Sun Country Airlines Missed Flight Policy

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Sun Country Airlines Missed Flight Policy – Updated Information

Find out 2023 updates to sun country’s missed flight policy.

Did you ever think about what would happen if you missed your upcoming flight? When travelers know policies like the sun airlines country missed flight policy, they can save money on no-show(s) and hefty flight change fees.

Sun Country Airlines is known for offering the best services under budget. The air carrier also handles missed flights. If you, by any chance, miss a flight, the airline will quickly get you on the standby list for an alternative flight to the same destination.

Read below to find out more details of missed flight sun country policy.

What Happens If You Miss Your Sun Country Flight?

Sun Country airlines missed flight policy will get you another reservation if you inform the airline before departure. You can’t cancel a flight after you’ve missed it. You have to request to get you on the standby list for the nearest flight.

  • It is a no-show case when you don’t inform the airline or show up.
  • After you’ve missed a flight reservation on Sun Country, you can’t cancel the flight.
  • Here, the airline will forfeit the entire booking amount and cancel the rest of the booking.
  • Further, you cannot claim the amount under any compensation policy.
  • Lastly, if available, you might also need to pay a standby fee to get on the next flight.

Hence, to avoid losing 100% of your booking amount, follow the guidelines of Sun Country Airlines missed flight policy and inform the airlines in advance if you think you can’t make it on time. They might arrange the next flight for you for free.

What to Do When I Miss a Flight on Sun Country Airlines?

When you’ve missed your flight on Sun Country Airlines but informed the air carrier in advance, you can expect things in your favor. Here are some points to know about what happens in such situations:

  • Arrive at the airport by 2 hours of departure after informing to board the next flight.
  • The airline will corporate and may get you on the standby list without an additional fee.
  • However, if the next flight is available the next day, you may have to wait further.
  • When you miss a flight with Sun Country Airlines booked by a travel agent, you must contact them to help you.
  • Further, sun country may compensate you if you are late at arrival by 3+ hours because of the airline’s fault.
  • The airline will not compensate for delays and cancellations due to uncontrollable issues such as bird strikes or natural calamities.

If you miss a flight ticket on Sun Country Airlines, the best measure is to contact the airline immediately to seek any relief or save your booking amount. Call customer service as soon as possible and provide your reservation details.

Sun Country Airlines Missed Flight Policy Details

When you’ve missed a flight on Sun Country, you can seek compensation if it is a voluntary schedule change from the airline. When you are at fault, you can timely change or cancel your flight. Details:

  • If the airline reschedules your flight and you miss it due to late information, you may get $700 if the air carrier is at fault.
  • However, the change must’ve been made atleast less than 14 days before departure to qualify for compensation.
  • When you cancel the flight within 24 hours of booking, if the departure is away by 7 days or more, you get a 100% refund.
  • Under this condition, the refund would be available on the original mode of payment.

The key is to provide timely information to the air carrier to seek relief under the Sun Country Airlines missed flight policy, such as alternative flights without any expenses. Otherwise, you may have to lose the entire booking amount.

How Do I Rebook My Sun Country Flight?

Now that you’ve learned answers to “what happens if I miss my sun country flight?” it’s important to know how to rebook a new flight. It is helpful when you cancel the flight last moment to save the entire booking from being a no-show journey.

Call Sun Country Customer Service

Under any circumstances, you have to inform the airlines in advance to lose your confirmed reservation and booking amount. Here is how you can do that:

  • Call the official reservations number at 651-905-2737.
  • Once the executive is available on call, explain your situation.
  • After letting them know you will miss your flight, provide ticket details.
  • Further, seek all the options, including rebooking or a standby facility.
  • You may have to pay additionally since the same travel class or fare may be unavailable.

For rebooking the Sun Country missed flights, someone might have to pay a fare difference apart from the rebooking fee. You will receive a confirmation email with new ticket details immediately after you’ve rebooked a new flight.

At The Airport

If you arrive at the airport right after check-in, you can save your journey from loss. The Sun Country Airlines airport kiosk will serve you during such times.

Find the kiosk to tell an agent that you’ve missed your Sun Country flight or are close to missing it. The agent will rebook your flight with us without a nominal fee after taking your current booking information. You will be notified whenever a new ticket is issued.

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