card comes with great perks. It includes,

  • SkyMiles Platinum American Express Card
  • Delta Reserve Business American Express Card
  • Platinum Business Card
  • Reserve American Express Card
  • Are there any restrictions on Delta companion certificates?

    SkyMiles members cannot use a companion certificate to book a Basic Economy flight ticket. Moreover, the certificates are not applicable on flights booked under L, T, U, V, or X fares. You must ensure that both flyers book tickets at the same time and on the following flight reservation.

    How Can I Book a companion ticket on Delta?

    Passengers can use a companion certificate on Delta to book round-way flights online on the official site. Moreover, to book a companion ticket, fill in your SkyMiles details and select “My Delta.” Furthermore, choose the “Credits and Certificates” under the “My Wallet” menu.

    Do Delta companion tickets expire?

    You can use a companion certificate with a validity of 12 months from the date of issue. Moreover, the airline will provide you a companion certificate on the month of your cardmember anniversary.

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