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WestJet Group Travel Policy

If you are planning to book a group travel with your family and are looking for the best airline. Then, your solution is WestJet group travel booking, as this airline offers affordable flight tickets for your group vacation and gets top services also. Moreover, WestJet Airlines made it easy for its passengers to book group travel without facing any issues.

Further, WestJet is a prominent airline that gives you excellent airline services during flying. However, if you want to make a group booking with WestJet, you need to learn the terms & conditions that WestJet Airlines has set down. Here, we will highlight the most necessary information to help you better understand group travel booking with WestJet.

What Are WestJet Group Travel Bookings?

Group travel can be defined as passengers being able to make one booking to their desired destination with ten or more people respectively. When it comes to group booking, you will be flexible with your travel time and dates. Besides, you must find the best airline that has the capability to fulfill all your requirements regarding group travel. And WestJet is the airline that reaches your satisfaction.

Moreover, the airline will provide you with a group travel discount to save money and enjoy your flying journey at a low price with luxury. Travelers can book their group travel at the official website of WestJet Airlines with ease. However, you are required to understand the policy for group travel, so it will be easy for you to book group travel.

Terms & Conditions of WestJet Group Travel

With WestJet Airlines, there are some rules made through the airline, and every traveler needs to follow the rules if they want to book group travel. Further, you must make the mentioned points before proceeding with a WestJet group travel booking without hassle.

  • Moreover, if you want to make a group vacation with WestJet, ensure that your booking consists of atleast ten people; otherwise, the airline will not allow you to book your group tickets.
  • Until the WestJet ticket expiry date, the airline will not apply any cancellation charges on your booking of up to 20% of your reservation.
  • If you wish to hold your group booking, you must pay a holding fee.
  • Additionally, once you complete your whole payment, the airline will give back your holding fee amount.
  • Also, passengers are allowed to modify the name until a day before the booking; otherwise, they must pay charges for that.
  • On the other hand, if you have travel vouchers, you can redeem them for any passenger traveling along with you for free.
  • In addition, WestJet Airlines also facilitates its passengers with WestJet dollars that can be used for the booking of hotels, flights, or vehicles.
  • You will get various payment gateway options so that you can pay as per your suitability for your WestJet group travel booking.
  • Besides, flight cancellation and change charges are generally low on WestJet Airlines.

How to Book Group Travel on West Airlines?

It will be quite easy to make a WestJet group travel booking. Likewise, the airline made it easy to book group travel for the convenience of its passengers. Similarly, you need to look out into the following steps that will assist you for the same.

Step-By-Step Guidance to Book a Group Travel

  • First, you must head to the official website of WestJet Airlines from your browser.
  • Second, choose the “Log-in” option and use your login credentials to get into your account.
  • Then, move to “Flight Booking” and then select the “Group Booking” option in the menu.
  • Now, you will now need to enter the date, time, destination, number of passengers, and etc.
  • Next, you will have a flight list in which you need to compare prices and choose a flight that will suit your requirements.
  • Further, you need to choose the class, number of seats, and add-on facilities, and then choose bank type.
  • Afterward, you must pay the fee to confirm your booking, and you will get a confirmation email that will show your booking details.

Note: Travelers can connect with airline representatives by dialing WestJet Airlines customer service phone number (1 (888) 937-8538) to solve all your concerns associated with a group booking.

What Are WestJet Group Travel Booking Benefits?

If you are going to book a WestJet group travel, you must understand the benefits you will get. Thus, if you want to know the benefits of group travel booking with WestJet Airlines. Then, you need to read the following points carefully:

  • It is advisable that your group booking should have ten or more people. So it will be easy to book group travel with WestJet.
  • Further, you will easily obtain up to 2 to 5 seats in group travel.
  • Also, passengers can earn more reward points from group booking and manage their booking mannerly for their next group travel.
  • If you reserve a seat in your group travel, you must choose the lowest costs online. It will help to get a high discount for group travel booking.
  • Likewise, you can earn more reward points to manage your group travel booking. It can be done at the time when you fill out the group travel request form.

Final Words!

For further assistance regarding group travel booking, you are free to connect with group travel agents, who are always available 24/7 to help you.

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